Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Weekending

Wow, feels like a long time since I posted anything. I guess the weekend got in the way.

Wednesday night we had date. We left the girls at home with their grandparents and headed off to the Best in the West Rib Cook-off. It is one of my favorite events in the Reno/Sparks area because all the yummy food. Ribs, fried artichokes, beers and did I mention ribs? We sampled three different rib places, but Back Forty was by far our favorite. We ate so much food that we had to be rolled home (kidding, kind of).

Thursday we worked all day, went home to grab a few things and then headed to the first Nevada Wolf Pack football game of the season. We went to our friends tailgate for about an hour, and the girls got to meet so many of our friends. It was pretty awesome to show the girls one of our favorite things (football and tailgating) since last season they were in my belly. Oh have times changed. The girls did great at the tailgate.
Avery waiting to go to the tailgate
This is how we tailgate now

Now the game was another story. It started at 7 pm which is only 30 minutes before the girls feeding time and then bedtime. We thought they would fall asleep after their feeding and just hang out in their carriers. Nope. They both fought their feedings (too much distraction) and then Avery had a massive meltdown during the game. I watched about 5 minutes of the game before trying to calm her down, change her diaper, cover her up (to reduce the sound) and walk the stadium. Nothing worked and we had to leave at half time. Whomp, whomp.

Lesson learned. Go to earlier games (all remaining games are at 12, 1 or 4 pm), buy infant headphones for the sound and have some help from the grandparents. And if that doesn't work, get a babysitter. Let's hope Saturday's game against Arizona will be better (4 pm start, so we will be home by their feeding and bedtime).

Friday we ran errands most of the day. We wanted to go to Food Truck Fridays, but it was too cold outside. Total bummer.

Saturday morning we headed out to Walker to go camping. This was the girls first camping trip and it was a success. The grandparents and family friends loved hanging out with the girls. Mommy and daddy got to ride the ATVs, eat lots of food, have a couple adult beverages and relax. It was a really good time.
Sutton loves mommy's sunglasses
Feeding time camping style

Monday we headed back to Reno to bathe the girls and Walter, do a ton of laundry, clean house and relax. And catch up on Bachelor in Paradise. Priorities people. 

Too bad the girls didn't sleep well. One of the worst sleeping nights in a very long time. At least we got lots of cuddles in to calm the babies down.

How was your weekend? I am drinking gallons of coffee today and reminiscing our weekend away. Can't wait to go camping again next year.


  1. You're brave for taking them tailgating! Good for you for involving them in the things you love to do.

    1. Ha, thanks! The tailgating part was easy because our tailgates are very family friendly. And the game is too, but too loud and too close to their bedtime. Hopefully this weekend's will be better.

  2. What a fun weekend! We were thinking of going to a football game while my aunt is in town but decided our little sassy girl is so routine at bedtime that she would not let a later game be fun. Ha ha!

    1. Well I am happy to say that the girls did really great at this weekend's game. We bought them headphones and new hats and it was so much better this time. Game changer.