Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Walter's Take Over

Walter here, stealing mommy's laptop.  Mommy seemed pretty exhausted yesterday and accidentally left her laptop open.  So while she is at work, I decided to take over her blog.  Hopefully she doesn't mind or maybe she will once she reads this.

I have a bone to pick (mmmm bones) with my mommy and daddy.  I am sick of my dry food.  If it doesn't have that sweet yummy goodness of the wet food  beef, chicken, salmon or turkey wetness then I don't want it.  They keep putting the dry stuff in my bowl every morning and I don't want it.  Sometimes daddy is a sucker and puts some bacon, or something that seems like bacon goodness in there.  Then I will choke it down or manage to eat just the bacon.  Haha I am smarter than you.

Why can't you just give me a full can of the good stuff?  Or for the love of food, please get me a new kind of that dry stuff.  Mom and dad change up their food every day, so why can't you change mine up every once in awhile?  Or just give me what you are having.

At least when we were in Graeagle, Ken gave me all the food and treats I wanted.  Can I go visit him in Kansas City?

So I am asking you all for some input.  What food/brand do you feed your best friend?  I currently eat Halo.

Ok enough complaining, my mom and dad really do spoil me.  I got a new toy last week that I have partially torn up, I get Greenies all the time and so many treats.  Keep those coming!  Plus I have gotten to hang out with my friends so much lately and mom and dad let me off the leash.  I can run with the wind in my ears.  How about a trip to the dog place to see my buddies again?

Thanks for hanging out with me today and letting me take over mommy's blog.  See you all soon.  I am off to get my tan on.



  1. Walter, sounds like you have it pretty good! ;) Cute post!

  2. Yeah Walter, be thankful for your owners spoiling you rotten!
    We give Ginger Natural Balance dry food, she likes it most of the time but we add olive oil or a raw egg to it sometimes. And I really spoil her with homemade food sometimes. She seems to be allergic to most of the dry food. Silly Greyhounds.

    1. I never knew about adding olive oil or raw eggs to the mix. I know eggs are good for making a dog's coat/fur shiny, but never thought about adding olive oil. We do give Walter carrots and peas sometimes. I will look into Natural Balance food for the little dude. He likes a dry food for about a year and then starts to shy away from it and will only eat it in the evenings when we give him a bit of wet food with it. Then he eats it as if someone is going to steal it away from him.