Monday, May 13, 2013


I have looked at more wedding centerpieces than I could even handle.  I wanted something clean, vintagey (is that even a word?) and elegant.  This is what I had in mind...

Since I am using calla lilies in my wedding bouquets, it was only natural to order extras for my centerpieces.  I loved these simple centerpieces.  So when we went in for our food tasting (more on that later), I decided to ask what they had available for free and what I could purchase.  Our DOC (day of coordinator) gave me some options.  Below are two samples they came up with.

So since these are free, we are going to have parts of both.  We love the aspen wood pieces and they match our vintage, elegant, sparkle theme.  The vase pillars will be taller than in the first picture.  They are 12 or 14 inches I believe.  They will have glass beads in the bottom with a single calla lily.  Then we will have tea lights in some sort of holders placed all around the aspen block (need to look through their closet full of items like this).  And that blue table cloth you see, yes we are using that.  We will have a white table cloth with a navy overlay (we wanted silver, but those are way more expensive), so we opted for silver napkins (better priced at $1 per napkin).

Next up is the table numbers.  I have obsessed over these.  But that is for another post which will incorporate a DIY project. Stay tuned.