Wednesday, July 20, 2016

From Boils to Cocktails and Tailgating

So my mind is completely scattered right now. I was a single mom last night (husband was in Vegas) and couldn't get my shit together to make this a cohesive post. So randomness is what you get.

First up, something gross. So advert your eyes, scroll down or hit the x on the top left (but really don't). Miss Aves has a boil on her booty. I thought it was a pimple, but babies don't get pimples. Sure they can get baby acne, but not pimples like this. She has this red area that is swollen and had a pus like tip. Gross. I know. It has popped twice now and it leaves blood and pus in her diaper. Plus she can't sit on it unless her diaper is on. I searched and searched online until I drove myself crazy and finally asked for some advice (online and to the pediatrician). Looks like it is a boil, but gotta watch for red streaks coming from it, a fever and it getting bigger. Please let it be this simple. Moving on.

It's been 18 almost 19 months since delivery, but I still have loose skin on my belly. I carried two babies in there and no matter how many planks or ab exercises I do, it just isn't going away completely. Maybe this will help, maybe it won't. But it's worth a shot.

Did anyone watch the Bachelorette on Monday. WTF happened? They are waiting to tell us who is going home? Nah uh. Speaking of Bachelorette and if I just spoiled the episode for you, I need some summer cocktails to drink while watching Bachelorette. This wine habit costs a lot and I can get more bang for you buck with liquor. So I have been Pinteresting summer cocktails. 
Watermelon, lime and cucumber cocktail (and it uses vodka, my favorite)

I love moscow mules, so adding in strawberries and basil sounds so good and refreshing.

Speaking of another classic with a twist...I love mojitos and adding any and every fruit in there. Sign me up for this one or mix it up with different fruits.

Football randomly popped into my head...ok it didn't. Trying to decide if I want to do two Fantasy teams this year or not. #somuchwork  Anyways, I was thinking of what to bring to the first tailgate and starting looking stuff up and this caught my eye. Sounds so good right now.

I love bacon wrapped poppers. My friend made them on the grill once and it changed my life. These look really good since I don't want to attempt to cook them on the grill.

And that is all I have time for or that I can think of at this moment.


  1. Those drinks look divine! Also, that pull apart bread is so good and is always a crowd pleaser. During football season it is nothing new around here to eat snack food all day...which counts for dinner. Right? Ha! Have a good day!

  2. Bless that baby's heart... boils are painful.
    I get so freaking mad when they do the "To be continued" thing on The Bachlorette. That's become a new thing they are loving & drives me insane every time. I'm so anxious to see who she picks at the end. I still am so Team Jordan but would LOVE for Luke to be the next Bachelor.

  3. The strawberry basil Moscow mule sounds amazing - especially for the summer!

  4. Oh I hope that boil goes away quickly for your little sweetie. So sorry to hear that. Love those drink combos. Hope you get some help tonight!

  5. I love random posts! And GIRL - Brian and I have been drinking Moscow Mules nonstop these last few weeks, so I will be trying that strawberry basil one this weekend. I love any excuse to use our new copper mugs!

  6. Aww poor girl! Those things are not fun at all. I'm not sure if this is an option for young children but tea tree oil really helps with them. Those strawberry Moscow mules sound soooo good! I definitely need to try that!

  7. Those drinks look SO good! And I got caught up on Bachelorette today (while waiting for 4+ hours past my scheduled appointment time for a repair guy to come--angerrrrr!!!!), and was a little ticked that they left it off there. Who do you think she's gonna send home? I'm thinking it'll be Chase or Luke. I don't get Jordan's appeal anymore. And I really want to know what the whole drama is with Aaron and Jordan!
    I hope the boil gets better--that doesn't sound like fun at all!

  8. Those Moscow Mules look awesome...also the crack bread - I am supposed to be on a diet, but WOW! :) New follower!

  9. Your girls need to get it together! One thing after another. Poor babies and you! I hope it clears up soon.

    We were so confused by everything on the bachelorette.