Monday, January 23, 2017

A Snowy and Cranky Weekend

My weekend sort of started on Thursday. We were driving into work and Sutton threw up in the car. We thought maybe it was just a gagging reaction, but were not sure. We turned around to head home and clean and her car seat up, but she threw up again right as we were pulling in the driveway.

We spent the next hour cleaning her and the car up and were not sure what was going on. But once she started complaining that her tummy hurt, we knew we were staying home for the day. My poor Sutton has had some sort of stomach bug off and on every since then.

So Thursday we stayed at home. Rory ran out to grab some coffee and coffee cake and I held down the fort with the little ones. Avery was full of energy and running around at a mile a minute and Sutton was pretty mellow. We didn't do much other than cuddle and watch a lot of Parenthood.
Sick toddler with the stomach bug
Sick, but still wanted to take selfies.
Be Happy cup of tea
Nap time view

I cooked the stuffed shells with a Caesar salad and wine. We spent the evening binging more Parenthood before calling it a night.

Friday Sutton seemed to be in good spirits and better, so we took the girls to daycare and worked. The drive in was crazy due to the storm overnight, but we made it in and no issues at daycare.

I left work early, well earlier than I was supposed to due to a holiday work week. I got my hair done and it felt so nice. My hairstylist was super happy with how my hair grew out. She said this cut was meant for me and she loves how thick and healthy my hair feels. She did a microtrim and color and I was feeling fresh and new. And since Rory and the girls were still at work and daycare, I went and had myself a late lunch at Wine and Cheese Board, one of my favorite lunch spots. I got the usual trio: petite grilled cheese, salad with fruits and nuts and the soup of the day which was vegetable and meatball. Everything was so good.
Wine and Cheese Board Trio Plate

Once I got home, I took Walter for a quick walk since the weather was coming back in. We got in a 30 minute walk right before it started raining which turned into snow.

Friday evening we had salads for dinner and settled in for more Parenthood.

Saturday morning, Rory headed off to go snowboarding (insert jealous emoji here) and my mother-in-law came over to help watch the girls. Around 10 am, I headed out to go to Target by myself, which never happens and to grab some dog food for Walter. While I was out, Rory called me saying he was headed down for the mountain and asked if I wanted to meet up for lunch. Why yes I do. We went to a cafe at the bottom of the mountain where I had another salad but this time with a mimosa.

Rory headed home to relieve his mom of babysitting duties and I headed to Lululemon in search of a sports bra, but didn't have great luck there. Total bummer.

Once I got home, my parents were already at my house to help me watch the girls. Remember the surgery I had a couple weeks ago? Well I can't pick up my girls for 3 1/2 weeks, so anytime Rory wants to go out, someone has to come help me out. It is hard, but we are almost through it.

My parents and I played with the girls a lot during the Nevada basketball game. Nevada lost which was the first loss of the season at home. #sucks

After Rory got home, we all chatted a bit before my parents headed out for dinner. We fed the girls, ordered a pizza and settled in for more Parenthood. I seriously love Parenthood and we are slowly making our way through each season. It is one of my favorite shows, most definitely.

Sunday morning we woke up to some snow and another 14 inches predicted to hit us. Well the predictions were wrong and it was just cloudy and gloomy out until 4 pm when it started to snow again.

We were stuck inside most of the day. Sutton was having stomach issues again and everyone was getting stir crazy. The only time I left was to go to the grocery store. I was supposed to go to my friends going away party, but I had two crazy, cranky and moody toddlers running around the house. I felt too guilty leaving them with Rory when they were a handful. I am not putting this lightly, they were terrors last night and it was just too much to leave a sick Sutton and a crazy Avery with their dad alone. So hopefully I can see my friend before he heads to England.

We watched football all day even know the games were super boring. Seriously boring. But at least we know who is going to the Super Bowl and who I am rooting for. Go Falcons!!!

I was supposed to have dinner out at the going away party, so I had to make due and break out the frozen potstickers for a quick and simple dinner for Rory and I. Glamorous right?!

We watched more Parenthood while the snow kept falling and falling.

We woke to about 6 to 7 inches and had to shovel at 5 am. We were told to come in a little late and take our time on the roads, so we did that.

Now we are at work and the girls are at daycare.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Hope that stomach bug has already ran its course. My friends kids are all getting something similar. Tis the season.
    Good for you getting in a yummy lunch & a Target trip on your own though. Momma needs some sanity time ;)

  2. So much snow, holy cow! Your solo lunch looks delicious - yum1

  3. The food looks delicious!! I would love that place! Parenthood is one of my all time favorites, I just watched it through a second time! But, I am going to have to disagree and say GO PATRIOTS!!

  4. Bless Sutton's heart. My Cooper got sick in the car too. It's worst. BUT yay for good hair and yummy lunch :)

    1. It's *the* worst. I cannot type for the life of me lately. Lol!

  5. Poor little Sutton. Gosh, I hope she's feeling better now. Ugh, the stomach virus is the worst! I'm glad that none of y'all came down with it! Hopefully everyone will be on the upswing!

  6. What a weekend! So sorry Sutton is feeling bad. Nothing worese than a kid throwing up. I'm jealous of yalls snow. Although I'm sure you're over it by now!! Not much longer and you'll be able to pick the girls up!!

  7. That lunch looks so good! I binge watched all of parenthood when I was 9 months pregnant with Wes and it gave me ALL THE FEELS

    1. I was telling Rory that it was easier to binge watch the entire series of shows before kids. Now it takes time.

  8. Ugh that is NO fun with a sick baby. And, car seat throw up is so bad. It's like the smell stays no matter what you do. So sorry. Hope she is feeling better this week. Ben's stomach thing lasted a long time. Hope you're doing alright after your surgery. That's so hard to not be able to pick up the girls. Glad you got some time in for you this weekend too...that's so important! Hope the week goes well.

  9. Wow that's crazy about all the snow! So sorry to hear baby girl was sick, but so so so happy the rest of you didn't catch it. Those tummy bugs are the worst! Cheers to a fabulous week and continued recovery <3
    Green Fashionista

  10. I'm sorry to hear it was a stressful weekend and filled with so much snow! Hoping the everyone is feeling better today! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  11. Poor little thing!! My Bradley had the tummy bug and it was awful! Nothing worse that little ones sick. I just found some cheap old navy sports bras that are cute and are great for yoga..not sure if you need more support. I kind of wish we had more snow out here--but it sounds like you guys are getting dumped on! Here is to a healthier week!

  12. Go Falcons! Poor Sutton. Stomach bugs have been going around my work left and right. We don't know what it is. People are coming down with everything from stomach bugs, to bronchitis, to the flu. Thankfully, I've managed to avoid it all.

  13. I'm so sorry Sutton was sick over the weekend. Poor sweet girl. And now Avery? Ugh! Hang in there momma.

  14. Ugh sick and crazy kids all weekend? I'm so sorry! I'm so glad you have so much help! That is so nice for sure! I use watch Parenthood when it was on but stopped a few seasons in, I should go back and watch it!