Monday, December 12, 2016


Another weekend in the books and another weekend closer to Christmas. I can't believe we are less than two weeks out. We have been buying, wrapping and getting everything ready.

This weekend was a pretty relaxed one. Though the girls were a bit feisty.

Friday after work, we went to lunch since the girls were still napping and we had to wait to go get them. We had some salads and then went around to a few shops in the area to see if we wanted to buy anything.

After we picked up the girls, we headed home. The girls played and I had to play nurse and help Rory clean his leg. He got some sort of infection and when he went to the doctor, they told him he could do a warm compress and try to extract some of the pus out of it. He waited a few days to do this, but needed help. It was gross, but at least he got some relief. He is on antibiotics for it. I will spare the photos of his wound.

My in-laws came over at 4:30 so we could run a few errands. Our bench for our mudroom finally came in (only 2 months late) and we needed to pick it up. This location is pretty neat and not really good for kids, so we needed a babysitter for them. We went to a few other stores and bought a few gifts. Then we browsed West Elm for a few other items to use our gift cards on. We picked up our bench and headed to a kids store for some stocking stuffers and then across the street to the wine store. Priorities.

After we got a few bottles of wine, we headed home to drop everything off. But we dropped it off in the garage to not disturb the girls. We then headed out to a sports bar for Rory's friends 40th birthday party. We ate, drank and had a good time catching up with friends.

Saturday morning the girls slept in until 8:15 am. This is unheard of for the girls and us parents throughly enjoyed it. We grabbed some coffee and breakfast burritos to share and cuddled down for the day. We had A LOT of rain all day long. We did manage to get out to the mall to finish up our Christmas shopping and to Costco for a few necessities.

Once we were finished, we headed home for naps and watched a bunch of football. The girls took late naps due to waking up late, so once they got up and were awake fully, we headed out to go look at Christmas lights. We went to our favorite house, Lights of Tanea, and the girls were mesmerized.
Lights of Tanea
 I have a great video on IG of the light show (@daniellekira)
Lights of Tanea with twins

After some Christmas light looking, we headed to In N Out for a quick dinner. Then we were off to look at more Christmas lights. And we checked this off our Christmas bucket list.

Once we got home, we got our fire started again, put the girls to bed and relaxed by the fire.
Christmas Tree

Sunday morning we headed out to breakfast. After breakfast we played around the house. I also vacuumed, cleaned out our hall closet and put together our mudroom bench. The girls played in the top of the box the bench came in and were in heaven. Once I was finished putting the bench together, the girls wanted to get on it for pictures.
Identical twin sisters

Then I fed the girls their lunch and they were holding hands most of the time. It was very sweet of them considering how feisty they were all weekend.
Identical twin sisters
Walter is always on food watch

After cleaning up, I put the girls down for their nap. Once Rory finished cutting back our grape vines, I headed out to the grocery store. 

After the girls got up from their naps, we headed out on a walk. It wasn't too cold outside, but we bundled the girls up and put them in their wagon instead of stroller, at their request. We took an hour long walk and enjoyed the Christmas decorations and the major flooding that occurred from the day before.
This is a little creek that sometimes has water and it expanded very widely. This was the day after the floods.

Once we got back, we built a fire and relaxed for a bit before making the girls dinner and getting everything ready for the next day. Then we gave the girls baths and played while watching football and Christmas movies. 

Once we put the girls to bed, I made us dinner, our favorite go to, Spicy Tomato Cream Pasta (recipe coming soon). We had dinner, cleaned up, watched football by the fire and wrapped a bunch of presents before finally heading to bed. 

How was your weekend?

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  1. Sleeping in till 8:15? Everyone is a winner in that situation!! :)
    I don't know if I love the hand holding or the dog in the middle more? SO CUTE!!!!
    The magic of Christmas lights. I bet the girls are just in awe.

  2. little ones sleeping past 8.. wow.
    I have to force my youngest to wake up on weekdays but on the weekends he wakes up at 6!

  3. I loved the photos of the lights! So pretty and such a fun tradition. I bet the girls loved it. Glad you also got some more rest this weekend. You guys needed it after so many weekends with lack of sleep! Super cute photo of the girls on the bench too.

  4. Yay for the girls letting you sleep in, sounds heavenly! Love going to see Christmas lights, and yummmm to In n Out :-D
    Green Fashionista

  5. What a festive weekend! And sleeping in?! I know you guys were in heaven!

  6. You had quite the productive Sunday which is the best!! Happy Monday girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. Fun weekend!!! Love those Christmas lights. Im sure that bench will come in handy!!

  8. Yay for sleeping in!! Those are the best! Looking at Christmas lights is our favorite too. So fun!

  9. What a nice weekend! I can't wait to take the kids to look at lights. Your tree is so pretty and I'm so jealous of your In & Out burger!!

  10. Yay for sleeping in! I loved going around and looking at lights as a kid--definitely a tradition I'm going to carry on with my little one!

  11. It's amazing when they sneak in there and give you a morning to sleep in! If only it happened more often, right?! Those Christmas lights look amazing and I'd probably be mesmerized too. I wish we had an In N Out around here :/ Beautifully Candid

  12. Those Christmas lights are beautiful! I can't believe Christmas is so soon either. I'm not ready for it to be over yet!!

    1. Me either. I love looking at our tree, seeing the lights when we drive home and the specialness of December.