Friday, September 27, 2013

Pain in the Neck

Go figure, I am leaving on my honeymoon on Sunday (eek!) and I get this gnarly pain my my shoulder and neck yesterday.  What the heck?  It started off around 2 pm in my shoulder and progressively got worse.  By the time half time was over, I was in full blown pain from my left side of my neck to my shoulder.

I was such a party pooper watching the second half of the Niner game, but I powered through.  When we got home, I used icy hot, a heating pad and some pain killers.  Ugh, nothing worked.  I barely slept last night, but I am surprisingly cheerful today.

I get to pay $25 to see my family doctor after work in hopes of some real pain killers to loosen this up, and then a trip to the chiropractor $45 to see if he can gently adjust my neck.  I may have warned them that I may scream considering I can only move my neck to one side without shooting pain.  Good thing they booked me for the last appointment of the day.  Then I get to get my hair done.  I usually enjoy this so much, but I wince thinking of the pain I will be in.  Could I cancel it, sure, but considering I won't get in for weeks (going on my honeymoon and this girl is booked) since this isn't my normal hairstylist, I have to buck up.  Oh #girlproblems

Please let the doctor's fix this before I leave on my honeymoon.  Did I push myself too hard at the gym?  Did I sleep on my neck/shoulder wrong?  Did I play too much Candy Crush on my phone yesterday?  Ugh I hate level 65 and being addicted to that crap.

Here's to my neck getting better or the amounts of alcohol I will have to consume to make me numb.

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