Thursday, July 2, 2015

Random Thursday

It is finally Friday Thursday and I have my coffee in hand and ready to get through the day. I slept like a rock last night, first time in awhile, and I am ready to head into my weekend. Thank goodness we have a three day weekend.

This weekend we have a few things on the agenda, but nothing too crazy.

Tonight we are having a date night. So thankful for this. I NEED it. We need it. We are going to dinner and drinks at Centro. It is the little Italian tapas place I took my husband to for his birthday. Tomorrow I get a much needed manicure (so much ugliness going on with these nails). Saturday (Independence Day) we have a family bbq and Sunday is open right now. Maybe a beach day? I haven't been to the beaches in Tahoe yet this year (super slacking) and this momma is in desperate need of a tan before going to San Diego for the bachelorette party.

In other news, the girls are doing so well with rolling over. It is amazing how much they learn and change at this age. They can both sit on their own for a bit at a time. The time keeps getting longer and longer. Soon they will be crawling. Sutton kept pulling her knees up into the crawling position yesterday when I would put her down on her tummy. She could be moving that way so very soon. The girls are major talkers right now and just so dang cute. They are crying less and less and so far people were right when they said around 6 months they get to be more fun. I sure hope it continues!
Check out my beauties
Sutton really loves her Sophie the Giraffe


  1. Avery and Sutton are such cuties! I know the feeling my nails are in a desperate need for a manicure Saturday can't come quick enough ha! Enjoy your long weekend!

    1. Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my little ladies. Love these girls so much! Hope you enjoy your weekend too!