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Wednesday's Dating Confessions

Bella over at Dateless in Dallas is hosting a great link up today on Dating Confessions.  
Let me first say that I feel so fortunate that I don't have to go on anymore awkward first dates.  I don't miss that AT ALL.  I feel your pain ladies.  I have been on my fair share of bad and awkward dates.  I have two that really stick out in my mind right now.
Bad Date Confession #1:
 I met a guy through a group of my guy friends.  He seemed very nice, polite and a total gentlemen.  He owned a local bar and seemed very interested in me.  After texting back and forth, we set up our first date.  
He took me to a great little Italian place that I had been to only once, so I was really excited.  The waitress came to take our drink orders, and he starts firing off what we would drink and eat.  He ordered for me, and didn't even ask what I wanted.  I am a picky eater and I am very independent, so this was rude and a turn off.  What if I didn't like the veal parmesan he was ordering (I don't like veal.  I have a hard time with the thoughts of eating a baby cow)?  Or the calamari appetizer?
I told him that I don't really like veal, and his response was, it is the best dish on their menu.  You will love it.  At that point, I knew I had to eat as much of the calamari as possible.  When the veal came out, I took a bite and couldn't get over the thought of it being a baby cow or the taste.  I just moved it around on my plate feeling so bad.
All the while, he is going on and on about his new boat, his car, his house, all the vacations he takes, his expensive clothes, owning his own bar at such a young age, his watch, going to the most expensive hair stylist and the list goes on and on.  He was trying to woo me with all of his material belongings like it was all I cared about.  He never once went into where he went to school, what he loves to do on the weekends, his hobbies, his values, his family, etc.  It was all about the material belongings.

I have never been so turned off in my life.  Then to add insult to injury, he was upset that I didn't eat my veal parmesan and was wasting it.  Hey buddy, you ordered it without asking me.  Then when the waitress asked if we wanted dessert, he quickly said "no because she never finished her dinner so no dessert for her".  Very rude as I contemplated dessert or grabbing a slice of pizza after this bad date.  I was hungry and this girl eats on her dates.
It was literally one of the most awkward rides back to my house.  He insisted on walking me to my door which I told him it wasn't necessary.  Then he went in for the awkward hug, grabbed my face and kissed me so hard.  Extremely gross.  
Needless to say, there wasn't a second date, I dodged his phone calls and texts and have never went into his local bar again.
Weird Date Confession #2:
I met a guy at a coworker/friends wedding.  The best part was him being the brides brother, so I knew there was a good chance of something coming out of the evening. He was amazing at the wedding.  We danced, laughed and talked all night.  He asked my coworker (the groom) for my number a few days later and after some texting, we set up our first and last date.
He was a gentlemen, picked me up and took me to dinner.  He complimented everything about me which totally boosted my confidence.  Was this guy real?  He complimented my hair, shoes, clothes, purse, etc.  I was on cloud nine until he started asking me if my shoes were Michael Kors, if my Coach purse was this seasons line and how my hair stylist highlighted my hair with such perfection.  
Was I on a date or hanging out with one of my girlfriends?  I know my guy friends could never tell me what shoes I am wearing.  They may be able to tell me that my purse was Coach if they saw the signature C or the Coach label.  And as for hair, they just know if it looks good or bad.  Men hardly can tell when you get your hair done unless it is a dramatic change and they still may not notice that.  I am pretty sure my date was gay and not open about it.

I enjoyed the rest of the evening, but told my coworker we weren't a good match.  He said he thought so and even hinted that he thought his brother-in-law was gay too.

What are your dating confessions?  Be sure to link up with Bella's Dating Confessions.
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  1. First off, thank you for sharing your dating confessions!! I couldn't help but laugh at the first story that he was so keen on ordering for you and then to actually deny you dessert? wow! I don't know about you but I would've interrupted him and ordered something that's not veal. Then again, I wasn't there so I wouldn't know what I would do.

    The second story is also funny because just when you think things are going good, there's a curve ball thrown your way and I agree, he does seem like he knew way too much about fashion/clothes/hair. That screams gay!

    Lucky you that you don't have to go through these dates anymore haha.

    1. I didn't know what to do when he ordered for me. Dating is a tough road and I didn't want to screw things up. But in all reality he ruined the date for us and I should have said something earlier. And no dessert. A way to my heart is through cupcakes and dessert. What was he thinking?

  2. Omgosh I would have told that first guy where to shove his veal, and then ordered a nice big pizza all for myself :)

  3. Do people really still do that? I can't believe he would order for you, it seems so archaic!

    Randomly stumbled upon your blog, thanks for the funny post!

    1. Yes they do. Or they did about 5 years ago. And I'm glad you found my blog. Hope you stick around and follow me!