Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Kids Valentine Pajamas

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Can you believe that Valentine's Day is less than a month away? I feel like these holidays are just so crammed together. I put together part of this post while I was recovering from surgery and then finished it post recovery....meaning yesterday.

I quickly ordered pajamas for my girls and know that they can wear these year round since we LOVE all things hearts.

But if you want to grab a pair of pajamas for your little ones, these all get great reviews and are from our favorite and go-to brands.

Kids Valentine Pajamas

Heart Pajamas  I love Carter's pajamas. We have gotten them for many holidays. I always size up, so my girls can wear them for longer than a season. And yes, my girls are still wearing their Christmas pajamas.

Heart Gowns  These are just the cutest. My girls are obsessed with gown pajamas and I ordered these right away!

XO Pajamas  I buy a lot of Target pajamas and would have bought these, but they came out later than when I purchased.

Family Heart Pajamas  I love Hanna Andersson pajamas. They are amazing quality, last forever and they make the cutest prints.

XO Heart Pajamas  These are another pair of HA's. And they are so cute. They remind me of tick tac toe with a heart spin.

Love Pajamas  These Old Navy pajamas are 30% off right now and they have three different Valentine prints. This one is the LOVE print and it is so cute.

Heart and Dot Pajamas  This last pair is also a Hanna Andersson pair and they are just as cute as the others. I love these as they remind me of hearts and cookies because sprinkles!

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? We mostly just acknowledge the day with some candy and small gifts for the girls.


  1. These are all precious! I love the ones on the bottom right!

  2. These are too cute! Serena would love the nightgowns <3

  3. Zoe is all about the nightgowns, may need to grab those heart ones. She definitely sports her holiday jammies all year.

    1. My girls are all about them too. It makes them feel like it is a dress. And that nightgown comes in a two pack!