Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Lularoe Review

Recently, my hairstylist (she is the absolute best) and her friend started selling LuLaRoe. I had been added to some groups over Facebook, but never really thought to try their clothes since I couldn't try them on for size reference. Since I had the girls, my body is way different which means it is harder for me to gauge what is going to fit right based on numbers and sizes. So when I can try something on and get my correct sizing, it makes online shopping much easier for future purchases.

Recently, Kyra (my hairstylist) hosted a pop up shop and I came over to FINALLY see what all the hype was about. I had been eyeing an Amelia, but also wanted to check out their leggings and a Julia dress.

I tried on a few things and I fell in love. The Amelia dress is made from a stretchy material which is perfect for hiding the imperfections or chasing toddlers around in. The dress has pleats, the skirt is flowy and it has pockets. What girl doesn't love pockets in her dresses!?

(Disclaimer: I am not a fashion blogger, nor do I pretend to be. I just love sharing the clothes that I love.)
Dress: Amelia  Booties: Sam Edelman

Side note: my husband insisted I take these photos in front of his massive sunflower. This thing is literally 10 feet tall and he wanted to show it off.

The Amelia I chose is black with pink/coral roses and blue leaves on it. I love the length of the dress as I can wear it to work, on a date night or when I chase the girls around which happened a bunch after these photos were taken.

Another cool feature of the Amelia is it is reversal. As in you can wear it backwards to have the zipper in the front. This is a great feature for breastfeeding moms. I know when I was pumping and breastfeeding, I had to wear clothing that gave me easy access. With a zipper in the front, you can unzip, pump or breastfeed and not feel exposed. And if you don't have kids, having the zipper in the front adds a different touch to it and makes it more fun.

As you can see, even with it backwards, the pockets are still set in the front and the pleats still show. This is the perfect versatile dress.

I also picked up a Julia dress because who doesn't love a baseball style jersey dress? I can't wait to buy my next piece. Have you seen the Carly dress? Might have to go try it on and buy one.

To buy some LuLaRoe, go here and request (telling Kyra and Jen that I sent you there) to be added to the group or comment below and I will get you added. They have giveaways  and contests ALL THE TIME and get stock in weekly. Seriously could be a bad habit for my wallet.

*This post was sponsored by Kyra and Jen, consultants of LuLaRoe, but all opinions are honest and 100% mine.


  1. Love that dress! It looks great on you. I want to try their leggings. I've heard amazing things.

  2. I love that dress! The shape is super flattering and you are right - who doesn't love a dress with pockets!?

  3. You look gorgeous! That is such a flattering dress. I keep hearing about lularoe, I need to try it!!

  4. That dress looks great on you! I went to my first pop up the other week too but felt like the dresses didn't flatter me, but left with a bunch of tops and a sweater!

  5. I did not know they had dresses. super cute.

  6. I'm getting ready to go to a party for that in a few weeks.
    I'll have to keep my eye out for this style - it looks great on you
    & tell your hubby, thumbs up for the sunflowers :)

  7. I love Lularoe! Such great clothes!
    Super cute pattern too!!

  8. Love the shape and print of that dress! And of course, the pockets.

  9. Such a beautiful dress on you, awesome hair stylists are priceless aren't they? <3
    Green Fashionista

  10. Girl, you look amazing in that dress! It is so pretty, and POCKETS!!!! I'm sold just because of the pockets alone!

  11. You look so gorgeous! And, I adore pockets in all dresses. All dresses should definitely have pockets. I also love that sunflower plant! Pretty all around!

  12. You got a great print!! Im so excited to wear my Amelia in the fall!

  13. Why are pockets such a big seller? I absolutely love them! Especially in dresses. A lot of my FB friends are doing LuLaRoe, but I haven't really understood the hype, so I loved your post! Thanks for all the info-I want this dress. :)

    1. I have no clue, but they are the best. I hadn't understood it either. If you can get to a popup shop, then you can try stuff on. They only make so many of each pattern, so you should look around. My girl might have another.

  14. Love that dress!! It looks so great on you. I love when dresses have pockets.

  15. I've heard great things about Lularoe but I really hate most of the patterns I've seen. I want plain leggings. But that dress! LOVE! Very, very cute! I may need to follow Kyra if she has better patterns than what I've been seeing so far!

  16. That dress is darling on you!

  17. The Amelia looks gorgeous on you!! It fits you to a "tee" :)