Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Weekending Late

It was a busy weekend followed by a busy week so far and it is only Wednesday (plus I was beyond exhausted on Monday and Tuesday).

I never got around to a weekend update, and I am sure you all were on your seats waiting for one. I am rested (as much as I can be) and ready to tackle the rest of the week.

Last Friday I stayed home with the girls because Sutton had some runny diaper issues going on. It was bad. We don't know if it was teething or the stomach bug, but she is finally having more consistent poopy diapers.

So my ladies joined me in the bathroom while I got ready because they need to be able to watch me at all times. This momma can't do anything without her ladies right now (separation anxiety is at a height for my girls).

After I got ready, we went out to brunch and then spent most of the day at home. Sutton had at least 4 to 5 runny diapers Friday through Monday. It was gross and stinky. Poor baby girl.

Saturday morning their daddy left to go to the Bay Area to visit some friends (his groomsmen) for some football and left mommy at home with her little ladies. But fear not because my mom came up to help me take the girls to the NICU picnic.

The theme of the picnic/bbq was Disney, so my girls wore vintage style mickey mouse shirts. We met up with a bunch of local twin families and had so much fun. It was great to finally meet so many of the women who support, give advice and help my family out.

The girls did great at the NICU bbq and we got to see some of their favorite nurses while we were there. It was so fun showing them off, letting the nurses hold them and reconnecting.

That evening, my mom and I hung out at home since the girls were fussy, ordered take-out and watched The Judge. Such a great movie.

Sunday I headed out to brunch with my in-laws at Stonehouse. Amazing food and company.
Avery and Auntie Lindsay
Sutton and Uncle Cole
Avery being so cute in her high chair at brunch
Auntie Lindsay and her nieces

Everyone came over to watch the Niners game (the girls were game ready) which they lost and it was bad. Then it was just mommy and the girls for the rest of the afternoon. I got Avery to take a 2 hour nap and Sutton had herself about an hour nap and then another half hour nap in my arms. I don't get to cuddle my babies much since they want to be on the move or be sitting up, so it was such a little blessing for a Sunday afternoon.

Their daddy came home that evening. We went to grab a quick dinner and watch the Packers game. It was a good, but very busy and fast weekend.

Sunday night the girls slept so poorly which meant mommy and daddy were up from about 2:30 am and on. Rough. We worked all day, then I grocery shopped and cooked dinner. Tuesday was a bit better, but this time I mowed the lawn after work, cooked dinner and stayed up too late watching Scream Queens. Did anyone else? I love Ryan Murphy's work, so I was excited about the show. I liked it, but not sure I loved it. Yet.

How was your weekend?


  1. Girl, you are one busy lady!! Glad the NICU bbq went well. The girls looked adorable. I understand the seperation anxiety dilemma. Cam started it at 4 months old and was that way until after a year. Emmy is pretty easy going but there are times she just wants mommy. I hope you are getting more sleep and the girls are back to normal. Runny poops are the worst. Emmy has been that way and has horrible diaper rash thanks to it. :( stinking teeth!!

    1. Ugh the runny poops are the worst. Sutton's finally cleared up, but then the girls started blowing through their diapers. Ugh will it ever end? Haha. The teething has been at an all time high. I feel so bad for the girls.