Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Father's Day Gifts

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Father's Day is coming up (Sunday June 20th) and I know I like to get the gifts early as some of them tend to have longer shipping times. So I put together some gift ideas for your dad, husband, brother or father figure in your life.

Many of these Rory has and loves, and I know the rest he would love.

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Blackstone 28 Inch Griddle  I got this for Rory for Christmas and I can't tell you how often this is used. He loves this thing. I love this thing. We make bacon, pancakes, fried rice, grilled cheese, sausages, etc. on it. It is amazing and truly a great gift.

Coola Face Sunscreen  Sunscreen is an easy gift for men as many don't buy any for themselves. Or only for their bodies. This is great for golf and everyday wear. I have the Coola Water Cream and use it daily. You could use that one on anyone as well, but the face one travels easier.

Arcade Belt  This belt is beloved by Rory. He has it in a few colors/options and wears it daily.

Melin Hat  I got this hat for Rory last Father's Day and he wears it camping, golfing and just daily wear. It is moisture wicking, has a secret spot for money or a key and it floats.

Ice Sphere  I got a similar ice set for Rory as part of his birthday gift. He loves Old Fashioneds and these are the perfect ice cube for them.

UV Light Sanitizer  I have wanted one of these and Rory mentioned that he wanted one of these. They are amazing for phones, keys, pacifiers, masks, etc. Since we are starting to travel again and working in the office, this is a great gift option.

Vuori Strato T-Shirt  My hairdresser told me about Vuori and then I bought Rory some jogger pants from there. When he received them, I was hooked. Everything is soft, luxurious and doesn't cost quite as much as Lululemon. He bought himself one of these shirts and they are amazing. They are soft, wear well, wash well and look really nice.

Vuori Meta Pant  Another Vuori item. These pants are made for work, golf, and casual. I almost got Rory the Aim pants, but this one has more room in the thigh.

Portable Neck Fan  I saw this somewhere and took a photo of it. Then I searched for it as it is an amazing option for golf, Summers and hanging outside. And this one gets amazing reviews and actually keeps you cool.

Osprey Daylite Duffle  We all know that I love Osprey. I bought a very large duffle bag with backpack straps last year and use it for our annual Graeagle, camping and some airline travel. This is a smaller version meant for long weekends, but still made with the same amazing material.

Bombas Ankle Socks  I got these for Rory for Christmas and he still raves about them. He raves so much that I bought some for myself. They are comfy, wear well and give back (company donates socks).

Birkenstock Arizona Soft Slide  Now I know some are not fans of Birks, but these are soooo good. They are the soft ones so they are already broken in. I wasn't a believer, but now I have 3 pairs of Birkenstocks. I only get the soft version as I can't wait or handle the break-in.

What are you getting the guy in your life for Father's Day?


  1. These are great gift ideas! The UV light sanitizer sounds like a cool and handy gadget!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

    1. I think so too. I am sure my husband would get a lot of use out of it.

  2. We have one of those round ice trays. I always make a mess trying to fill them, ours doesn't like to stay closed for whatever reason...but they are so fun! I need that neck fan for me. I HATE being hot in the summer, I live in the wrong part of the country as far as heat and humidity go haha.

    1. We have one too, but Rory is the one who fills it up, so I am not sure how hard it is to do. Oh yes you do. The neck fan would be great for your heat and humidity.

  3. I think Dave would like the round ice cube idea!

  4. I've been thinking it would be cool to have a UV light sanitizer!! I'm such a germaphobe!

  5. What is an aracade belt? That grill looks amaaaazing! Love that it has a flat top.

    1. It is just the name of the belt company. But the belt is pretty cool. It is adjustable and the buckle is different. I love that grill so much. We use it several times a week.