Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Shopping Lately

I miss shopping.  Yes I probably have a problem, but it seems like all I shop for lately is wedding stuff which is fun, but I want to buy myself something.  So this weekend I did....but only because it was on sale.  Have to justify it somehow.  I only bought an outfit that I can wear anytime and to work.  I had to throw the in work there, so I could again justify it.  It was buy one, get one 50% off.  So I bought a floral skirt and white dressy tank top.

                                                               Image via Francesca's

I can't find a picture of the top, but it is similar to the one shown, but softer, white and is a partial button-up.  Then I was looking for a dress to wear to my friend Stacey's wedding and I shopped at my new favorite store, Altar 'd State I found a dress that would go with her country theme.  Now just to buy some cowboy boots in Elko this weekend.  I must have them, right?

                                                              Image via Altar 'd State

I just absolutely love it.  I got it in the mail yesterday.  I do love getting packages and they are coming in like fire right now.  I also bought a clutch to go with it since it was buy one, get one half off too.  Sadly, well maybe not for me, but for you, I bought the last one, so you have to wait to see it when I take and upload a photo.

What have you bought lately?  I have lots of fancy wedding stuff, but not as much fun stuff.

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