Friday, September 27, 2013

Pain in the Neck

Go figure, I am leaving on my honeymoon on Sunday (eek!) and I get this gnarly pain my my shoulder and neck yesterday.  What the heck?  It started off around 2 pm in my shoulder and progressively got worse.  By the time half time was over, I was in full blown pain from my left side of my neck to my shoulder.

I was such a party pooper watching the second half of the Niner game, but I powered through.  When we got home, I used icy hot, a heating pad and some pain killers.  Ugh, nothing worked.  I barely slept last night, but I am surprisingly cheerful today.

I get to pay $25 to see my family doctor after work in hopes of some real pain killers to loosen this up, and then a trip to the chiropractor $45 to see if he can gently adjust my neck.  I may have warned them that I may scream considering I can only move my neck to one side without shooting pain.  Good thing they booked me for the last appointment of the day.  Then I get to get my hair done.  I usually enjoy this so much, but I wince thinking of the pain I will be in.  Could I cancel it, sure, but considering I won't get in for weeks (going on my honeymoon and this girl is booked) since this isn't my normal hairstylist, I have to buck up.  Oh #girlproblems

Please let the doctor's fix this before I leave on my honeymoon.  Did I push myself too hard at the gym?  Did I sleep on my neck/shoulder wrong?  Did I play too much Candy Crush on my phone yesterday?  Ugh I hate level 65 and being addicted to that crap.

Here's to my neck getting better or the amounts of alcohol I will have to consume to make me numb.
Thursday, September 26, 2013

What's in a Name?

Changing your name is a maddening process.  I always had the attitude that it wouldn't be that hard.  False, it is that hard (that's what she said).  I was lucky enough to have connections at the social security office, thanks Dad, so that process was fast.  I may have gotten 75 dirty looks in the process, but I didn't care.  DMV, not that bad either.  That's what happens when you can go to a smaller location (ie Carson City's office) at 7:50 am.

Next was changing of bank accounts, credit cards, utilities, cell phone, rapid reward accounts, W-4, etc.  That is where it got crazy.  I have never sent so many faxes, emails, phone calls regarding one thing.  But I wanted to make life easier for fellow newlyweds and give a list of places and items to make sure you change and in what order I used.

  1. Social Security Office - make sure you fill out their form for your state first.  Go on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday morning.  I went on a Friday afternoon and it was chaos.
  2. DMV - if you have a smaller location in a nearby city or town GO THERE.
  3. Banks - call your bank, have a copy of your marriage license as you may need to fax or email it in.
  4. Credit Card companies
  5. Car Insurance
  6. Renters/Homeowners Insurance
  7. Utilities
  8. Cell Phone Carrier
  9. Work Info (w-4, work email, payroll information, health insurance, corporate credit card, benefits, business cards, etc.)
  10. Rewards Programs - Southwest, United, Hertz, Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton, etc. (you will probably have to fax, email or send a letter with a copy of your marriage license and the requested change).
  11. Social Media and Email - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email, etc.
  12. All of your shopping sites - whenever you change your credit cards and debit cards, it changes the info for your online shopping, so make sure to change those....especially Paypal.
I might be missing some, if so, please send me suggestions.  I want to make sure I have everything in check.

Now this is where problems hit....I booked my honeymoon under my maiden name.  No big deal, right?  Wrong.  I was told to do this since I have a mileage plus account.  I went by their rules, sent in the documents needed, got the name change done, and then was told to go to my local airport to get my ticket changed.  I did this last Friday since I had a flight that day, but still didn't have my new ID, so I could use my old DL with that ticket.  The ticket agent changed my name on my ticket, said he put me in the same seats, and sent me on my way.  He didn't change my seats and I didn't have seats on two legs of my honeymoon.  Panic attack to the max.  I fought my way with United for 5 phone calls, twitter and facebook blasts and finally after chatting with United agents through FB, they put me in seats.  I have no clue where the seats came from since they had none left, but it worked.  Sorry to the person I may have bumped off, but I bought my seats in April.  Ok vent done.

Since I bore you with not so fun things, here is a picture from our photobooth on our wedding.  LOVE!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I want to talk about the importance of hair trials, wedding hair and hair in general.  I have a friend who was really disappointed with her wedding hair, so she stressed to myself and my friend who got married this weekend that make sure you love your hair.

I had a hair trial for my wedding. BUT it wasn't with my normal hairstylist. GASP!  My hairstylist was pregnant and due around the time of my wedding.  Total bummer since I have been going to her for almost 9 years.  She promised me that I would love her back-up and wouldn't be disappointed.  Especially since we had been using a technique this girl made for my wedding hair color leading up to the wedding.

I asked my bridesmaids to have their hair done in an updo (I said I would pay, but they declined), any updo of their choice that would compliment their face shapes.  I am happy to say my girls did an amazing job.  I set up appointments with the best girls in the salon, recommended by my normal hairstylist.

Make sure you do a trial to get an idea of what you want and make sure you give feedback to the hairstylist.  If you don't like the trendals, ask they be put up in the hair.  If you don't like the amount of volume, ask for it to be less.  Key is, make sure you love your hair.  And make sure you love the color.  We worked on the color for 2 months prior with me going in every 4 weeks for color touch-ups.
This is my maid of honors hair.  I loved her style.  She added in her own extensions and it looked romantic, just the look I was going for.

This is my sisters hair.  Very classic with a braided twist.  Goregous.

Here is another bridesmaid's hair.  She got her hair done by the same girl who did mine and I love it.

Bridesmaid Kristina's hair.  She loved the back, but wasn't happy with her bangs, but we fixed them and she looked beautiful.

Last but not least, is my hair.  I absolutely loved my hair.  It was romantic, fun, stayed in all night and the flower just made it stunning.  Kyra rocked it.

Lesson: Make sure you do a trial, love your hair, be a bit picky and pick something that suits your facial structure.  Look around on pinterest, bridal magazines, other friends pictures and pick something you love.
Tuesday, September 24, 2013

United Airlines Sucks

The post title says it all.  I have had so many issues with United over the last year, and I guess I never learn my lesson.  They have cancelled my flights, not let me on the flight when they were still at the airport with the door closed, they made me drive home from San Francisco twice and have the worst customer service.

Now fast forward to last week.  They changed my name on my mileage plus account.  They told me to go into the Reno airport and change the name on my ticket.  Check and check.  But when the ticket agent changed my name, he said he changed my seats back to the original ones, and I was all set.  Now today, they don't have my seats on the plane, and I may not get to go on my honeymoon.  Ok that is a bit dramatic, but I won't get to fly next to my husband on any of the flights, I may not get on the flight Sunday morning, which means I will either fly in way way way later than my husband or the next day.  That is if the last first class seat isn't booked or if someone will be nice enough to give up their seat for an incentive.  Please oh please let one of those happen so I can go on my honeymoon with my husband, not be later than him or not get to go at all.

United customer service sucks, they won't put me in the first class seat, or upgrade someone yet, or do anything until 24 hours before the flight.  So I have to sit and squirm the next 4 days in hopes someone doesn't book the ticket or someone is nice and gives me their seat.  Oh and same goes for the San Francisco to Reno flight.  At least that one, I can pay $24 now and get a seat.  Oh what to do?  Other than hate United.  Please don't fly them.
Monday, September 23, 2013


One of my dear friends, Stacey, introduced me to this amazing website.  She is also the lovely bride I mentioned in my last post who got married this weekend.  I love her style and when she told me about eShakti I knew I wanted to get a customized something from them.  But when she told me about the site, I was knee deep in planning a wedding and didn't have the extra cash to spend.  Well now that my wedding is over (boo) I have lots a little extra money to spend.

So I decided to make my first eShakti purchase.  First off, when you sign up, you get $30 off your first item.  Major score.  I looked about and found a few skirts I could add to my collection for fall and winter.  But I am not made of money, so I picked one out.

I went with the Winter Floral Embellished Skirt.  The best part is, you can customize them.  I did this since the first time it is also free (that is a $7.50 savings).  I made the skirt go just above the knees and it has pockets.  I can't wait to get it and try it on.  This is the skirt I chose.
via eShakti

I love the cute bow, it is fall/winter esque and it has pockets.  I really hope to buy more from this site soon, when I have a bit more spending money.

Golf and a Wedding

This weekend was crazy busy.  I had to fly to Vegas on Friday for work.  I took an early flight and didn't get home until 7 pm.  This meant I didn't have time to get the cardigan or earrings I needed for the wedding we were attending Saturday.  That also meant that Saturday would be crazy.  And I have to thank my wonderful husband for having me "keep calm and carry on".

I found a super soft cardigan (although in some pictures I look like a Stepford Wife, oops), super cheap and awesome earrings and I got my hair done.  I love getting my hair done, especially for weddings.  I managed to get this all done plus breakfast before heading to the wedding.  Oh and I had to shop for some golf pants since it was calling for some colder weather.

We went to the Sunday Wedding and it was lots of fun.  We danced and I got my heels stuck in between the wood boards about 20 times ruining the heels of my shoes.  Nothing a little fixing can't help, I hope.  We ate great food, had some drinks, amazing s'mores and even saw a bear in the trees.  Oh and we witnessed a good friend drink water from the centerpieces because he was thirsty and didn't know where the water was.

Here is the husband and I at the wedding.  Isn't her decorations awesome?!

We had so much fun at their wedding and we are so happy for the beautiful couple.

Sunday we woke up to get ready for some golf.  As part of our wedding, they gifted us a free round of golf for four at the Genoa Lakes Golf Club (the Lakes Coure).  It was a beautiful and crisp Sunday morning.  The front nine I sucked so bad at golf.  I had a few good shots, but for the most part, couldn't get it together.  My hubby might have had to give me a pep talk (a small one).

By the time we got to hole 10, I got excited because this was the hole right in front of our wedding ceremony site.  I told myself I needed to play well for that hole and I did.  I hit so many great shots and was on target.  Then the next 8 holes I was again playing like a champ.  I don't think I have ever played that well (especially the back 9 holes).

It was an awesome day and a great way to cap off the weekend.  Now I have to tend to my cut up feet (not good to wear heels you have worn twice; once being where they cut your feet up before), my sore left ball of my foot (golf and dancing on the wood floor in heels and sans shoes) and my swollen ankles.  Man am I getting old.

Friday, September 13, 2013

What have the Butler's been up to?

What have we been up to you ask?  Well I am super excited to tell you all that I am now officially a Butler.  Last Friday I went to the social security office and walked in and out in 5 minutes.  How did I do that you ask?  Well my dad's coworker's wife works there and got me the hook-up.  It is the only way to do it.  There were at least 50 plus people waiting in there.

Then Monday I went to DMV in Carson.  It is the only way to go to DMV without slitting your wrists.  Ok I am being a bit dramatic here, but it is the best option.  Then I made a million phones calls, faxed in a million copies of my marriage license, and emailed them off.  I have most of my banks, credit cards, insurance, rapid reward accounts, etc. taken care of.  So I am now officially a BUTLER!

We also took a trip to Los Angeles for the Nevada Wolf Pack game and to support a friend of ours that is making it big (or at least we think he is).  Babe and I decided since we couldn't go on our honeymoon right away, that we would have a celebratory dinner in LA the night we got there.  After getting recommendation from Anthony, we went to Tar and Roses in Santa Monica.  Ummm yum.  So amazing.  We had the bruschetta with heirloom tomatoes, yummy cheese and balsamic vinegar.  With that appetizer/special, we had two different cheeses, nuts, mini grapes, spicy pickles and fruit cracker things (I know so technical).  Then we had our real appetizer which was tempura soft shell crab with a papaya and mango salad and this delicious sauce.  Next we opted for the whole fried snapper for two.  I went back and forth on what I wanted and looked at what everyone else was having before deciding.  Best decision ever.  Check this thing out.

Basically you take your fork or fingers and pop out a section of the fish (a chunk) and dip it in this amazing thai/garlic/spicy dipping sauce and chow down.  I was a champ and ate my entire side.  No I didn't have the eye (gross), but I even got down on the cheeks and head area.  So good. It came with soba noodles and we ordered some corn on the cob with goat cheese, spices, lime and cilantro.  Best mini moon dinner.  

From there we headed back to Pasadena for some Wolf Pack fun at a local bar called Barney's Beanery.  We were downstairs watching football, drinking beers, cocktails and shots.  There was some karaoke (not by my husband and I) and lots of fun and making fun of others.  

Saturday was game day and I have always wanted to go to the Rose Bowl.  Amazing.  Even though we lost got annihilated, it was still a great experience.  Too bad they don't sell alcohol inside the stadium for second half's when we can't even pull off a first down.  Ouch.  Here are some pictures of the hubby and I enjoying ourselves before the game.

 So happy to be here.
Yes I know I am Kaepernicking on the wrong side, but this one is so much cuter than the other photos.  Go Pack!

I did some awesome shopping as I haven't shopped for myself in many months.  I got new heels, new shirts, new socks, new flats, jewelry, sweat pants, a skirt and maybe a few other items, but there is still so much more fall stuff I want.  Hence why I am shopping for black boots today.  Hello Fall is almost here.

We saw amazing friends, drank some amazing wine and brews, and enjoyed life as a newlywed.  I wanted to go to my dearest friend's bachelorette party that weekend, but these plans were made so many months prior to her plans.  So sad I missed that.

Here is one last photo that we took the day before heading to LA.  We were supposed to go to the Rib Cook-off for dinner, but the smoke was really bad that day, so we went to Campo instead and watched preseason football.  I don't even regret it.

Life After Being a Bride

I have a confession to make....I was sad to have my wedding planning end.  I have been reading blogs, posting about weddings, stalking Pinterest for wedding ideas and going to the ends of the moon to do DIY projects for my wedding.  I didn't know what to do with myself after the wedding.  But I made do and looked at photos and videos everyday.  Yes, almost 4 weeks after getting married, I look at them everyday.

I had a co-worker get married this last weekend and she got a few teasers.  I was jealous (not about her wedding), but her getting some photos.  So I did what any irrational bride would do, I begged for photos.  Ok I didn't beg, but politely asked.  And she sent us 14 teasers.  After looking at them, I was in awe.  I said thank you and got an update on when our photos would be ready.  And they will be ready two weeks ahead of schedule it is looking like.  And she informed us that these were very lightly edited and when we get them all, they would be fully edited.  So without further ado, here are some wedding teasers.

 This is one of my favorites. LOVE.
 Best day of my life.
 Isn't he handsome?
 I dreamed about this day since I was a little girl.
 We opted out of first look for a first touch. Best decision EVER!
 My beautiful mom and I.
 Myself and my beautiful bridesmaids.
My groom and his men. So dapper they are!

I can't wait for the rest of the photos. Such an amazing day.  Now I can get excited about my honeymoon which is in 16 days!  And my beautiful friend Stacey is getting married next weekend!  And we hope to get pregnant in the next few months!  Life is going to be amazing after being a bride.  I am going to enjoy every last second of being a newlywed!