Monday, June 17, 2013

My Dude is Styling

I love my puppy.  Yes I still call him a puppy even though he is a year and half.  We love taking Walter on hikes and walks.  We noticed on our last big Mount Rose hike (last summer, I know we are slackers) that he got a bunch of dirt in his eyes which made him have a ton of eye boogers.  So after looking around for awhile and maybe forgetting about it a bit, we decided to get Walter doggles (doggie eye goggles) for our hikes.  And we were super motivated to get them because we are going camping today, ok cabin camping, but Walter is coming with us.

We are going to Graeagle for the rest of the week.  Just have to make it through seven more hours of work, and then we will be hiking, golfing, fishing, sun bathing and relaxing.  The best wedding planning for the week.  I can't wait.

So yesterday we went to Scraps Dog Store to buy Walter a toy and doggles.  We tried on a few pairs to get the right sizing.  He wasn't super stoked on them and kept pawing at them, but nothing a little three treats couldn't fix.  He was all set, and we brought them home to put him in while he is eating.  Yes we had our dog eat with his doggles on because you are to reinforce the use of the doggles with treats, food or something he likes.  So without further ado, here is the cute little man sporting his doggles.

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  1. Your puppy is so cute! Love the goggles! Didn't know you could get goggles for puppies. ha.