Monday, July 27, 2015


Monday again. I can finally function after having two strong cups of coffee. And speaking of coffee, I finally bought an electric tea kettle, a french press and coffee to drink at work. I usually grab coffee and a pastry in the morning on the way to work, but we just don't have time in the mornings with dropping the girls off at daycare. Plus when we added it up, we were spending $50 to $75 a week. So now with an initial investment of the kettle and french press, we will spend $15 every few weeks on good coffee.

Anyways, back to the weekend. After work on Friday, we grabbed some lunch and then headed home to feed the girls and hang out. We didn't do much Friday night. Saturday we grabbed brunch and did a bunch of errands. We were in desperate need of groceries, pet food, coffee supplies and household items. This took quite a bit of our day along with feeding and playing with our girls. That night I made dinner (so much easier to make dinners on weekends) and we caught up on some of our tv shows.
 Sunday selfies with mommy. Sutton is unimpressed.
Baby chilling time.

Sunday was spent moving furniture. A couple months ago we got a new couch from family and just put it in our living room. We had other plans to move it and make it more permanent. But then I had surgery and couldn't lift anything heavier than 15 pounds for a month. Now that I can, we moved our entire living room around. This meant moving heavy couches, a heavy entertainment center, coffee table, rug, console/storage piece, all the items on and in these things, cleaning all those areas, etc. It was a lot of work. And we had two babies to entertain the entire time too.

I am tired and sore from it all, but it looks so good. I am so much happier with the layout and gives us more room to hang out with the babies. And more room for them to crawl and move around (in the future).

After the moving, we made dinner, tended to the babies and went to bed earlier.

This weekend also meant trying another food for the girls. This time...honeycrisp apples. Sutton loved it. She was so excited for it and even "begged" for it. Avery on the other hand, gagged and wasn't too sure. I think she doesn't like the spoon because when I used my finger, she loved it. So we will give them apples for a few days and then hope to give them avocado next.

Sutton eating applesauce.

It was a pretty good weekend. A fast one, but a good weekend.

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