Friday, May 7, 2021

Friday Favorites and Happenings

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Happy Friday all! And happy Mother's Day to all you mommies out there (including fur baby mommies). We don't have too much planned this weekend other than I am getting my nails done, date night on Saturday night and then Rory and the girls have things planned for me on Sunday for Mother's Day. My fingers are crossed for warm weather and sunshine all weekend.

Anyways, onto Friday Favorites and Happenings.

ONE. I realized that I never talked about the new cookie/baking sheets that I got while I was in Vacaville. I have these in the full size and another in the corrugated cookie sheet size. I love them all. They are non-stick, clean beautifully and last for years. I have had my other ones going on 8 years and they still are amazing. So when I was in Vacaville, I picked up the quarter size. It comes in a two pack and these are perfect for cooking leftover pizza, chicken strips and many other things. Point is, Vacaville has better sales tax rates than us and I got them on sale.
TWO. Last weekend we took the girls to two birthday parties on Sunday. One was at an athletics center where the girls got to jump on a trampoline, do tumbling, an obstacle course and more. I didn't get any photos from the first party as I was talking with the moms most of the time. We were exchanging phone numbers so that the kids can have playdates this Summer and still hang out after in case some of the kids go to separate schools. The girls have been in a private school this year due to the pandemic and next year they will be going back to public school (I think). But it was so good to meet and hang out with the girls friends parents.

Then we had a break of time before heading to another party at a trampoline center. This is one of my best friends daughters party, so we were all involved and took more photos. Here are a few highlights. And yes parents wore masks the entire time and kids under 10 did not have to wear them.
The birthday girl jumping

Sutton jumping

Avery's face. Ha. And that cake was made by my best friend, Stacey. She makes most of our cakes!

THREE. After the second party, we stopped in Scheels to see if they had something that Rory had been eyeing. Of course the girls and I headed to the women's clothing where I found so many new items that I wanted. From O'Neil to Billabong to BB Dakota, they had so many cute clothes. I tried on two dresses per the girls request and they said I had to get one for Mother's Day. So I got one. It is super cute, flattering and not revealing, but yet perfect for Summer.
BB Dakota Barbara Ann Dress

FOUR. Here are a few photos from our life lately.
Walter had a groomers appointment, so Rory and I grabbed a sushi lunch while we waited for him to be done (it was a Thursday).

My best friend Nathalie (the girl in shorts next to me) came into town and I spent all weekend with this crew. It was one of the best weekends and soooo needed.

Rory had a softball game on Tuesday (and another on Thursday), so I took the girls to Thai food. They are obsessed with Thai food and always want roti, panang curry and pad thai.

Sutton is one happy girl!

I have so many more photos of my nephew, but I picked one cute one from this last week!

I had a Board meeting this week, so I did business on the top and fun on the bottom. 

FIVE. Weekly funnies.

This is the worst and happens all the time.

Were they drunk?

And this is why you don't tattoo names on yourself (says that as I have my kids names on my rib cage, ha)

This couldn't be more true right now.

I loved that movie and this made me laugh.

Have a great weekend. I am linking up with A Little Bit of Everything.


  1. You crack me up with the blazer and shorts, I love it! Very cute dress and all you girls look so adorable as well! Corrugated cookie sheets are the best! Happy Mother’s Day beautiful!

    1. I had too. I never feel like dressing up for work anymore. So just throw a blazer over your outfit and no one knows. They are really the best. I love them. Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend too!

  2. Sounds like you've been having lots of fun! Happy Mother's Day!

  3. that coaster meme- LOL!!!!! I really thought it was a cookie by the pic
    Love your zoom meeting wear - its like the mullet of clothes - Business in the front, party in the back - LOL
    I honestlyl cant believe how big the girls are looking - I saw the IG story of them swinging on the lines & their legs look SO LONGGGGG - are they going through a growth spurt?

    1. I thought it was a cookie too. Ha. Yes it is. That is the best way to describe it. I just throw on a blazer with what I am wearing and no one notices. They are sooo tall. They were at the birthdays and they were so much taller than all their friends who are the same age. It is crazy. They eat like they have gone through a growth spurt.

  4. I love the blazer and shorts! What a fun look and perfect for online meetings.

    1. It was perfect and no one knew that I was wearing the shorts. The best part of meetings being done at home and through Zoom.

  5. The picture of Sutton jumping made me say "weeeeeeeeeeee" out loud. LOL!