Thursday, January 12, 2017

Confessional Thursday

Wow I am late to posting today. I blame it on the snow. The massive amounts that keep dropping with no end in sight. My favorite mountain got 25 inches of snow between yesterday and this morning. Wow. Just wow. That about 12 feet of snow from this storm.

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/ that I am hating the snow. I always want it to snow, but when it snows in the valley and I have to commute to work in it, I hate it. I fear others driving in the snow, not really myself. People don't take precautions and speed and end up hitting someone else or in a ditch. I have kids in my car, so stay far far away from me.

/ that I had a surgery last week and it ended up being a lot more recovery than I thought it would be. Still recovering and have a long way to go.

/ that I was rooting for Clemson in the Championship game and I am soooo happy they won. I don't have any beef with either team, but I don't want Alabama to win. Nope. Not again.

/ that I am loving all the NFL playoff games. Super Bowl will be here before we know it.

/ that with all the snow comes snowboarding, but not when they close the resorts down and the roads to the resorts because too much snow. #avalanche
Kirkwood Ski Resort

/ that I miss doing Confession posts and I am not sure anyone else wants to do them anymore. Do you?

/ that I am hoping for a early let out because it won't stop snowing. At least 4 inches and counting. Can't stop, won't stop.


  1. I hate snow. It was fun as a kid when school was canceled, but it sucks as an adult. I think we're supposed to get some this weekend and I'm dreading it. Oh no, surgery? Hope everything is okay and you recover soon!

  2. I cannot even fathom 12 ft of slow! We are lucky to get a few centimeters here. Blows my mind! I agree with you. So many people are not mindful drivers in treacherous weather conditions and it’s not fair to everyone else. Prayers that your recovery goes smoothly. I hope to join you next week for confessions. My blogging schedule has been so OFF since the holidays!

  3. 12 feet of snow?! OMG I wouldn't even know what to do with that. That's just crazy! I have missed the confessions posts as well and I plan on joining in more now that the holiday season has slowed down!

  4. I like confession posts but I end up doing them on strange days...
    surgery!??!?! Hope you are OK!!!!
    I always say I'm more fearful of everyone else than my own driving in bad weather. People drive like they are untouchable & nothing bad can happen to them.... &then RAM into someone else. ugh.

  5. I hope you are recovering well, and I'll be praying for you!

  6. I felt the same way about Clemson's win, so glad it was someone else for a change! So sorry your recovery isn't going well. Hope you feel better soon *hugs* <3
    Green Fashionista

  7. Omg 12 feet of snow is insane. I thought our 2 inches was a lot hahah. I like confessions posts. I need to get back into them!! I hope you continue to feel better!!

  8. We enjoy the snow when we get it since it's only once or twice a year and it's about 6", but growing up in Indiana I would be so sick of snow by the end of the winter. I hear ya there. I hope you get to enjoy this weekend.

  9. Im just reading this after your other post so I know you're surgery went well--just hope the recovery speeds up a bit! Snow when you don't get off of work is the worst!!!

  10. Driving in the snow is NEVER fun, I'm glad you were safe. I'm also glad to hear you're recovering from surgery! xo

  11. I hope you are okay after your surgery! I am 100% with you on driving with the snow. I fear other drivers the most! We live out of town and drive on one way streets and I DO NOT trust the cars coming at me only a few feet away. I am always prepared to pull into the ditch to avoid them. I love confession posts. I feel like with the holidays and there being so much to post about they kind of just fell off of everyone's radar?

  12. Hope you are feeling better! And I vote confessions stay! I just added my link for last week! I didn't know if they were still happening so I didn't even check in this week! Oops! I'm getting next's weeks ready ;)

    1. I am feeling better. Finally. I will keep doing the confession posts!

  13. Surgery?! I'm behind again. Hope all is okay! And definitely keep doing confessions. I'll have to remember to join in more often. Wait it's Thursday already huh? Crap.