Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekend Update (I need another name for these)

This weekend flew by way too fast for my liking, but what weekend doesn't?  I started my weekend off with a doctor's appointment with my fertility specialist.  I will get into those details in another post on another day.  I followed my appointment up with some lunch with my husband at Dish Cafe which was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.  Then I promptly planted my butt on the couch and binged watched some tv shows in my dvr.  Oh and went to mexican food with my husband that night (late) and he got food poisoning (I didn't) from it.  So let's just say that Saturday wasn't that great for him.

Saturday I got my oil changed (for the first time) and my husband spent boo-ko bucks on a car wash.  Since we were carless for awhile, we walked about half a mile to Cafe DeLuxe (yes we ate out a lot this weekend) for some breakfast.  Since my husband wasn't feeling well, we didn't do much Saturday afternoon (he slept) until it was time to meet our friends for dinner and the Rodeo.  They were the best company for an awesome evening.  We watched the barrel races, bare back horse riding, bull riding, mutton bustin (cutest event EVER), etc.  It is one of my favorite events of the year.
Bull Riding image via
Mutton Bustin image via

Since we are getting old and the line was crazy long, we opted out of the Jack Daniels tent which I have been going to forever.  Sad to miss it this year, but not sad about missing the $8 Jack and Cokes, many drunken idiots (though they are fun to watch) and the massive hangovers.

Sunday was spent like most Sundays: chores, grocery shopping and cooking dinner (first meal at home in days).  But Sunday morning started off really sadly (if that sentence makes sense).  We got a text message at the Rodeo about my husband's parents cat being really sick.  He was diagnosed with diabetes about 6 months ago and has been going strong since.  But three days ago, he stopped eating and drinking much.  We headed over to his parents house Sunday morning to hang out with Teddie (the awesome black cat) and say our goodbyes.  He was really responsive to us and I sat there crying and petting him for as long as I could.  The big guy loved his pets under his chin and something I will always remember.  After tears were shed, many tissues used and some great memories, we headed off to breakfast.  As of this morning, Teddie is still alive and kickin, so please say some prayers for the little dude.  He could use them.

Sunday night we cooked up some amazing turkey burgers and corn on the cob using our new grill, oh wait, Home Depot still doesn't know where our new Weber Grill Genesis E-330 Series is.  Super lame.  It has been a month since ordering it and nothing.  But nonetheless, we grilled burgers on our old grill, took Walter for a walk and ended the evening with some Naked and Afraid.  I love this show and no I could never make it the 21 days anywhere.

How was your weekend?  Do you have any 4th of July plans?  Ours are still up in the air.
Friday, June 27, 2014

Week of Sports

Do you know how hard it is to go to the gym after a vacation week?  A week where cake and pie were consumed as often as any other food group?  It.Was.Hard.  I managed to only make it to the gym three times this week (which was a feat compared to last week) and walk Walter every day this week.  Getting on the treadmill and running...I felt like a lard ass who could barely complete a 5k.  I only thought about food the entire time and what dinner reward I would get if I could even complete the run.

As the week went on, it got a bit easier and I even played some basketball with my hubs.  Ok I kept taking shots (not the alcohol, I wish) and he would rebound the ball for me.  But I proved to him that I never lost my basketball skills and he was impressed.  Why haven't we done that before?  Now I want a basketball hoop at home.

In typical Danielle fashion, I announced to my husband that I wanted to do Tough Mudder this year in Lake Tahoe.  He said no he wouldn't do it with me, and I told him that was fine, I could do it with others.  I got myself all pumped up about it, only to find out it is during my anniversary weekend (August 16th and 17th).  We are in San Francisco that weekend taking in a Giants game, eating coupious amounts of stellar food, eating wedding and shopping my little butt off.  So I guess it has to wait another year which is probably a good thing since I haven't started training yet.  I will do the Tough Mudder next year.  I WILL.

In other sports news, I didn't watch any of the World Cup.  My husband did last Saturday while I read a book.  I used to play soccer as a kid, watch my ex boyfriend in high school play, but that is about as far as my soccer love goes.  I do check ESPN for updates on who won because I love the USA and want them to win, but sadly I didn't care like most others did.

And in other, other sports news, I watched a bit of the NBA draft last night.  Gasp, I know.  I hate NBA and only have a love for college basketball.  But there was a good chance that Deonte Burton from Nevada (where I went to school and have season tickets) would be drafted in the second round.  Well once again NBA proved why I hate them so much, and he didn't get drafted.  Psh, don't you remember how many times this kid has been featured on Sports Center for best plays of the week?  So many.  This kid can dunk.

Sadly as I said, he wasn't drafted.  But I have faith a team will pick him up.

41 days until the first pre season San Francisco 49ers game (I'll take pre season over nothing). 
64 days until the first Nevada Wolf Pack football game.  Southern Utah vs. Nevada.

Enjoyed my random sports updates?  Link up with Sarah for Fan Friday.

Venus Trapped in Mars
Thursday, June 26, 2014

Story Time Kids

A few weeks ago, I did a guest post on September Farm’s blog for Saturday Confessional.  I had so much fun writing this post that I wanted to share another one.  I hope to share more as the weeks go on, but for now, enjoy this story.

Every summer, everyone looks forward to going to Lake Tahoe and floating the Truckee River.  This story takes place while floating the Truckee River.  One Saturday, a bunch of my friends met up at the usual starting point, filled up our tubes/rafts and made sure our classy boxed wine bags were ready.  Tip: Always bring the bag of wine because you can keep it chilled by dragging it in the river, easy access to drinking it and passing from raft to raft.  You’re welcome.
 image via

Everyone was having a good time while floating, drinking their wine and hanging out.  Well everyone except for Candice.  Candice drank entirely too much wine rather quickly.  We were sharing a raft with Bob and Joe, one of which Candice may have had a crush on.  Candice tied my car keys to her bathing suit telling me she wouldn’t lose them and it was double knotted.  Awww the tying bikini (bottoms and top).

Well when drunk Candice comes out, her bikini comes off or at least loosens up a bit.  This meant my car keys went into the river, not to be saved.  I knew it was time to cut her off and try to figure out how I would get another pair of car keys.  Big mistake, she decided to fight me in her drunken state.  Well fight isn’t the right word because Joe and I just tried to restrain her.  I did manage to get slapped and scratched quite a few times and even pushed off the raft which lead to several bruises and red marks.

Once we got close enough to the ending point, we got out (pulled Candice out) of the river and walked the rest of the way downtown to figure out what to do.  At this point, I didn’t want to have anything to do with Candice, but I did want her to be safe.  While making phone calls and trying to get another set of car keys, Candice took a seat on the park bench in downtown Reno.  She also decided to pee herself in front of everyone and draw enough attention to her that the cops came over.  Being the nice friend I am, I talked them out of taking her to the drunk tank.  Again you’re welcome. 

After an hour or so of trying to find a ride, we all had to walk home which was several miles in bikinis carrying rafts.  Thanks to Candice and her brilliance.

Just a side note, we all make mistakes in our lives, especially when it comes to drinking.  I am still friends with Candice (her name was changed for this story), and I still get a good laugh out of this story.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Walter's Take Over

Walter here, stealing mommy's laptop.  Mommy seemed pretty exhausted yesterday and accidentally left her laptop open.  So while she is at work, I decided to take over her blog.  Hopefully she doesn't mind or maybe she will once she reads this.

I have a bone to pick (mmmm bones) with my mommy and daddy.  I am sick of my dry food.  If it doesn't have that sweet yummy goodness of the wet food  beef, chicken, salmon or turkey wetness then I don't want it.  They keep putting the dry stuff in my bowl every morning and I don't want it.  Sometimes daddy is a sucker and puts some bacon, or something that seems like bacon goodness in there.  Then I will choke it down or manage to eat just the bacon.  Haha I am smarter than you.

Why can't you just give me a full can of the good stuff?  Or for the love of food, please get me a new kind of that dry stuff.  Mom and dad change up their food every day, so why can't you change mine up every once in awhile?  Or just give me what you are having.

At least when we were in Graeagle, Ken gave me all the food and treats I wanted.  Can I go visit him in Kansas City?

So I am asking you all for some input.  What food/brand do you feed your best friend?  I currently eat Halo.

Ok enough complaining, my mom and dad really do spoil me.  I got a new toy last week that I have partially torn up, I get Greenies all the time and so many treats.  Keep those coming!  Plus I have gotten to hang out with my friends so much lately and mom and dad let me off the leash.  I can run with the wind in my ears.  How about a trip to the dog place to see my buddies again?

Thanks for hanging out with me today and letting me take over mommy's blog.  See you all soon.  I am off to get my tan on.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Graeagle, A Wedding and the Weekend

Wow it feels like I haven't written a post in so long (probably because I haven't).  I had a few posts lined up for last week while I was on vacation, but the wifi at the lodge was pretty sketchy and I only managed to post one of them, and I wasn't even sure it posted when I clicked publish.  But I am back (sadly) and have lots to update you all on, so get ready for a longer post filled with lots of pictures.

Last week we headed up to Graeagle, California for a week of vacation plus a wedding.  We (my in-laws, husband, Walter and I) go to Graeagle every June for a week long (weekdays) vacation where we relax, hike, horseback ride, atv, golf, eat and take in the fresh mountain air.  It is heaven.  We stayed at the Gray Eagle Lodge in the Birch cabin.

Monday was spent picking up the cake, packing everything into the truck and driving the hour and a half to Graeagle.  We didn't do much other than unload everything, set up a few things and indulge on the yummy food.  This place is such a great deal.  You pay for your cabin and breakfast and dinner are included.  And let me tell you, the food is soooo good.  Wedding night was New York steaks, baked potatoes, veggies, etc.  Every night there are a few staples on the menu plus a couple of specials.  And you get dessert every night.  I had so much pie this last week and it was the best.  Awww I wish dinner was like that every night.

Tuesday was the wedding day.  The guys went golfing at Nakoma Golf Course while the ladies went to the Nakoma Spa.  We had massages, facials, manis, pedis and the works.  It was so relaxing and fun to catch up with all the ladies in the group (my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, aunt-in-law and grooms mother).  We had a great lunch on the patio overlooking hole #1.
Nakoma Golf Course Hole #1

After lunch we rushed back to the cabin to get the bride ready.  Get ready for some wedding pictures overload.  Warning, they are just iphone photos.  The photographer got so many amazing photos and I can't wait to see them all.  Second warning, this was a small, intimate wedding of nine people.  Enjoy my sister-in-laws wedding through my iphone.
Groom's parents, groom and bride
Brides parents, bride, groom
Cake toppers made by my father and cakes made by Cake on Sunday
Cute favors made by the bride's aunt

Wednesday was spent recovering from the wedding day and horseback riding in the afternoon.  We went horseback riding through Gold Lake Stables.  We did a 2 1/2 hour ride along five lakes and beautiful terrain.  My horses name was Cash, so fitting since I love Johnny Cash.  I'll let the pictures do the talking again.

I wish we had pictures of us all trying to get off the horses after the 2 1/2 hour ride.  It was hilarious as we almost fell off.  We are definitely not used to riding for that long.
 Nice cigar ash picture

Thursday was spent golfing for the newlyweds, husband and I.  I started off playing so well and then it went downhill.  But the course was beautiful and the company was even better.  We played at Plumas Pines.

Friday was check out day (sad day) and beach day.  We headed to Salmon Lake for a little relaxation.  We rented a row boat and rowed to a little island and hung out there most of the day.
Walter on the drive home (cuteness overload)

Saturday was back to reality, but at least we still had the weekend to enjoy.  We had a big time breakfast with the in-laws, new in-laws and newlyweds.  Then we stimulated the economy by going shopping for some household stuff, a parfait lunch and had a yummy dinner at a local brassiere, Saint James Brassiere.

Sunday was spent lazing around, grocery shopping, cooking and binge watching tv (including the World Cup).  It felt good to relax even more.  Seems like my week/weekend was a lot of relaxing.  And it felt so good.

So that brings you all up-to-date in a ton of pictures and the longest post ever.

How was your weekend? 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Girl Crushes

Quite awhile ago, Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars who I absolutely adore (she has the best posts about sports, alcohol, her pups and life) wrote a post about being a certain celebrity or be best friends with that celebrity.  It all stemmed from her girl crush on Miranda Lambert.  Which got me to thinking who is my girl crush?
Easy.  Blake Lively.
image via
image via
image via
Blake Lively has it ALL.  She has the best hair, style, fashion sense, physical features and she was in Gossip Girl.  I was late on the Gossip Girl train, but I finally caved last year and binged watched the entire series.  Loved it.

I would love to be friends with Blake or be her (per Sarah's post).  The best thing about Blake other than what I mentioned above?  Ryan Reynolds.  Definitely one of my male celebrity crushes.
image via

Oh the babies these two will have.  Who are your female celebrity crushes?
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Monday, June 16, 2014

June Giveaway

So I don't have a normal weekend update for you all (just a short and sweet one), but I do have a giveaway to talk about in just a second. 

My weekend has been all about prepping for my vacation/sister-in-laws wedding, my dad and final bits of crafting.

Basically I worked and came home right after to have our air conditioner installed.  It has been almost five years in this house without AC and it has been miserable to say the least.  Especially after last summers massive fires (we couldn't open windows and it was over 100 many days).  But now we have lovely ac and can freeze ourselves out.  Too bad it has been in the 70s and low 80s since it has been installed.

We spent Saturday at the lake with my family for Father's Day.  Sun, water, bbq and catching up with family and friends.  I would say Father's Day was a success for my side of the family.

Sunday was spent packing, doing laundry and running errands.  Then we had dinner with my in-laws and binged watched Orange is the New Black season 2.  I finished season 2 over the last week-ish (I was trying to draw it out as long as I could) and the season finale did not disappoint.  Awww now I have to wait for season 3.  The last episode was sooooo good.

And here we are today, Monday.  I am trying to wrap up a few thing and then we are off.  Don't worry, I have a few posts written for the week and plan on posting a few pictures from the wedding.

Now onto the giveaway...

Remember when I did a guest post on September Farm?  No, here you can catch up here.  Well now I have teamed up with Karli and other amazing ladies to co-host a June giveaway for $175 in cold hard cash.

So check out these ladies blogs, instagrams, pinterest, twitters, etc and start following these awesome people and then sign up for our lovely giveaway.
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Friday, June 13, 2014

A Night with Peyton Manning

This morning I received this email.

An exclusive invitation to meet Peyton Manning on July 20th in Denver.  Sign me up!  Oh wait, it is in Denver which requires either a 16 hour drive or a $500 plane ticket.  Then I would have to stay at the Ritz Carlton in Denver (where the event is located), but the hotel is included in the experience for ONE night (additional nights are $650 per night. OUCH).  This once in a lifetime event costs $799 per couple including dinner, drinks and a gift.  Is it too early to ask for this for my birthday in August?  Ya I don't think my husband will go for this.  He doesn't love Peyton Manning like I do.  I guess I will just settle with cuddling my signed football by Peyton Manning.

Speaking of sports, the Giants are still first in the entire league, but there three loses (as of Thursday am) to the Nationals are killing it for them.  Have they peaked?  I hope not.  Let's repeat the every other year World Series (2010, 2012 and hopefully 2014).

Another sports related thing.  There are 55 days until the first game (only preseason, but I will take it) for the 49ers.  Aww football is so close I can taste it.  Only 78 days until Nevada Wolf Pack football starts.

I am so thankful that it is Friday, we are finally having air conditioning installed after being at our house for five years (last year was harsh with 100 degree temperatures and massive fires) and my vacation starts in a few hours.

I will still post next week (sparsely), but I am co-hosting a giveaway with a few ladies and can't wait to share it with you all.  Stay tuned.  The giveaway goes live Monday June 16th.

Want to join in on the link up fun?  Check out Venus Trapped in Mars Fan Friday and link up with us.
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