Monday, December 5, 2016


We are back from another great weekend. This post is coming at you late as I am battling Amazon for a price adjustment. One of the girls Christmas gifts is over half off and as a prime member they are supposed to honor that price adjustment. I hate dealing with Amazon customer service.

Anyways, back to the weekend.

Friday after work, I took the girls to lunch and then we headed home to see the kitchen progress. I am happy to say that our kitchen is 95% finished. We have a few cabinet items that need to be fixed and done, but otherwise it is almost there.

I put the girls down for a nap and got to working on putting our kitchen back together as much as I could.

My mother in law came over around 2 pm and I headed out to get my hair done. I have been tossing around the idea of cutting my hair and doing something fresh. After talking to my hairstylist, we decided to chop my hair off. I am really liking it, but it is definitely something to get used to. I did a long bob and it is about an inch shorter than I thought it would be (which makes it harder to have some curl in it), but I really like it so far.

After getting my hair done, I ran a few errands and hoped my dear friend would get out of surgery so I could go see her in the hospital. No such luck. Her surgery went a very long time. But she is ok and out of the hospital now.

I went home and Rory had just got home from his work trip. We hung out for a bit and then headed out to our work Christmas party. We had some margaritas, lots of food and then headed to a bar for more drinks.
Christmas party

We got home around 11 pm and headed to bed not long later.

Saturday morning we got some coffee and pastries and hung out while waiting for Direct TV to come set up our new tv plan. We changed from Uverse to Direct TV after way too much thought and spending way too much money. But at least we are saving about $60 per month. I will take it.

They were supposed to show up between 8 and 12, but they didn't come over until 1:30. That meant we just sat home waiting and waiting. The girls were getting ansy, so after the guy finished, we took them on a walk. Once we got home, I headed to Apple to drop off my phone to get the battery replacement taken care of. I was told it would be an hour, but it took an hour and forty minutes.

I made some returns to Old Navy, ran to Target to get replacement tights (since Old Navy only sent one pair), picked up a curling wand and headed back to Apple for my phone.

After I got my phone, I ordered pizza and wings and picked those up before heading home. I made it home just after the girls went to bed. So we had dinner, watched some tv and crashed out early.

Sunday morning we went out to breakfast and then back home to get ready for Santa pictures. As I mentioned before, we set up an appointment for photos at a local small store so we didn't have the hassle of the mall.

We went to our appointment and the girls were all dolled up. We waited a few minutes and the girls played with some toys. Then it was our turn and the girls lost it. Full blown tears and meltdowns. I am sure the pictures are going to be awesome. Ha. It seems like all my friends who have 2 year olds or almost 2 have had crying Santa photos. I have seen them everywhere. And if you were a lucky one who had happy kids at 2 with Santa, good for you. I have a crying photo coming to me in the next day or so. I can't wait to share it.

After photos, we headed home for naps. I took the opportunity to go grocery shopping and picked up a crazy headache along the way.

We spent the rest of the day hanging out by the fire, playing, taming crazy girls and getting everything ready for the week ahead.
Avery in part of her Santa/Christmas dress (missing her tights, dress shoes and bow)

I made dinner last night and it felt good to cook a full meal and have a dishwasher for my dishes. It's the simple things.

After dinner, we gave the girls baths and relaxed by the fire.

How was your weekend?

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  1. I've been fighting customer service places today myself... &need to go to Old Navy for returns. the nightmare before Christmas!
    Glad your friend is OK.
    You'll have to do a post later on how you like Direct TV - I GOTTA change our $210 a month cable bill!

  2. I am itching for a bit of a change with my hair as well!! I hope everything works out with amazon - they are usually pretty good with their customer service!! Santa pictures are always so fun!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Girl, I am so anxious to see your kitchen!! I know you're ready for it to be DONE!

  4. Your hair looks so cute! I blew up the pic so I could see it. Good luck with amazon, that is no fun. I don't know what I am anticipating more, the kitchen reveal or those sure to be hilarious Santa pics!

  5. Girl, just embrace the crying Santa photo. :) We've had that photo most years and Drew and I are in them with the kids. Emmy didn't last year and Cam was smiling last year, but every other year was tears. I think it's funny and love them. Ha ha!

  6. i have returns i need to make at Old Navy too, and i am not looking forward to it!! have a great week! :)

    1. It is not fun at this time of year. So many lines and rude people. That is why I love online shopping.

  7. #babybigtruck wanted nothing to do with Santa last year or this year. We didn't push her either so we only got pictures with #babybigtruck2 which came our amazing!

  8. Girl, you are super woman! I'm wore out just thinking about everything you did over the weekend. Sounds really fun though! Hope you have a good week!