Friday, September 25, 2015

Falling Into Friday

Friday is here and I am probably stuck in traffic (I wrote this post earlier this week). Bay area traffic is a bitch. I am in the Bay Area for work, just overnight, but I am prepping myself, my babies and my husband for my upcoming long work trip (in November or December).

Today I am linking up with Karli.

One. I am dying for new Fall clothes. Last year I was pregnant during this time, so I only bought some maternity clothes. This means my wardrobe is in dire need of something new. More specifically, I am looking for a new pair of jeans. I have my eye on a few pairs, but I need to actually go into the store and try them on since I am not sure of my size anymore.
Left: Rag and Bone  Right: Lucky Charlie Skinny

Two. Pearl & Monroe. I have to support my fellow blogger, Jessica, and her new online boutique. Jessica is a mommy/lifestyle blogger who has amazing southern style and the cutest (other than my baby girls) children. She posts different articles of clothing on her facebook page and instagram. You simply leave your size, sold and email. And every since she launched her store, I have been coveting a sweater she wore. Well Tuesday it went on sale and I missed out. I was super bummed, but she said to leave a message for back ups in case someone didn't pay. Well she got an extra shipment, so I am getting one. This beauty will be in my hands in two weeks.

Three. I hoped to get one more beach day in this year, but I am not sure we will. It has been warm all week, but this weekend is supposed to be in the low 60s in Tahoe. I am not complaining because I can't wait for all things Fall, but the beach is calling my name. Instead of a beach day this weekend, we are headed up to Graeagle (one of my favorite day trips) to go to the Brewing Lair for some beer, the cute shops in downtown and ice cream at the cutest little store, Buckaroo Chocolates

Four. Fantasy Football is going pretty well given that we are only in week 3. I am 1-1 in one league (non-cash league, but playing for an Amazon giftcard) and 2-0 in my cash league. I really thought I was going to lose last week in my 2-0 league because I started Alshon Jeffery and he was out for the week. I didn't see it until after 10 am. But I squeezed my win out by 4 points. I will take it. No wonder my husband quite playing for a year. The stress of it kills, but I live for the competition.

Five. We scheduled our family photos. They are October 23rd and will be used for our Christmas card plus other gifts. I can't wait to take them. But I need to start planning outfits now. I have got to have a cohesive look to our family. I think we did a good job last time when the girls were 5 months and they will be 10 months this time. Suggestions? We are using the same photographer who did the 5 month photos and she is amazing. My girls loved her!

Six. We also scheduled our annual Apple Hill trip. I can't wait to share this with the girls. They may not remember it this year, but I will be taking tons of pictures to share with them. And I can't wait to have those yummy apple donuts, apple beer, wine taste, apple pie, crafts and family/friend time. And to make it an even better trip, my in-laws are joining us all this year. I can't wait.


  1. I'm so pumped for fall clothes too!! Today is feeling like fall due to it beig rainy. Yes!! I'm loving Pearl and Monroe too. I've been eyeing the same sweater. :) Ooo fall pictures. I'm planing ours too. Hmmm...the girls blue eyes would look great with turquoise or coral. Or what about throwing some plaid in somewhere? That's such a trend this season.

    1. It was rainy there? So jealous. It is still pretty hot here. In the 90s and high 80s. Hoping that this week cools down a bit and I can start wearing the Fall clothes. Pearl and Monroe might be deadly for me soon. I love everything. Did you see the green vest? I wanted it so bad. Luckily for my husband, not for me, it sold out fast. I love plaid. That would be so cute!

  2. Awww, I love the five months photos! She did a great job. Good luck getting them prepped for the 10 month shots. I love those jeans, and I've definitely been following Pearl & Monroe. She has great style! The Apple Hill trip sounds like so much fun. I think we will be planning something similar here soon :) Good luck with your work travel.

    1. I ended up buying some Lucky jeans this weekend. It is so hard finding jeans that are long enough for my inseam, still cute and at a reasonable price. I loved the rag and bone jeans (on too), but they are pricey and I am still getting my body back after babies that I can't justify that price yet. Do you guys have an apple hill type of place near you?