Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Cyber Monday Deals for Toddlers

I hit up Cyber Monday full force. I sought out every deal and made a huge dent in my Christmas shopping list.

Here is what I scored for my little ladies:
Toddler Christmas Gifts

Art Easel | Crayons | Do-A-Dot Art | Kindle Kids | Schwinn Bikes

Some of these gifts will be for their birthday and some for Christmas. I also hit up the dollar spot at Target this weekend and got them a bunch of stuff.

My girls are into art big time right now, so we decided an art easel would be great for them. It has a chalkboard side and a paper side. And to go with the art easel, we got them the dot markers and crayons.

We went big with the bikes because they came highly recommended. Friends told me of other brands that were harder to put together, so we went with these. Plus I got them for $25 off.

Another big purchase was their kindles. My girls are still young for tv, but they are very interested in my iPad and our phones. Since amazon offers a 2 year warranty on them, we couldn't pass them up.

I have a few other things that are on my list, but haven't pulled the trigger. Mainly these guys:

Toddler Christmas and Birthday Gifts

Home Alone | Step 2 Table | Crayola Stamper | V-tech Pet | Whale SoapSox

Lindsay from Lindsay's Sweet World talked about the Home Alone book and now I really want it for my girls. 

The Step 2 table is perfect for my growing girls. They used one at families house this weekend and they loved it. They can eat there, draw there, play there, etc. 

The V-tech pet carrier and Crayola Stamper were also recommended (by Lizzie from This Happy Life). The girls are obsessed with Walter and I think it would be fun to introduce them to a play pet so they can help take care of Walter when they get older.

The SoapSox I have talked about before, but never bought. I hate using simple wash cloths, so this is a great alternative to them.

Do you have any recommendations on Toddler stocking stuffers? Or other toddler toys?


  1. Great gifts! The girls will love them. Emmy and Cam have Kindles and they are a big hit. You know that striders are a must have in our house, so let me know if you have any questions. :)

  2. Wow, you were able to score some great things! Cash loves his easel!

  3. Awesome scores Mama! Those dot markers are awesome and so fun :) I can't wait for Avery to see her V-tech vet puppy! And I ordered that Home Alone book from Amazon after Lindsay recommended it!

  4. We just bought 3 of those Kindle Fires with the kid's case. Perfect for road trips for kids to load up movies

  5. I purchased the VTech puppy toy for Leighton! I think she'll love it!

  6. Oh my word, those tiny little pink bikes are the sweetest little things! They are going to love them. It's crazy that they are going to be big enough to ride bikes soon. And yes, you need that Home Alone book. We've already read ours about ten times!

  7. What an awesome list, and even more awesome that you scored such great deals! The little table and chairs are so cute. And, the Kindle will be so nice to have!

  8. Great scores! I got my nieces an easel and they love it! I cannot wait to see the girls on those pink bikes!

  9. I didn't even know Schwinn had balance bikes! I need to do some research because I was planning on getting my son a Strider .

  10. We got #babybigtruck a table last year and it was hands down one of the best presents. We also got her an easel and she uses it daily! I like the idea of the bike too!