Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Down For The Count

So I have been wanting to write a post for a few days now, but alas I have been sick. Like really sick. I never get sick and this one actually took me down for the count. I was going to make these delicious golden graham s'mores bars for you guys, but being sick, no one will want to eat them. I wanted to try out some new recipes I have found and altered more to my liking, but I have been sick.

This is basically how I spent the last two days...with this little guy, Walter.

Walter, is my chiweenie puppy (Chihuahua and Dachshund mix). He just turned a year in December and we got him from the Truckee Humane Society when he was 6 months old. He is the best thing to come from 2012. Even when he is naughty and chews on his mommy's couch. 

I did get to celebrate my amazing friend Nathalie's birthday on Sunday before getting sick. We went to Charlie Palmer Steakhouse for a free dinner. Yes, you heard that right, it was free. See she works at the Grand Sierra Resort at this bar club, and as a birthday gift they comped our meal. It was soooo good. I didn't even take any pictures. Must have been the sickness sinking in or the large amounts of wine we all drank that night.

Anyways, I hope to actually cook something, take pictures of it and post it here when I won't get my boyfriend sick from making dinner.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Awkward First Post

So I decided to start a blog after a year of contemplation.  I read blogs daily for recipes, DIY ideas, fashion, the personal stories, travels and places to see.  I love to cook.  I am constantly traveling for work and pleasure.  I have a bit of a shopping problem especially online shopping.  I love to talk about myself.  I want to get my voice out there, so I finally gave in and decided to start a blog.

I love sparkles.  Everything with sparkles from sequins to diamonds.  I became a little obsessed with Spike The Punch jewelry.  Before she had her store up, you had to follow her on twitter and etsy to score one of her amazing Rainey Necklaces.  Every time she posted her necklaces, which were about five of them, they would be gone in seconds.  It always seemed they became available when I was in an elevator with barely any service or early in the morning.  After months and months of trying, I finally scored one.  Then she started her store and I instantly bought two more.  I know online shopping problems.  But the point of this rambling was, I love sparkles, whether it is a sequin piece of clothing or the diamond engagement ring I not so secretly beg for, every girl needs a little sparkle in her life.

I drink a latte every day.  More specifically a Skinny Vanilla Latte.  Since I am hypoglycemic (basically can't have too much sugar otherwise my sugar levels rise and crash and I get dizzy and sick) I drink sugar free lattes as much as possible.

I have some idea where I want this to go and how far I want this to go, but as for now, bare with me, as I learn to blog.