Thursday, January 19, 2017

Confessional Thursday

It's Thursday which means it is time for Confessional Thursday. Many of you ladies said you love having the link up, so we will keep it. Grab the button, confess and come back here to link up.

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/ that people who order complex or "high maintenance" drinks at coffee shops bug me. I don't mind it at Starbucks because I see and hear it so much, but if you are at a local shop and you order a high maintenance drink I will give you the stink eye. Needless to say, my husband got the stink eye a couple times from me this weekend. He ordered a "high maintenance" drink from the local coffee shop and they forgot to make his order. Then when they realized it, they took forever to make it because someone had never heard of it. Ugh.

/ that I am making it a priority to schedule at least one date night a month. Last year we got lazy towards the end of the year, but we have already had two date nights this year! Reconnecting with my husband and getting back to the basics is what it is about. It is the foundation of your relationship.

/ that I love and hate this age in the toddler stage. I love it because my girls are starting to talk up a storm, but hate it because sometimes they still don't know how to articulate something to us, so they get frustrated and cry/kick/scream. I wish they could tell me what they wanted instead of throwing a fit. #momproblems

/ that I got this post done early which is saying a lot since I haven't been on top of my posting game lately. I blame January and the New Year.

/ that I am really jealous of my husband getting to snowboard while I can't. I know it was my decision to have this surgery and I have to wait it out. But why did mother nature decide to dump all her white stuff this month instead of next month or the month after. January is usually drier and seasonally warmer. Ugh. Jealousy is ugly, but I have it right now.

/ that I got really mad at my husband last week cream. Yep. I never eat dessert, ok I rarely eat dessert and I wanted ice cream. I told him I was going to have some that night and he went and took basically the last of it leaving a partial scoop. I buy him ice cream all the time and he eats it all the time. When I say I am going to have it once in about three months (or more), lay off the ice cream. So glad I got that out. Ha.

/ that I fell into a rabbit hole of weight loss surgery IGs and so much more. So crazy to see transformations and how hard it was lose the weight. I was intrigued by them and now I just can't stop. It came up in my explorer and once I clicked one, it led to so many others.

/ that I was blog reading and saw cupcakes and now I can't get cupcakes out of my head. And I am too lazy to bake some tonight. Ha.


  1. Date nights are a priority for us this year too. We are going to do the last saturday of each month. Can't wait!! The girls are so glad to being able to share their thoughts and needs with you. I promise you that although it's frustrating now it'll be frustrating in a different way soon since they won't stop talking. Haha!

  2. The complex Starbucks drink annoys me too. Skinny vanilla latte girl over here! Date nights are always so fun, you can never have enough! The toddler stage is so fun and so exhausting too. I'm with you on wishing they could tell you what they want. 3 was a game changer for us on that!!

  3. We are also making date nights a priority this year! For the past 7 years it's been all about the kids which I love, but really our relationship needs some priority now.

    Haha I'm glad you got that out about the ice cream too! but really, how dare he eat the rest when you said you wanted some! :)

  4. Lol, I have really serious arguments with my husband about these things too. To the point that I've told him he can't eat the last of anything to be safe.

    1. Haha. I love that. I never fight over food because I rarely eat dessert. But this time I had meant business!

  5. There's never really a good time for surgery & to know you are out of full commission for weeks at a time. Hang in there.
    I now want cupcakes & also weight loss surgery ;) haha
    So I have to know - what was the high maintenance drink? I get so amazed at how some people order. I dont know how the baristas keep up with some of these 20 sentence long orders.

  6. We made date nights a priority last year and it was just the best thing ever! You definitely won't regret making that decision! We're doing it again this year and we already have five lined up! I'm so excited!

  7. Good for you for prioritizing date night! It is the little things like that which keep a marriage strong! I feel so high maintenance just asking for soy or almond milk in my latte, high maintenance orders always crack me up!

  8. My toddler can talk and she still throws fits. It never ends. Sorry to break it to you.

  9. Nothing is worse than wanting a dessert and someone else basically takes the last of it! And girl the terrible twos are such a real thing. They become the sweetest and most evil little creatures all at once!

  10. We are trying to make monthly date nights a priority, too. I hope it works. My husband does that all the time with ice cream. It frustrates me so much!!!

  11. What a lovely family you have I hope you have a great weekend!
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  12. we are trying to have more date nights too and are off to a great start, we too have already had two! yay
    Ah the toddler stage.. one minute they are all cute and adorable and then they go all nutso on you.