Monday, October 25, 2021

Current Makeup Favorites and Routine

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It has been awhile since I posted about my current makeup routine and what products I use. Now I talk about product repurchases occasionally (mostly when they are on sale), but I haven't done a post that shows my favorites in over two years.

So here is my updated makeup routine and favorites:

Overall Face (what I use to clean my face)

Maelove bundle

Yep, I still use this daily cleanser. I love it so much. It has a mint scent and a minty tingle when you massage it into your skin. I use this every single morning in the shower. And yes, I know that it isn't that great of a place to wash your face because the water can be too hot. But I still do it that way. I also use it at night when I clean my face.
Garnier Micellar Water

I use this at different times. Sometimes in the morning before I head to the gym to give my face a refresh or in the evening when I am being lazy and don't want to wash my face with the cleanser. But this stuff works very well and doesn't irritate the face. Especially when you are taking off mascara. This stuff is amazing and cheap!

Eyes - now I know this is a personal preference, but do you put your eye makeup on before your face (foundation, blush, bronzer) or after? I put mine on before my face makeup.

Urban Decay eyeshadow primer

I put this on my eyes before I put on my eyeshadow. It helps to make the eyeshadow last and not crease. I have used this for years and have no reason to change it.

Tarte In Bloom Palette

This is my all time favorite eyeshadow palette. For my normal day look, I use a mix of Charmer and Flower Child all over the lid, then I put Rebel on my lower lid (the part that is closest to your eyelashes) and then I finish with Firecracker on my crease area. For my weekend or evening out look, I use Funny Girl all over the lid and then the other two the same way.

I use the other colors too, but usually when my favorite run out or I have a certain look I am trying to go for.

L'oreal's Voluminous Lash Primer

I put this on my lashes to prime them and make them stand out more. I let it set for 30 seconds and then I add my mascara.

Lights, Camera, Lashes

I love this mascara. It took many tries to find the best and right one, but I love this stuff. I have purchased it a bunch over the last few years.

Face/Makeup Prep

We all know how much I love this face primer. It makes my makeup go on smoothly, doesn't cost a fortune and does the job. Now I only wish it was bigger, so I didn't have to buy it as often.
Becca Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer

So I still have about half of a container left of the Becca Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer. This stuff is my favorite, but Becca Cosmetics has closed and discontinued their products. So I have been searching for a dupe and this was one recommended. Not sure how good it is, but if you have used it, let me know your thoughts. I know a lot of influencers rep Tula, but if it works and it is good, then I have no problem buying it.

You can still get it on Amazon, but it costs way more than before.

Nars Creamy Concealer

I get this one in Madeline. Another blogger/influencer recommended this to me and I really like it. It doesn't give me as much coverage as the one below, but if I don't have any zits to cover up, this is my go to.

Shape Tape Ultra Creamy Concealer

So this is more of a recent purchase. I use it in 29N (Light-Medium). I like this one way more than the original. This one doesn't crease and lasts all day long. I feel like this one is meant for people in their 30s and older. I used to get away with the original, but not anymore. That one creases so much.

Dior Forever Foundation

I use the color 2.5N. This is a full coverage foundation. It covers up any flaws, gives me an airbrush look and lasts all day.

Stila Convertible Color

This is a creamy blush/lip color. I use it as a blush. I use my finger and then swipe it on my cheekbones. The peony color is really beautiful and stands out.

Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer

This is my go to bronzer, but if it is sold out, then I use the Tarte Bronzer in Park Avenue Princess. The Sun Bunny Bronzer is so pretty when you put it on. I put it near my creamy blush, on my forehead and on the bridge of my nose.

Anastasia Eye Brow Pencil

I have been using this for about the last year. It has been over two years since I had my brows microbladed. They are lightening up a bunch, so I use this to make them darker. But I do have a palette for where to put this on now. And I am getting my brows redone in November. I use the color Taupe.

Laura Mercier Translucent Finishing Powder

I use the color Translucent. This is the best finishing powder. I use it to set my concealer and then to set my whole face. I bought it with the puff, but have only replaced it once when my girls used it to put on lipstick meant to be worn with masks. Usually I just clean it every so often.

And that is it for my current makeup routine. What are your favorites?
Makeup Favorites


  1. These are also good! I have tried other lash primers but I keep coming back to L’Oreal! And I was wondering if there had been a dupe for Becca under eye primer, I’ve never tried Tula, I’m just not sure so definitely let us know if you think it’s as good as the Becca!

    1. I will definitely try it out and let you all know. I love that primer and sad that it isn't being made anymore.

  2. I want a new eye shadow palette and have been looking at the Tarte one! I love all of Loreals mascara! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

    1. I love this Tarte one. I use it more often than any other palettes. I love that primer too. I need to order more.

  3. Loved reading this for some new ideas! I love the Taste mascara too!

    1. I am glad to help. That mascara is the best if I can't have my lash extensions.

  4. They all look like great products.

  5. UD Primer Potion is one of my holy grails! And still going strong with the Maelove cleanser too <3

    1. They are both amazing. I am ordering more cleanser when I need it. It is my favorite.

  6. I need that foundation and I need that primer. I just got some Laura Mercier mascara and have been loving it.

    1. Oh I love her setting powder. I wonder if I would like the mascara. And the foundation is my favorite. I have tried so many others.

  7. Great selection! Thanks for sharing.

    Abdel | Infinitely Posh.

  8. I like the Tula under eye stuff, but it isn't amazing or life changing. Just throwing that out there. Urban Decay primer potion has been the one and only for me forever. I have never even tried anything else and might be the longest running product in my collection that never changes. I was using Dior then switched back to Estee Lauder. I got some Lancome send to me recently and they must have changed something, because I don't love it anymore. I am still using Estee but may switch back to Dior again lol.

    1. Have you found one that you like better? I think it is my longest running product in my makeup bag too. I love Dior but never tried Estee or Lancome. Every time I switch, I end up going back to Dior.