Thursday, August 11, 2016

Confessional Thursday

It's time for another round of confessions! Please join me in linking up below.
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/ that I am seriously way behind on reading my friends blogs. I love reading blogs....more than writing one (sometimes) and I miss being able to read my favorites daily. I need to work on that.

/ that I have worked out every weekday this week and I am so proud of myself. My hotel has a pretty good gym and I am taking advantage of it. I also may be taking advantage of it due to all the wine I have consumed. Don't worry, I don't have a car.

/ that this week is a test for myself and my family. I have only been gone 4 nights (counting tonight's) and it has been hard being away from my girls. In just a few short weeks, I will be heading to Europe for work and that is really going to test us. First, me being away from my girls that long. Hasn't happened since they were born. Second, how my husband handles the girls on his own (with some help from family at times). And lastly, me just being safe with all that has happened recently in our world.

/ that there was a huge case at work this week that was held by the Board and I am so sad that I missed it. So much drama that I have been hearing about for months and I never got to see it come to be. Hopefully I can get a good recap of how it went down.

/ that I bought the girls ridiculously expensive toys from Disneyland (not in Disneyland, but in their boulevard outside) because I wanted them to have Disney things. #spendingallmyperdiem

/ that I would rather buy my girls things than myself.

/ that I have consumed an entire bag of Airhead Bites this trip already. No shame. Or maybe there is some.

/ that I was surprised when our house appraisal came back WAY higher than we thought it would. This means less fees and an even lower interest rate on our mortgage. Let's start the renos!

/ that you all need to brace yourself because next week is going to be fully of mushy posts about my husband and our anniversary.

And that's it for my confessions. Be sure to link up below.


  1. Oooo I want to see what your bought the girls! I have faith that your travels are going to go just fine and although it's tough to be away from he girls that Rory will do great and the girls will have fun. :)

  2. Traveling is so hard! I'm sure the girls are doing awesome though. I always worry about my boys and especially patrick, even though I know his mom is going to help out tons! I've been having a hard time keeping up with al my favorite blogs too. If i don't read them first thing in the morning while my boys are hanging out I forget to go back and read them. #momproblems Hope you're having a great time on your work trip!

  3. Great job working out! It feels so good when we keep up with it doesn't it!?

    I know traveling has to be really hard with a family, I only had to do it a few times and never for longer than 2 days and that was hard enough for me, so I can't imagine! But it will make you stronger, right??! :)

    I love buying my kids things more than myself too, and anything Disney is a must!

  4. I'm the same way about reading my favorite blogs every day! Awesome job at working out every day!! You go girl!

  5. ahhh - I love mushy posts.
    Hoping all goes well with your trip. I'm a nervous traveler so I get all the worries.
    Yep - every little girl NEEDS ALL THINGS DISNEY! .. even grown girls like me need it too ;) haha

  6. Good job working out every day! You deserve all that wine, don't worry! Looking forward to the mushy posts!

  7. Mushy posts about husband? haha my husband always complains that I barely mention him on my blog hehe. Maybe I should follow your lead ;)

    - Claudia @

    1. Well since it is our anniversary, I will have to write more about him!!! Yes follow my lead! Thanks for stopping by!

  8. So what exactly do you do for work that you travel so much?

    Go you for working out everyday!

  9. Rory & family will have it all under control! You just worry about work & being safe!

  10. I am on the same page about needing to take more time to comment to blogs. I am working on it!

  11. I LOOOOVE Airheads!! They are my absolute FAVORITE!!

    And that's awesome that your appraisal came back even better than what you expected! I can't wait to see what you guys do!

  12. Ohhh yay for a high appraisal! Our down payment wasn't big enough, so we have to pay private mortgage insurance. We're hoping if we wait a couple more months we can get a new appraisal and it will be appraised for high enough that we can get it dropped off!

  13. I'm having a hard time keeping up with blogs and comments also. It's hard! I'm with you - I'd rather buy stuff for Mila than stuff for myself! It's tough not spoiling kids! Yay for a great house appraisal!

  14. Yay for mushy anniversary posts! Love all the love! Sorry about the travel. I'll be sending good thoughts your way. I am totally with you on buying for the kids. Andy always tells me to buy something for me and leave toddler boy stuff alone haha. Great news on the appraisal!

  15. Go, you, working out every weekday! And home reno sounds soooo much fun :)

  16. Yay for the house appraisal. And again i am so jealous of your job.

  17. Europe for a week?! That sounds exciting! Hubby better hold down the fort state side. That's great news about the house appraisal! Sounds like you've got some exciting projects going on.

  18. Airhead Bites sound so good. It's like me and Sour Patch Straws - I have a bag and they are gone in an instant!

  19. I can't wait for the mushy anniversary posts!