Monday, July 29, 2019

Would You Rather?

Last week, Dara wrote a post (that was linked up) with the topic of Would You Rather? I love this idea and I loved reading her answers. So I thought I would answer the same questions. Enjoy. And if you decide to answer them, let me know. I want to hear your answers.

1. Would you rather start your day without coffee or start your day knowing you had to stay up until 3 AM?
I like this question. If it is a weekday, then I would rather start my day without coffee. Weekend, stay up until 3 am.

2. Would you rather spend the day at a nude beach where you don’t know anyone there or spend the day at your neighborhood beach (or pool I guess!) wearing a skimpy bikini?
I would go with skimpy bikini. I just don't want to have to look at everyone else's parts. Ha.

3. Would you rather lead a glitter craft party for 6 year olds or put on a home fireworks display with 13 year olds?
I would totally do the fireworks display!

4. Would you rather wake up and discover a new space in your house that you didn’t know about or discover a bank account that you didn’t know you had with $10,000 in it?
I am going to go with the $10,000. Then I can renovate a space into my house to make it better or go on a vacation!

5. If you had one child permanently stuck at a certain age, would you rather have them stuck at 3 weeks, 18 months, or 3 years?
Oh geez. This is a tough one. Each age definitely has its ups and downs, but I am going to go with 18 months. At 3 weeks, they don't sleep a normal schedule at all, but I love those baby snuggles. And at 3 years old, they back talk, throw tantrums and are potty training or still having some accidents. I think 18 months is a pretty great age. They are walking, eating and finding out who they are.

6. Would you rather change a poopy toddler diaper or clean up dog poop from a rug?
The toddler diaper. You can throw that away and get rid of it easy. The dog poop is going to smell for a long time.

7. Would you rather have a huge surprise birthday party thrown for you or have everyone forget your birthday?
I would go with the surprise party. I am not a big birthday celebrator, but it would suck to not have anyone even mention it or think of me on my birthday.

8. Would you rather take a job you are a little under qualified for or one that you are way over qualified for?
If money is no object in this then I would take one that I am under qualified for, so I can work to becoming the best at my job and always have a challenge.

9. Would you rather have a full house of guests for a week or be alone in your house for a week?
I would rather be alone for a full week in my house.


  1. Fun that you did this too and we agreed on a lot of them!

  2. LOL at the glitter party with a bunch of 6 year olds. I'd pick the fireworks too!

    Green Fashionista

    1. Haha. Way too much glitter for my tastes. And the clean up, ugh.

  3. Ooooh, these are some tough questions! Fun reading your responses!

  4. Omg these are great questions haha I had to laugh at the glitter question. I'd steer away from glitter every single time, too. I'm also with you on diapers haha I'd rather a poopy diaper than dog poo on my rug any day lol

  5. This post was so fun!! And I agree with you on most of these!