Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Clothes, Stress and Travel

I have been searching long and hard to find myself a bridal shower dress.  My theme for the shower is garden party, and since I love pink, my bridesmaids are doing it all in pink.  So naturally when looking for dresses, I looked at pink and white dresses.  I even bought one from Altar'd State.

I found this store while on a work trip in Austin, Texas.  Don't worry, I went after work in the pouring rain, but so worth it.  The store had so many cute clothes that I bought too many a few summery pieces.  Since I love their dresses so much, I thought why not buy one for the bridal shower.  There were so many to chose from but I decided on a light pink dress with navy straps and a navy belt.  I got in the mail and it is a no go.  Way too big.  So I quickly ordered another dress and I hope this one works, otherwise it's to the closet or shops around here.

So fingers crossed this is the dress that will work, fit and get here on time.

Image via Altar'd State

Along with prepping for all things wedding, I have work travel every other week it seems.  Ok not every other week, but every two weeks.  Now don't get me wrong, I love traveling, seeing new places, and experiencing new things, but it is hard to travel and plan a wedding.  
Que, stress.  I have been really good about keeping the stress levels down while planning a wedding, but lately it is all adding up.  Oh please get me through the next three months 87 days, so I can happily marry my best friend, have the most perfect beautiful wedding and start working on having babies!

Anyone else having the stress creep up just a bit much?

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