Friday, February 27, 2015

Spring Wants

It's Friday and that means I made it through my first week alone with the twins.  It also means that I get to actually post something to Oh Hey Friday link up with Karli from September Farm.

As I sit here and type this post, I am staring at two sweet sleeping babies.  Everything lately on my blog has been about being a new mommy or the cutest little twins there ever was.  So I thought I would take a break from that today (sorry no cute baby photos today) and write a post on Spring/Summer things I am dying to buy.

This momma is trying to get her body back and transitioning into a "normal" body.  I have lost all my baby weight and only have a slight belly left from being pregnant.  I fit into my old jeans and even bought a pair of jeans (ok my dear husband bought them for me) of new jeans in a size smaller.  The c-section saved my hips from being stretched out.  I guess that is one good thing about a c-section.

But I have been eying new bathing suits, skirts, dresses and shirts to bring me into the new seasons.  I was pregnant from May to December, so my wardrobe is lacking in fun new cute things.

I posted more than five things that I want and my list could go on for days, but I will stick to the seven that have my sitting in my shopping cart for days.  New jeans, a gorgeous bikini, shorts, two springy shirts and a cardi for the still breezy days.  Hopefully I will pull the trigger on some of these soon.  My wardrobe sure does need an update (hint hint husband).
Spring Wants

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