Thursday, October 9, 2014

You Know You're Pregnant When...

I was on yesterday and found a post about, "You know you are pregnant when..." and it got me to thinking about these things myself.  So I thought it would be fun to share these with you all.  I am warning you that some are probably TMI and downright stupid that I cried at whatever it was, but needless to say, they are funny.

You know you are pregnant when...

You have a hard time putting on strappy sandals because you can't buckle them up and your husband has to come to your rescue.

You can't shave your nether regions very well and fear the thought of wearing a bikini and everyone seeing your botch job.

You get upset that there wasn't enough ice cream in the freezer and want your husband to go get more for you.

You drop something on the floor and contemplate picking it up because you aren't sure if you can get back up again.

You cry because you can't bring your pregnancy pillow on a trip because you have no room for it.

You are bitchy at the bartista because she didn't understand your drink order that you have ordered a million times and onlookers are giving you dirty looks for even drinking coffee.  Is a blended vanilla latte that hard to understand?  I don't think so bitch.

You bought a new bra a month ago that was already up three sizes up from pre-pregnancy and you already have to buy a new one an additional size up.  How big will these knockers get?

You dream about pizza/sushi/ice cream all day and cry if you can't have them that night.

You cry because your doctor told you that you couldn't work out anymore.

And for good measure, I saw this photo and thought about myself.  But I probably would have skipped the chocolate and ate the vanilla and strawberry. #pregnancyproblems
 image via Pinterest
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