Monday, December 19, 2016


And just like that it is Monday again. But it's a good Monday since we are 6 days away from Christmas. We have a lot planned this week between seeing friends, appointments and spending time with family. Bring on Christmas week,

But first, let's recap this weekend.

Friday after work, Rory and I headed out to lunch since we got off in the middle of the girls' nap time. We grabbed lunch and then went to pick the girls up, but only one little lady was awake. So we slowly got everything ready and waited for Sutton to wake up. Once she was up, we headed out to Bath and Body Works. I needed to pick up some lotions and things for the girls' teacher gifts. Plus they were having a sale on lotions for $3,50. It was a steal.

After BBW, we headed to Total Wine to stock up on wine, get drinks for our Christmas party and search for the beer I had at our friends 40th Birthday party two weekends ago. It was a beer with cranberry and ginger and it was heavenly. Luckily, we found it there. Total Wine was insanely packed for a Friday at 3 pm.

Once we were done, we headed home to hang out, build a fire and relax.
Christmas twins

Saturday morning we got up, got dressed and I had the girls pose for pictures. I am trying to them prepared for Christmas photos and all the is to come for their birthday party.
identical twin toddlers
identical twin toddlers

We grabbed our coats and headed off to breakfast. The girls were very excited for their monster pieces of bacon.
identical twin toddlers
identical twin toddlers

After breakfast we headed home to take a nice long walk. But since it was only about 30 degrees outside, we all had to bundle up. We took a nice long walk and then I headed out to grab more stocking stuffers and to be officially done with Christmas shopping. Thank goodness. Once I got back, the girls were in bed for naptime and Rory headed out to finish his Christmas shopping.

After naps, we headed back out to get Walter some toothpaste, treats and a toy. We also went out to dinner and then to Baked Bear for dessert. I have been dying to try Baked Bear since they opened up a few months ago, but we never ventured out that way. Well we had their amazing ice cream sandwiches (everything is homemade) and were beyond stuffed. So stuffed.
Baked Bear ice cream sandwiches
Funfetti Cookies with Birthday Cake Ice Cream

We looked at some Christmas lights on the way home, but not too many as the girls were getting pretty tired.

I watched Alligent while Rory promptly passed out on the couch. I had ate so much food that I couldn't sleep, so movie time it was.

Sunday morning we got up and I headed out for coffee and bagel sandwiches. Then at 9 am, my in-laws came over to watch the girls, so Rory and I could go snowboarding. The skies were blue and it was very cold (about 14 degree with winds that made it feel like 6 degrees), but we had a great time. We got in 8 runs before we were wiped. Rory dropped his snowboard off to get his edges sharpened and his board waxed and then we headed back down for some lunch.
Mt Rose Ski Tahoe
Mt Rose Ski Tahoe
Mt Rose Ski Tahoe

We got home when the girls were napping and just hung out catching up with my in-laws. I then showered and headed off to Whole Foods for some grocery shopping. It was chaos at the store, but luckily I didn't need too much as we have very few nights at home this week.

When I got home, Rory took Walter for a walk and the girls and I played. And this happened. Silly girl.
identical twin girl

Silly girl took her shirt off and wanted her robe on. Then she only wanted it part way on and was walking around with her drum on her head. I had to get a picture.

After the girls' dinner, we bathed them and then I headed out to a friends birthday dinner. We had so much fun talking, playing darts, eating and taking way too many pictures.

I headed home around 9 pm to the fire still roaring and football to end the evening.

How was your weekend?

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  1. I'm not a fan of ice cream, but that ice cream sandwich looks amazing.
    Good job training the girls to do their pics for the big days ahead :)
    I love the girls leggings.. I'd wear them in my size ;)

  2. Wow girl - what a fun weekend - especially ending it on the slopes!! Looks like the girls like their bacon - i mean who doesn't!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. that sounds like a pretty good weekend..
    the girls are too cute
    that ice cream sandwich looks amazing

  4. Your girls are too cute!! Those ice cream sandwiches look delicious too.

  5. Girl, you guys packed in so much fun! First off, the girls practicing posing is too sweet. I'm so excited to hear more about their brunch. You have so many fun activities coming up. And, I can't wait to hear about your Mexico trip again. That was such a fun one. And that snowboarding looks amazing. I've been skiing once, but never snowboarding. I want to take Ben next year on this ski slope by us.

  6. Danielle, the girls look SO grown up in these pictures! It looks like they just grew over night!

    Those ice cream sandwiches look amazing, too. There is nothing better than chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches. Oh my goodness, I wish I could have one now!

  7. Those cookie ice cream sandwiches look amazing! Lovely photos - it looks like you had a packed, but really fun weekend. That's awesome.


  8. It's been too long since I've hit the slopes! Yum to those ice cream sandwiches and relaxing by the fire sounds like perfection <3
    Green Fashionista

  9. Sounds like you had a busy, yet great weekend! What I would give to be able to bite into that ice cream sandwich!

    1. Haha. They always seem so busy lately. That sandwich was soooo good. I am still dreaming about it.

  10. Love that you guys got a day to yourselves on the slopes! Looks like fun!

  11. What a fun weekend! Your girls looked so cute in their overalls in the first picture! XOXO

  12. That ice cream sandwich looks amazing!