Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Summer Essentials

I keep saying it in practically every post, but I am so excited that the summer months are finally here.  We have been in the 80s practically everyday for a couple of weeks (a few drops here and there) now and it is finally time to break out my bikinis, sun dresses, shorts and sunscreen.

Here are a few basics that help me through each Nevada summer.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch sunscreen.  I used to only wear SPF 8 sunscreen.  You know the one in the brown bottle that smells like coconut.  I tan easily and never thought skin cancer was a big deal.  That was until my friend had a huge chunk taken out of her leg for skin cancer.  My go to sunscreen is Neutrogena Ultra Sheer.  I love how smooth and light it feels.  I hate the greasy stinky feeling some sunscreens give you, but this one has powered me through Mexico, Hawaii and Lake Tahoe.

Banana Republic Sara Double-Bow Fedora - I bought this fedora in a darker brown a couple summers ago and I wear it everywhere during the summer.  Especially to Lake Tahoe.  It is breathable, cute, hides your wind blown hair (fine hair and wind don't mix well) and looks good on just about anyone.

Ralph Lauren Women's Aviator Sunglasses (Gold) - I love these sunglasses.  Now I know sunglasses are different for everyone based on your face shape, but I love these.  They look good on most people, comfortable, look great with the above fedora, strong and lasting.

Victoria Secret Very Sexy Bandeau Top and Ruche Hipkini - I own a bunch of these bikinis.  They were a godsend last year when I didn't want any string tan lines.  I wore a strapless wedding dress and these were the perfect solution to no tan lines.  Or you could go topless.  But these are comfy, they stay up on the good ole boobs and are very flattering.  Do I look as good as this Photoshopped model, nope, but I think they are still very flattering.

 J Crew 3" Chino Shorts - I bought these shorts last year with a gift card my husband got me and I never turned back.  Sure they are on the more expensive side, but they last.  They haven't faded, are comfortable, long enough to not be booty shorts (because let's be real, I am not in my 20s anymore) and a great material.  I love them so much that I just bought three pair this morning for my upcoming vacation.  Sshh don't tell my husband.

What are your summer essentials?


  1. So agree on that sunblock. Since I do a LOT of running outdoors and I don't want to look like a raisin in a few years, I use that stuff and it is so lightweight and it doesn't make me break out! It's incredible!

    1. Yes me too. The smell isn't bad either. Have you used their face lotion?