Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sutton and Avery's Birth Story Part 1

I guess the girls birth story really starts on Friday December 26, 2014.  We had dinner at my aunt and uncles house (in-laws) in Truckee that evening and when we were driving home, I started to feel some pressure and was more uncomfortable than usual.  When we got home, I tried to go to sleep, but the pressure and achiness was too much.  There were tears, lots of movement and lots of trips to the bathroom.  Nothing was working.

My cousin, Ashley, had given me some benedryl for the itchiness and sleep, so I decided to take one.  This was after about an hour of my husband rubbing my back and me in pain.  I went to sleep and thought maybe my uterus is still expanding.  I was only 33 weeks, 2 days, so there was no way this was labor.

Saturday we went about life as usual and nothing happened.  Sunday we did the same.  We even ran to Target to pick up some of our hospital bag toiletries and said we would pack up that week just in case and get the carseats installed too.  Rory and I had dinner together at a little Taiwanese place, grabbed our pup and headed to his parents house to have dessert and hang out with my brother and sister-in-law before they left the next day.

While we were hanging out, I started to get uncomfortable.  Just moving around a lot mostly.  We decided to head home and on the way, I felt a pop of movement.  Like one of the babies rolled over or something.  Then there was some relief, but the pain started to come slightly.

We got home, got ready for bed and I had a bit of blood (slight tiny tinge) on the bathroom tissue, but let it go.  I fell asleep for maybe a half hour to be woken up by pain.  It was pretty constant and more painful than Friday's episode.

I was constantly trying to go to the bathroom, lay down (which hurt the worst), sway back and forth, cry, get down on my hands and knees and ride the pain out.  I couldn't tell if these were contractions because there was just a lot of pain almost the entire time.  I would have some relief occasionally, but not enough to think it was contractions.  I seriously thought I just had bad gas or constipation.

Then I went to the bathroom once again and more blood on the toliet paper.  I told Rory that I thought we should go to the hospital just to get it checked out, but that I would be embarrassed if it was just gas and I was sorry.

So we grabbed a few things.  My husband grabbed my iPad, my purse, my shoes, changed himself, gave a treat to our pup and we were off.  We never got the chance to pack a bag which I was really sad about because my sister got me the weekender bag I wanted (Herschel Supply Co. Ravine Weekend Bag).

At 11:15 ish off to the hospital we went where I could barely sit in the seat.  I tried laying down the seat, tried moving around in the car and moaned in pain the entire 10 minute drive.  Once we got to the emergency room drop-off (also where you go if you are in labor and it is after 10 pm), I took off out of the car to get in a wheelchair.  My husband wheeled me to labor and delivery.  I could barely stand up, let alone answer the questions I was being asked.  Instead of taking me to assessment, they took me to a delivery room.

The entire time, I kept asking for water because I was so thirsty, but they said they couldn't give me any yet.  They needed to monitor the girls with the fetal dopplers and do an ultrasound to see the positions of the babies.  I told them I wanted a vaginal birth and they said they would do everything they could.  They paged my doctor and started the process of seeing where I was at.

The babies heartbeats were great.  I am surprised they could get a read since I was constantly moving and changing positions because nothing felt good.  They checked me and I was a 4/5 and 100% effaced.  There was no turning back.  These girls were going to be born soon.

An ultrasound revealed baby A (Sutton) was head down and dropping.  She was ready to go.   But her little sister, baby B (Avery) was still cozy up in mommy's ribs sitting transverse (sideways).  They said it is risky to delivery a baby that early that is transverse because they weren't sure if they could get her to turn.  At this time, they checked me again and I was at 9 cm dilated.  We talked our options, and c-section it was.  Emergency c-section.  I was devastated.  Lots of tears.
This is the face of pain.  I am not a cusser, but I did manage to cuss quite a bit while being assessed.  Man oh man, did the pain hurt.  And that is my lovely nurse who helped me keep it together.

I was telling my husband to call our family and that I needed him there.  That I loved him and I was so sorry the girls were coming this early.  We are pretty sure my labor started Friday and maybe we could have stopped it if I had went in, but we can never be sure.  And this is the way God had intended us to bring our little girls into the world.

Stay Tuned for Part 2 of Sutton and Avery's Birth Story.

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