Thursday, February 4, 2016

Valentine's Gift Guide for Him

I have been searching for a gift for my husband for Valentine's Day and the search is still on. Here are some items that I have pondered or things that he has and loves.
His Valentine Gift Guide

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One. I love the saying on this cup and he could use a new coffee cup at work.
Two. I love S'well bottles and my husband needs to drink more water (especially at work) and this just might make him.
Three. I love Herschel company and my weekender bag from them, so I know this travel case will be awesome. My husband has a leather one, but this might be more practical for Mexico and camping.
Four. Ugg slippers are a favorite in our household. We have also given them as gifts to pretty much every family member. 
Five. I love themed underwear and these ones are too cute to pass up.
Six. Travel items are great for my husband who often travels. He loves their shaving gel.
Seven. This henley looks so soft and perfect for a Valentine's dinner out. Just pair it with a sport coat and jeans and you have a casual, but still nice outfit.

What do you plan on getting the man in your life? Any other suggestions on things to get my husband?


  1. I so want to get that mug for Michael! I saw it around Christmastime but I didn't do it. I really want to try a S'well or Hydroflask water bottle. I can't believe how long they keep stuff cold!

    1. The mug is awesome and I might just have to buy it for fun. S'well is awesome. I love mine and use it all the time. Plus this one is awesome with the wood look. It will match my husbands iphone case.

  2. Love all of the gifts! Drew would be happy with some bicycle parts or an afternoon to go ride his bicycle.

    1. Rory would love to go on a bike ride with his buddies as well. Like day dates for yourself sans kids. He would love that!!!

  3. Those "That's all." mugs are awesome (and so witty)! Great ideas!

    1. I love that mug. I didn't get it for him, but maybe as part of his birthday gift next month.