Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Stitch Fix #2

I got my second Stitch Fix in the mail yesterday. I was really excited about it, even though I am not supposed to be spending money (on anything). But I figured if I really loved items, I could ask my parents to buy them for me as a birthday present.

What is Stitch Fix?

Basically it is a shopping service. You take a quiz (even price range) about your personal fashion style, pin items to your Stitch Fix Style Board and send a message to your stylist about things you want included (maxi dress, jeans, work clothes, tank tops, etc.) or events you are attending in the future. You schedule a fix and pay a $20 styling fee which goes towards any items you keep. And if you keep all 5 items, then you get 25% off the entire box! So then your stylist works on a box for you. It is sent to you to try on at home with your own items from your closet and in the privacy of your house (plus no unflattering dressing room mirrors).

Super simple and a great idea especially if you need to change your style, don't have time to go to stores or you keep buying the same styles of clothing over and over. Your stylist will send you things you might not think you would like, but the idea is to try them on and see what you think. You might just be surprised.

Want to try Stitch Fix? And you feel like helping this momma out? You can use my referral link and I can get a $25 credit. And let's face it, this momma needs all the help she can get with having twins.

Ok, onto my July Fix.

Here is the note my stylist sent me...
Hi Danielle! I love your Pinterest board! I'm sending you new pieces to try using your Pins as inspiration for you Fix requests :) For skinny jeans, try the DL1961 denim. They are on the pricey side, but will last forever, have great stretch and are super flattering. Try them on with the summer top options. The cobalt, lace detail blouse reminded me of some of the lace items from your board. The yellow embroidered striped tank is a more casual option and I thought it would be perfect for you're taking care of your little ones! For dresses, for your summery occasions try the teal green crochet dress with a pair of nude heels. I love the bottom hem and how it's sheer. Lastly, I had to send you the pink maxi and I think the length will be perfect for you to stay comfortable and still look chic. Let me know how it goes! xo, Elyse

#1 Brixon Ivy Jarred Lace Detail Cap-Sleeve Blouse - $68.00 and #2 DL1961 Senuri Straight Leg Jean - $168.00
First, please excuse the poor mirror selfies (my husband busy was at his softball game winning the championship to take photos). I pulled out the top and loved the color. I wasn't sure if I would like the lace detailing as my girls love to pull and chew on my clothing, but I really like the way it fits. I could wear it with slacks for work, jeans for going out, or even buy a pair of white skinnies for a fun summery look. And as for the jeans, I loved the feel, but I am not loving the price. I don't mind paying a lot for jeans if they fit, feel and look good (which these do), but I am transitioning between pumping and not and I am afraid I will gain some weight. The only thing other than the price that I don't like is they are a higher rise. So I am very much undecided. What do you think? Verdict: Undecided.

#3 Le Sample Kahlo Embroidered Racerback Tank - $38.00
When I pulled this top out of the box, I didn't know what to think of it. I knew it was super soft and something I wouldn't normally chose for myself, but after putting it on, I loved it. It is flowy, soft and great to wear while taking care of my girls. Plus it would look great a pair of shorts too. Verdict: Undecided.

#4 Brixon Ivy Donya Crochet Dress - $88.00
I loved this dress when I first saw it, but then I tried it on. First, it doesn't fully zip up on the sides because of my large "milkers". And since I have large ones, it fit awkwardly at the waist. It was too big and frumpy. I did like the bottom where it is sheer showing off the pattern of the dress very well. Verdict: Returned. 

#5 Tart Shaina Maxi Dress - $98.00
I am in love with this dress. I love the colors, fabric cut and everything about it. Except, I am thinking it is a bit low cut for me. Maybe because of my mom milkers? This picture doesn't do the dress justice. But my boobs feel and look huge in this. What do you all think? Verdict: Undecided.

So here is where you all come in. I need help deciding what to keep and what to return. Keep in mind that I want things that I can wear for awhile, wear with a lot of options and I can get my money's worth out of them. I have until Friday to make my decision, so please help me. 


  1. I love both the tops - I think they are really versatile and you could get a lot of use out of them! I think that skinny dark jeans are a must in every closet, and these look great! I have a pair from Stitch Fix too and they are my go-to, I wear them with everything!!! I wouldn't keep the maxi unless you knew you would get a lot of use out of it. Good luck, tough decisions! ;)

    1. Thank you! I did send back the jeans, but only because I am going to stop pumping (breast milk) in a few weeks and I am worried about my weight fluctuating (as people have said) and I don't want to spend that much money on something that won't fit for long (just in case). But now that I know of the brand, have it bookmarked, I might revisit it a month or so after I am done pumping. Thanks for your input on my items!!