Wednesday, July 10, 2019

4th of July Weekend

4th of July weekend went by so fast. We spent time at the beach, went to a birthday party, went out with friends, hung out with family and were very busy. But it was all so worth it and so much fun!!

Let's back up to Thursday, the 4th. After getting up, we made bacon and eggs at home. Then we all got ready and headed down to my parents house to drop off the girls and Walter. We had a little photo shoot (ha) and then headed off.

My parents have a bunch of amazing huge flowers at their house!

We stopped at the grocery store to grab some items for the beach and dinner and then headed up to Incline Beach, Lake Tahoe. We went to our friends house where we had lunch and then headed down to the beach. It was one of the first really warm days in Tahoe, plus it was the 4th of July, so it was crazy busy.

We had a spot already set out for us by our friends (at 5 am), so we were right on the water and had the best views. Soon after getting to the beach, a helicopter flew by and Navy Seals did jumps out of it. Then a C-130 came by too. They did this for a bit and it was really cool to watch.

The best views

 That's the Amazon hat I mentioned a week ago.

We saw Pat Mahomes from the Kansas City Chiefs at our beach! But I didn't get a picture with him. Boo.

We people watched, snacked, drank and soaked up all the sunshine. It was the best day!!! Around 6 pm, we ubered back to the house and had a bbq and then headed back down to our spot at the beach around 7:30. Then we had some more drinks, more snacks and waited for the sun to set and the fireworks to start.

Once it was dark, the fireworks started. In the picture above, you can see the barge that they set them off of. It was pretty close to us and soooo amazing!

After the fireworks were over, we hung out and then walked the mile back home. 

Friday morning we got up and had pancakes and bacon at our friends house before heading down to get the girls and Walter.

The girls had swim class Friday evening and then pizza after. Saturday was spent hanging out with family and then I had dinner with a dear friend. Sunday the girls had another birthday party at a splash park and then we went to my in-laws house for dinner and more family time. It was a pretty great weekend, but I didn't capture any other photos after the 4th.

How was your 4th of July?


  1. Such a fun weekend! I love your red, white, and blue outfits!

  2. So cool about Pat Mahomes! Looks like you had a great time!

  3. The perfect 4th of July! And my husband would have gone nuts seeing Pat Mahomes at the beach - believe it or not he's a huge Chiefs fan <3

    Green Fashionista

    1. Really? I had no idea since you live in Florida. That is pretty cool!

  4. You all look so cute in your red, white & blue!
    That hat is adorable!... glad you got to soak up the waves & sand on America's birthday!

  5. I love all of your outfits for the 4th! Gosh I just cannot get over that view with the lake! And how beautiful to watch the fireworks over it. So glad you had a great one!

    1. It is such a beautiful view. I love tahoe so much!

  6. Love that pic of you and your hubby! And the girls' fun outfits! Glad it was a great 4th weekend for you! xo

  7. Absolutely love your fourth outfits and girl, you are smokin in that striped bikini!

  8. LOVE your outfits for the 4th!! The girls look adorable!! What a beautiful lake, I hope to visit one day. That's too funny about Pat Mahomes and those fireworks looked awesome!

    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams