Thursday, July 30, 2015

Leslie Sisti - A Blonde Ambition

 Leslie Sisti from her post It's Name was Joy

My heart hurts today. Yesterday I learned that one of my favorite bloggers, Leslie Sisti, from the blog A Blonde Ambition has passed away. She passed away on Monday, and left behind her husband Stephen and her two gorgeous daughters Caroline and Ainsley.

When I first started reading blogs, I came across Leslie's blog. I was pinning an outfit she wore and clicked on her blog. I instantly knew this was a blog I would want to follow, so I bookmarked it and visited it every time I was catching up on my blog reads.  I loved her fashion sense, her Tim Tebow doppelganger of a husband, her recipes and her baby girl Caroline (and now Ainsley). She was such a sweet southern woman.

Even though I didn't know her, I felt like I knew her. We became friends on instagram and I was always asking her where she got her children's clothing from, tips on making baby food, where she got something she used while she was pregnant and sweet comments on her girls. She always took the time to respond to my comments and commented on pictures of my girls.

Her husband has set up a fund to help pay for Caroline and Ainsley's college and weddings. Please, if you have anything to spare, donate to this family. She touched so many lives, especially mine. And please read her blog (it will be kept up so her daughter's have a keepsake of their mom). She was an awesome woman.

Be blessed, lovelies (#beblessedlovelies as that is how Leslie always signed off on her blog)
Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Butler Babies are 7 Months!

Butler babies are 7 months old! Time is flying. Soon I will be planning their 1st birthday party. Oh wait, I already have a secret Pinterest board for that (sorry, not sorry).

So much has happened this last month with our baby girls. And they have grown like weeds.
 Avery and Sutton
nicknames: Avery: Avery Girl, Avey, Bunny, Chunky Monkey  Sutton: Sutton Muffin, Sutte, Bear Cub, Little Miss

weight: At the girls 6 month appointments Sutton weighed 13 pounds 4 ounces and Avery weighed 13 pounds 12 ounces. I am guessing Sutton is 14 pounds or more and Avery is closer to 15 pounds. I know they are growing because the progress they have made with their helmets suggests they have been going through some major growth spurts. Keep growing babies!

sleep: Again, we go back and forth on this one. Last month, Avery had her sleep regression and Sutton slept like a princess. And now Avery sleeps like a princess and Sutton wakes several times each night. And when I say wakes up, it is usually some crying, put the paci back in, rub her belly and we are good to go. Sometimes they don't even wake up, they just cry a little and are still asleep. So cute. But not so cute when mommy and daddy look ragged in the mornings. I had to up my game on concealer and foundation to cover my dark circles. Oh how I wish for a full nights rest again. Hopefully Sutton's sleep regression is almost over.

eats: Well we just changed their schedule once again. But this time it was due to adding some purees in. The girls have had two new items since rice cereal...sweet carrots and honeycrisp apples. Sutton loves to eat. She reaches for the spoon, waves her arms around and opens her mouth. She is an eater! Avery has gone back and forth on this which is surprising because she showed interest in food first. Avery will sometimes gag or refuse the spoon. But if I put the food on my finger, she will take it and even "chews". So we are doing a mix of finger and spoon. I hope to have the girls try avocado and sweet potatoes next.

And since we added in purees, the girls bottle feeds have changed. They now get 5 feedings per day wit 180 to 190 mls per bottle (30 to 31 1/2 ounces per day per baby). I am hoping they like this new schedule and we can even move to bottle feeds 4 times per day and add another puree feeding in there. The girls love to eat and love to eat at the exact moment they are ready, so let's hope this 3 1/2 hour time between feedings works for them. 
loves: Sutton: Baby girl loves her hands. She chews on her hands non-stop. And if her hands aren't in her mouth, her toes are. Baby girl loves her feet. She still loves her Wubba Nub so much that she steals her sister's from her all the time. Sutton loves rolling on her side to see her sister and grab toys. Speaking of toys, she passes her toys back and forth between her hands and loves everything soft and cuddly. Sutton loves to sit and watch everything around her. She can sit for a bit on her own, but still needs help with it (we are working on it daily). Sutton also loves to bring her legs under her when she is doing tummy time (I see a crawler in our near future). Sutton will scoot around when she is on her side or turn herself 180 degrees to see what is going on. Sutton still loves raspberries on her belly, touching mommy's face/clothes/tummy/arms. She is talking more and more everyday and lights up when we walk into the room. She has been going through a phase lately where she wants her mommy all the time. Sutton has loved bath time this last month. We bought a new holder for them in the tub and they love it. Now she can splash and see us. Total game changer. She is the sweetest baby.

Avery: Avery Girl loves to talk. She will squeal and babble all day long now. It is sweet to hear her little voice. She has been chewing on her hands, but also will chew on her sister's hands. Avery loves her sister so much. She always has to touch her or be near her. She just loves her big sister. Avery still loves her Wubba Nub. Avery loves to scoot around. She spends most of her time on the floor on her side. She can grab things easier that way and pester her sister that way too. Avery has been rolling from her back to her tummy lately, but sometimes her arm gets stuck and we have to move it. Avery has been big on toys lately. Especially ones with sound. Avery loves to sit up and has been working on doing it all by herself. She is so close to being able to do it for long periods of time. Avery loves being talked to and carried in the Ergo 360. She has also taken a liking to bath time. She will splash and play in the water and loves her head being washed. She is the sweetest baby girl. 

dislikes: The car seats are still ify at best. They don't mind them in the mornings, but don't care for them in the evenings. They also hate their helmets being taken off or put back on. Mostly when we put them back on, but when they are on, they don't bother them.

clothing size: They are wearing 3 to 6 month clothing and even a few 6 to 9 month items.

diaper size: Size 2, but may need to change to size 3 soon.

Baby girls, I can't believe you are 7 months already. You are the light of our lives and we couldn't love you more. You came into our lives early, but we have cherished these last 7 months. We love to soak in every inch of you and can't wait to see what your futures hold. We love you baby girls.

Love, Mommy and Daddy

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Bachelorette

I am a Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise fan. Ugh, there I said it. It all started a few years back when Ashley was the Bachelorette. I only started watching it again (I watched the two seasons of Bachelor and first season of Bachlorette and then got bored) because my girlfriends were watching it and I wanted to be able to chime in. Well I got sucked back into it and lived for it. I love the drama! I love the sappy proposals and the fashion.

But this season was lackluster at best. Were ratings so bad that they cut the budget for travel and proposals? It felt like Kaitlyn and her suitors spent 6 weeks in Ireland. Don't get me wrong, it is beautiful there and a place I would love to visit, but what happened to a new place each week? What happened to the hometown dates? Instead everyone went to Utah, to a hotel resort to meet the families. And the proposal happened in the LA mansion? A not so special place where many scandalous things have happened.

And it seemed like contestants were dropping like flies. How long was this season compared to others?

I am happy that Kaitlyn chose Shawn B. I am not happy that it was spoiled through snapchat and made this season even more boring.

Step up your game Bachelor franchise and have them travel. And please oh please don't let Nick be on any other season.

Even though this season wasn't great, Bachelor in Paradise 2 starts Sunday, on my birthday, and you guessed it, I will be front and center watching it this season. Oh the drama.

What did you think of this season's Bachelorette (show and star)? Do you think Ben H. or Ben Z. will be the next Bachelor?

And there you have my two cents...
Monday, July 27, 2015


Monday again. I can finally function after having two strong cups of coffee. And speaking of coffee, I finally bought an electric tea kettle, a french press and coffee to drink at work. I usually grab coffee and a pastry in the morning on the way to work, but we just don't have time in the mornings with dropping the girls off at daycare. Plus when we added it up, we were spending $50 to $75 a week. So now with an initial investment of the kettle and french press, we will spend $15 every few weeks on good coffee.

Anyways, back to the weekend. After work on Friday, we grabbed some lunch and then headed home to feed the girls and hang out. We didn't do much Friday night. Saturday we grabbed brunch and did a bunch of errands. We were in desperate need of groceries, pet food, coffee supplies and household items. This took quite a bit of our day along with feeding and playing with our girls. That night I made dinner (so much easier to make dinners on weekends) and we caught up on some of our tv shows.
 Sunday selfies with mommy. Sutton is unimpressed.
Baby chilling time.

Sunday was spent moving furniture. A couple months ago we got a new couch from family and just put it in our living room. We had other plans to move it and make it more permanent. But then I had surgery and couldn't lift anything heavier than 15 pounds for a month. Now that I can, we moved our entire living room around. This meant moving heavy couches, a heavy entertainment center, coffee table, rug, console/storage piece, all the items on and in these things, cleaning all those areas, etc. It was a lot of work. And we had two babies to entertain the entire time too.

I am tired and sore from it all, but it looks so good. I am so much happier with the layout and gives us more room to hang out with the babies. And more room for them to crawl and move around (in the future).

After the moving, we made dinner, tended to the babies and went to bed earlier.

This weekend also meant trying another food for the girls. This time...honeycrisp apples. Sutton loved it. She was so excited for it and even "begged" for it. Avery on the other hand, gagged and wasn't too sure. I think she doesn't like the spoon because when I used my finger, she loved it. So we will give them apples for a few days and then hope to give them avocado next.

Sutton eating applesauce.

It was a pretty good weekend. A fast one, but a good weekend.
Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Five

You know the drill. It's Friday and that means Friday Five. So let's get right down to business.

One. My Birthday is in 9 days. I can't believe it is almost August. Shout out to my fellow Leos out there. I added two other items to my birthday wish list.
Some new sunnies like these Ray-Bans

Two. Sleep. The girls are in a bit (an awful) sleep regression. Between the two of them, it seems like we wake up hourly from 1 am to 5 am. Mommy and daddy really need a full nights rest princess girls.

Three. Down the Rabbit Hole: Cautionary Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny.
I am just a few pages away from finishing this ebook, and I love it. Holly always seemed so happy and in love with Hef (yes I watched the Girls Next Door religiously), but in her book, it shows a much different side to her and the mansion. Great little fun read.

Four. My umbilical hernia surgery. So I had my surgery almost 5 weeks ago. My incision has healed, the bruising is gone, and I am left with a scar and semi innie. I am not sure I am happy with the results. The surgeon who did my surgery did my breast abscess and the scar looks amazing. But this new one has some folds and isn't as "clean". And while my belly button is way more in than before, there is still a slight bulge on one side. So I am making an appointment (which I needed to for my final post op) to have it checked out and see what he can do.

Five. Jeans. I am still wanting, needing and dreaming about those comfy DL1961 jeans from my Stitch Fix box. But I need to wait until I am fully weaned from pumping and let my body figure itself out before investing in a pair. And speaking of weaning, next week starts the month long process. I will go from 5 pumps per day to 4. And each week I will take a pump out per day. Sad and bittersweet, but it is time.

Hope you all have a good weekend.
Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Oh, blog how I feel like I have neglected you. But I am so tired. This momma is having a rough time staying awake today due to the massive amounts of fun I had this weekend (#natyouraveragebach).

Friday was a crazy, stressful and fast day. After work, I got my nails done. Felt so good, but took a long time. I had to rush home to get Walter and take him to his grooming appointment. Then rush home, so my husband could help my dad and his friend fix a leaky faucet outside. But then Walter's appointment went too long and it was almost time for my hair appointment (I really thought I could get all these appointments done in one day...nope). So my husband had to pick up Walter, and I stayed at the house as long as I could (my appt was only 5 minutes away) and then my dad took over watching the girls temporarily until my husband got back.

I got my hair done and it felt so good. Blown out and all, I looked gorgeous. Then I came home to the babes and proceeded to get spit up on (story of my life) and had to pick up dinner and somethings from my trip. So I headed out with fabulous hair, spit up on my shirt and sort of put together. Life as a mommy, I tell ya. And then I still needed to pump and pack for my trip. I think I got done at 11 pm. Ugh. And I had to be up at 4:45 am for my trip.

But then the fun happened all weekend. I can't keep up with the girls as much as I would have liked to, but I still had a great time. I love those girls and can't wait to share Nathalie's wedding day by her side.

Here are a few pictures from this weekend...I have so many more (over a couple hundred), but these will give you an idea of all the pretty amazing ladies I hung out with this weekend.
Even though it rained a ton (tropical storm with massive lightening and thunder) in San Diego, we went to a pool party, nightclub, bars and so much more. Thank you so much to T and M for planning this weekend. Now hopefully my liver recovers in time for Nathalie's wedding (one month from tomorrow)!
Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Favorites and Justin Timberlake

It's Friday again and I couldn't be happier. And what makes this week even better was I had yesterday off and today is only a half day at work.

Let's get onto Friday Favorites and my link up with Karli at September Farm.

One. Justin Timberlake aka my second husband #sisterwives style. It's no secret (to those who know me) that I love me some JT. I am dying to go to one of his bad he isn't touring. But the good news is, I met this handsome fella yesterday at the American Century Celebrity Golf Classic in Lake Tahoe, NV. It's no surprise that his crowd was larger than anyone there and there are some big celebrities/atheletes there (Aaron Rodgers, Jerry Rice, John Elway, Alex Smith, etc.). But after his round, I finally met JT and he even interacted with my husband over the Golden State Warriors. Day/Week/Month made!
 There is a video of him on my IG if you are interested.

Two. Again, the ACC tournament. My husband, dad and I went yesterday. We all love golf, love Lake Tahoe and love beautiful weather. And we got all three. So much fun.
 Larry the Cable Guy (he even made fun of my dad and my dad loved it)
Mr. Aaron Rodgers himself. My husband is his doppelganger.
 My husband and I. See gorgeous weather.

Three. Nathalie's bachelorette party. I am off to sunny San Diego tomorrow morning with several amazing ladies for some bachelorette shenanigans. This is my first big (3 days) trip away from my ladies, and I am going to miss them. But I am really looking forward to lots of girl time and so much fun. Let the festivities begin!
 The bride and I at my wedding almost two years ago.

Four. Beautifying myself. I have been getting lots of beauty treatments all week in preps for the bachelorette party and a much needed refresher to myself. On today's agenda...getting my nails done and my hair done. My hair needs it. It is starting to fall out (post pregnancy hair loss) and isn't looking as beautiful as it was. Guess what everyone says about losing it (just losing the excess I never did while pregnant) is true. I know Kyra will make it beautiful again.

Five. Tieks. Obsessed with these ballet flats and I have been dropping hints to my husband that I really want them for my birthday. And since they are $175 per pair (but lifetime guarantee on them), I haven't bit the bullet. But let's face it, I wear flats every single day to work and even on the weekends. I need these in my life. Anyone have experience with them? Do you love them? And speaking of my birthday, it is a few days over 2 weeks away. Ahh.
I want all the colors. image

Have a good weekend all and don't forget to link up here.
Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Stitch Fix #2

I got my second Stitch Fix in the mail yesterday. I was really excited about it, even though I am not supposed to be spending money (on anything). But I figured if I really loved items, I could ask my parents to buy them for me as a birthday present.

What is Stitch Fix?

Basically it is a shopping service. You take a quiz (even price range) about your personal fashion style, pin items to your Stitch Fix Style Board and send a message to your stylist about things you want included (maxi dress, jeans, work clothes, tank tops, etc.) or events you are attending in the future. You schedule a fix and pay a $20 styling fee which goes towards any items you keep. And if you keep all 5 items, then you get 25% off the entire box! So then your stylist works on a box for you. It is sent to you to try on at home with your own items from your closet and in the privacy of your house (plus no unflattering dressing room mirrors).

Super simple and a great idea especially if you need to change your style, don't have time to go to stores or you keep buying the same styles of clothing over and over. Your stylist will send you things you might not think you would like, but the idea is to try them on and see what you think. You might just be surprised.

Want to try Stitch Fix? And you feel like helping this momma out? You can use my referral link and I can get a $25 credit. And let's face it, this momma needs all the help she can get with having twins.

Ok, onto my July Fix.

Here is the note my stylist sent me...
Hi Danielle! I love your Pinterest board! I'm sending you new pieces to try using your Pins as inspiration for you Fix requests :) For skinny jeans, try the DL1961 denim. They are on the pricey side, but will last forever, have great stretch and are super flattering. Try them on with the summer top options. The cobalt, lace detail blouse reminded me of some of the lace items from your board. The yellow embroidered striped tank is a more casual option and I thought it would be perfect for you're taking care of your little ones! For dresses, for your summery occasions try the teal green crochet dress with a pair of nude heels. I love the bottom hem and how it's sheer. Lastly, I had to send you the pink maxi and I think the length will be perfect for you to stay comfortable and still look chic. Let me know how it goes! xo, Elyse

#1 Brixon Ivy Jarred Lace Detail Cap-Sleeve Blouse - $68.00 and #2 DL1961 Senuri Straight Leg Jean - $168.00
First, please excuse the poor mirror selfies (my husband busy was at his softball game winning the championship to take photos). I pulled out the top and loved the color. I wasn't sure if I would like the lace detailing as my girls love to pull and chew on my clothing, but I really like the way it fits. I could wear it with slacks for work, jeans for going out, or even buy a pair of white skinnies for a fun summery look. And as for the jeans, I loved the feel, but I am not loving the price. I don't mind paying a lot for jeans if they fit, feel and look good (which these do), but I am transitioning between pumping and not and I am afraid I will gain some weight. The only thing other than the price that I don't like is they are a higher rise. So I am very much undecided. What do you think? Verdict: Undecided.

#3 Le Sample Kahlo Embroidered Racerback Tank - $38.00
When I pulled this top out of the box, I didn't know what to think of it. I knew it was super soft and something I wouldn't normally chose for myself, but after putting it on, I loved it. It is flowy, soft and great to wear while taking care of my girls. Plus it would look great a pair of shorts too. Verdict: Undecided.

#4 Brixon Ivy Donya Crochet Dress - $88.00
I loved this dress when I first saw it, but then I tried it on. First, it doesn't fully zip up on the sides because of my large "milkers". And since I have large ones, it fit awkwardly at the waist. It was too big and frumpy. I did like the bottom where it is sheer showing off the pattern of the dress very well. Verdict: Returned. 

#5 Tart Shaina Maxi Dress - $98.00
I am in love with this dress. I love the colors, fabric cut and everything about it. Except, I am thinking it is a bit low cut for me. Maybe because of my mom milkers? This picture doesn't do the dress justice. But my boobs feel and look huge in this. What do you all think? Verdict: Undecided.

So here is where you all come in. I need help deciding what to keep and what to return. Keep in mind that I want things that I can wear for awhile, wear with a lot of options and I can get my money's worth out of them. I have until Friday to make my decision, so please help me. 
Monday, July 13, 2015


Another weekend in the books. And a quick one at that. It went so fast and I don't feel like we did anything really productive.

After work on Friday, my husband and I had lunch together before picking up the girls (it was right at their feeding time when we got off). After we got home, I cleaned the bottles and headed back out. I had to get my mud flap put on my car (it wasn't in on Monday) and try to buy some make-up before my pedicure. Rough life, I know. And I really broke my spending freeze this weekend and my wallet isn't all to happy about it.

I didn't get my make up and had to go back out yesterday for it. But I did get my car done, so that's a win. She is back to as normal (after the accident) as can be.

That evening we went out to dinner and relaxed. Saturday we headed out for breakfast, did a few things around the house and ran some errands. We picked up dinner for that night, plus everything for this week. I prepped the salsa and dessert for dinner that night since we were having our in-laws over for dinner. We made carne asada tacos, with spanish rice, homemade salsa and guacamole and strawberry shortcake for dessert. And we all took a walk between dinner and dessert with the girls in their carriers.
 Baby Girls chilling
Daddy and Sutton
Sunday we brunched again and cleaned the house. And we played with the girls all day. We didn't do much else it seems, but the time flew by.

And now it is Monday and we have a full plate of things this week. The girls have their 6 month check-ups tomorrow (only two weeks late) with shots and all. My husband has his championship softball game tomorrow night (big leagues here folks, haha). I get my hair done Friday and have to prep for my weekend away from my girls (big bachlorette party this weekend in San Diego).

Speaking of weddings and things. I saw these at Macy's this weekend and thought they might work for my bridesmaids dress. What do you all think?

Hope you all had a good weekend.
Friday, July 10, 2015

Oh Hey Friday

Dang, it is already Friday and I almost forgot to write a Oh Hey Friday post. Almost.

My days are mixed up because I went on my very first work trip since babies. This is a huge deal for me. It was only overnight, but it prepped my husband for the 3 days, 2 nights I will be gone next weekend for my dear friend Nathalie's bachelorette party. It will be an amazing trip indeed, but this momma hung up her dusty party dresses and shoes a long time ago. I hope I can stay up past 10 pm.

Anyways, my husband handled his overnight with the girls very well. There was only one mishap...he forgot to bring the milk to daycare and had to drive back home (45 minutes) and back to daycare again (another 45 minutes).

Onto Oh Hey Friday.

One. My husband. He survived his first overnight with the girls and will be doing it all over again next weekend as I said above. He is truly an amazing man. He is such a great daddy to our girls and pup. He definitely deserves all the baby kisses in the world.

Two. Nordstrom anniversary sale. Yep, everyone knows about it. I am trying to stay away as I am on a sort of shopping freeze. I can only buy things I NEED. Like shoes for the wedding I am in next month, or make up since I have been squeezing every last bit out of my foundation and eyeshadow, or a pair of black heels (mine are destroyed) for work/date nights/bachelorette party or or or. Plus I have another Stitch Fix box coming next week. Yikes. This shopping freeze isn't working out so well.

Three. My pumping journey is coming to an end in about a month or so. I am happy and sad about it. I love that I will get my body back, but feels so guilty about not doing it anymore. How did you moms go about this? Any tips on weaning?

Four. My birthday is in about 3 weeks (I can't believe it) and I need some gift ideas to share with my husband. Here are just a few of the things I want.
Top Left: Tieks  Top Right: Kate Spade Holden Purse  Bottom Left: Lululemon Jacket  Bottom Right: Lululemon Shirt (in white)

Five. My baby girls. They are getting so big and their heads are changing so much with their helmets (post coming soon on common questions I get asked). I hope the growth continues and they are out of them by end of August. Also they are changing daily. They are baby talking more, almost sitting up unassisted for long periods of time (can do it for about 15 seconds right now), getting so long (find out their stats at their 6 month check up on Tuesday, rolling like crazy and just growing so fast. Love my baby girls!

Have a good weekend all!
Tuesday, July 7, 2015

4th of July Weekend

We had a pretty good and busy weekend. It started off Friday with going out to breakfast. Note: going out to breakfast is so much easier, faster and cleaner than making breakfast (for my family at least). Then I headed out to get my nails done. So needed and deserved.

Then it was back to my babies and husband. We decided to make some shrimp for dinner, so I headed out to the store to get stuff for dinner and a movie. We rented the Loft. Not bad I would say. Huge cast and a decent movie. We made Cilantro Lime Grilled Shrimp from Closet Cooking and it tasted so good. The flavor actually marinates into the shrimp (which never seems to happen when we grill shrimp).

We also fed our little ones rice cereal for the first time. Final verdict: Sutton loved it. Avery wasn't so sure about it. I can't wait to start them on veggie purees (homemade).
Left: Sutton  Right: Avery

Saturday was Independence Day and it was stormy. We went to breakfast again since we had to pick up a pie from our favorite pie vendor, Levi's Pies, at a farmer's market (all the way on the other side of town and it had to be picked up by noon). We stopped at other vendors along the way and walked around a bit. Then it was time to feed the girls again (isn't it always), so we headed to a park to feed them and then took a long walk around Virginia Lake with the girls. By this time it was getting really stormy, so we headed home for a bit.

Around 5 pm, just after feeding the girls again (see always feeding them), we (including our pup, Walter) headed to my in-laws house for a 4th of July bbq. 
 My family plus my mother-in-law
 The girls and I were my in-laws

We had the traditional items (yummy hamburgers, corn on the cob, German potato salad) and the Dutch apple pie that picked up that morning with vanilla bean ice cream. Total winner.

We watched some baseball and relaxed. It was a pretty good evening. After we got home, the fireworks were going off (plus some extras from annoying people until 1 am) and our pup got scared. So scared that he kept us up most of the night. Oh sweet pup.

Sunday we actually made breakfast and as I said up above, it takes a long time. We only made pancakes and sausage plus coffee, but with the girls fully awake and wanting to play, breakfast is so hard to cook at home. But it was really good. We did somethings around the house (chores and the such) and then went out for some pizza later for the World Cup and just to get out of the house. 
The best way to spend my Sunday evening...we these cuties!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Oh Hey Friday

Hopefully when this post goes live, I will be feet deep in a pedicure and soon getting my manicure on.

It is the start of my weekend and I couldn't be happier. I am hoping we catch up on some much needed sleep and have a nice relaxing weekend. Plus we are hoping to start feeding the girls purees this weekend. Wish us luck.

But now it is time for the Oh Hey Friday link up.

One. My hair dryer has finally bit the bullet. The last few days it has been almost turning off and smelling awful. So I had a few bookmarked from reading other blogs and went with this one. People seem to love it and it isn't too expensive. I seem to go through mine every two to three years now.

Two. I also hit up amazon (gotta get use of my free prime membership while it lasts) for a beach tent for the girls. After reading tons of reviews, we went with an umbrella tent like contraption. Hopefully it lasts in the Tahoe winds. Anyone use this?

Three. I went to my post op appointment for my umbilical hernia and it looks like the accident didn't affect my incision. Thankfully. My incision is still really swollen, so hopefully when it goes down and heals, my belly button will be an innie completely (almost there now).

Four. I need to find some sandal heels in nude or blush that are sort of simple like for the wedding I am in August. I found two that are maybes, but I need your help finding others. I am looking for 3 1/2 inch heels (give or take a bit, but would like to be less than 4 inches) and shoes that aren't $200 or more. So please send your suggestions to me.

Here is a picture of the dress for reference.

Five. I am really hoping to have my car back tomorrow. They didn't make any promises, but if they got started on Tuesday early am, it might be done tomorrow. I really want to drive my car again and not the tiny Chevy Sonic anymore. Plus I miss my Sirius XM and bluetooth capabilities. And I don't feel safe in the Chevy Sonic. So fingers crossed (yes the auto shop is open tomorrow!).

Hope you all have a good weekend!