Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bridal Shower, the Beach and an Aloe Drink

This weekend was lots of fun for me, but I realize I am getting old.  I am fast approaching the Dirty 30 and I am getting tired.  Back to the funness (not even a word and I don't care). Saturday I went to Stacey's bridal shower and it was beautiful.  Her Matron of Honor and Maid of Honor did an amazing job.  Here are the lovely brides-to-be.

Then Sunday the ladies went up to Lake Tahoe for some fun in the sun....lots of fun in the sun as in I have a slight sunburn.  I did use a ton of sunscreen with the wedding coming up and all, but I still got burnt.  That is where my aloe drink comes in.  Heather showed Stacey and I this aloe vera drink.  Sounds gross, but it was really good.  Plus it has aloe chunks in it and I loved it.  If you like Boba drinks, then this is for you. More on this in a second.

See how much fun the ladies had in Tahoe.

And here is the yummy aloe drink.  It is called Alo.  By far the best flavor so far is the watermelon and peach.  In heaven, but I forgot to bring one into work again.  Total bummer.  Go buy this stuff, it helps with tummy aches, sunburns, etc.

Now I am just recovering from my amazing weekend.  Next up for this weekend, the Celebrity Golf Tournament in Tahoe and then a weekend of relaxation.

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