Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Late Week Update

Wow I feel like I should once again be dusting off this blog.  With all of the work travel, nursery prep and maternity clothes shopping, I find it harder to write a post.  No excuses though.

Lots of fun stuff has been happening in the Butler household.  We have been going to lots of football games (traveled to San Jose for the Nevada vs. San Jose State game and this past weekends lost to Boise State), having friends over, blanching our tomatoes for the winter, starting on the nursery and picking names for these beautiful babies, it has been a busy life for us.

Last week I was fortunate enough to go to the City of Angels (plus the Palm Springs area) and New Orleans.  While in LA, I sat in a lot of traffic to get to my work, but then it was amazing to see my best in the evenings.  We had so much fun catching up.  Plus she got to see the bump in full force and we got to eat so much amazing food.  Fried mac n cheese balls, seafood salads and a tasty version of guac and chips.  This pregnant gal was in heaven.

This wasn't from my LA trip, it was from the San Jose trip during the weekend before.  It is a crab benedict.  I know I am not supposed to have poached eggs, but I had to indulge just once and it was SO.WORTH.IT.

Plus I had acai bowls for breakfast daily.  They still didn't hold a candle to my experience in San Diego, but they came close.

I also managed to visit my grandfather's grave since it was so close to where I was staying.  It was a huge blessing to take the babies to see their great grandfather and feel his presence. 

We brought pink flowers because duh, girls and meeting their great grandfather.

Here is that baby bump I promised you in my 20 week update that never made it onto the blog.  Sorry.

Wednesday I headed off to New Orleans and almost didn't make my flights because most flights were late....especially mine out of Vegas.  A mere 50 minute flight away.  But luckily they held our plane since there were over 10 passengers on the flight with me going to New Orleans.

I had never been to New Orleans nor Louisiana, so I was excited to say the least.  I didn't realize how close Bourbon Street was to my hotel, nor did I realize that it is hard to find a great creole/etouffe place.  I searched Yelp and had no real luck.  But I did manage to find an amazing oyster bar called Acme Oyster House.  I had half a dozen char grilled oysters (heaven with all the butter and cheese).

And then I had the fried soft shell crab with sweet potato fries and hush puppies.  So much fried goodness right here.
Sorry for the poorly lit photos.  It was dark inside.  But they had the Giants game on (they beat the Pirates) and the food was killer.

The next morning I woke up super early to walk down to Cafe Du Monde for some of their famous beignets.  Now my husband never had a beignet on his trip to NOLA, but I knew I couldn't pass up the real deal.  In fact, I had them twice in one day.  Breakfast and dessert.  Don't judge.  They were worth it at $2.65 (tax included).  Ladies and gents, meet heaven in the form of a pastry.

These gems were absolutely perfect.  I need more of these in my life.

Let me tell you, Louisiana is HOT.  Like dying with so much sweat hot.  I wore a partial suit and it was a big mistake.  And I was in the car a lot, but I still felt like I was dying.  But I managed to see different parts of the southern side of New Orleans and some damage from Katrina along the way.

After work, I ventured out to Baton Rouge to check out LSU's campus because you must see that campus and stadium. So beautiful there and so hot.  Plus I ran (or drove) through some massive amounts of rain.

Meet Mike the Tiger, LSU's mascot.  He was very hot and tired, but he did pick his head up when we talked to him.  Did you know he hasn't been to one game this year so far (unless he made it to last weekends game, not sure).  The guy who was showing his grandma and mom around said he usually only goes to cooler temp games.  They give him the say in if he goes or not.  Pretty cool.  He was gorgeous with that white and orange mix coloring.

Friday it was time to head home to see my pup and the husband.  But my flight was delayed which meant I wouldn't get to Chicago in time for my next flight.  This also meant no Pot Belly's, whomp whomp.  So I manged to get my flight changed to earlier, but that also meant 15 to 20 minutes to pack and get ready in the morning.  Stressful morning and tons of rain in New Orleans.  Luckily I made A List this trip so security, boarding and checking in were easy.  Thankfully.

Oh and if any of you are bachelor/bachelorette/bachelor in paradise fans, I met Robert (who looks like Liam Hemsworth) in LAX on my way home.  

And so ends another work trip.

I spent the weekend going to the Pack game vs Boise State where we lost and had every opportunity to win.  We blanched tomatoes and made homemade spaghetti sauce and started working on the girls nursery mobiles.

Life has been pretty good to us lately.  Next up, we are going to New Jersey, Avalon to be specific on Thursday for a cousin's wedding.  I am pretty excited.  Plus I have my husband on this flight, so things should be smoother in that sense.

Stay tuned for a pregnancy/bump update tomorrow.  How was your weekend and last week?

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