Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Abercrombie LTK Sale

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I shopped the Abercrombie sale because there were a few items that I really wanted, but waited until they went on sale. But I wanted to share the items that I purchased, have or really want. I shop Abercrombie for a lot of basics. They hold up over many washes, are insanely soft and have really changed their game and offer clothes for people in my age range. 

So what is on my list and what did I purchase?

Abercrombie LTK Sale


I have this tee in four colors. It is insanely soft and stretchy. You can wear it with leggings as well.

LACE CAMI - I tried this cami on in stores and loved it. I think I had a similar one in high school. Anyways, it is so soft and I purchased it in two colors...the white and the gray. It is perfect for layering and will get a lot of use this Fall/Winter under cardigans and sweaters. I purchased it in a medium, but I could take a small (the size I tried on in stores).

SUEDE SKIRT - Now this skirt had me when I first saw it, but it is a mini skirt and I don't wear short skirts. But it doesn't ride up, it is so flattering, but it runs a tad large. I took a small in it. 
Remember, the sale ends tonight. Use code: AFLTK for 25% off your order. Also, remember that you must purchase through the app.

CORSET MIDI DRESS - How pretty is this dress? It is perfect for date night or a wedding. I want it and I am tempted to pull the trigger, but I don't have any events or date nights to wear this out on. Since I am traveling a ton soon, it just doesn't make sense.

LONG SLEEVE WAFFLE BOYFRIEND TEE - Who doesn't love a nice waffle basic? I bought this in the white in size medium. I am all about comfort and this tee screams Fall to me.

LONG SLEEVE BODY SUIT - I love Abercrombie's bodysuits. They stay in place, they have the best snaps and are smoothing. As in you don't see the lumps and bumps. I have their bodysuits in the tank version and love them. Now I will have one in a long sleeve version.

Are you shopping the sale?

Monday, September 19, 2022

LTK Tarte Sale

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First off, I wanted to ask you you read blogs much anymore? I feel like engagement has been down, people are not reading blogs as much or maybe it is just mine?

I admit that sometimes when I travel, I don't get to read and comment on blogs, but I always catch up when I am back. But my page views are down, my comments are down, people are posting less and I want to get a feel for my blog going forward. So let me know, are you still reading and posting?

Anyways, the LTK sale is going on and while I don't want to just post links, I love sharing a good sale. I try to shop sales only if I can, but it doesn't always work that way. The sale goes through Tuesday, so I thought I would share Tarte today and Abercrombie tomorrow. Those are the two sales I shopped.

These are my tried and true, my favorites and items I repurchased.

Tarte Sale

TARTE IN BLOOM EYESHADOW - this is my favorite eyeshadow palette. I only use this palette anymore. I combine funny girl, rebel and firecracker for my weekend look and then replace the funny girl with charmer and flower child during the weekdays. I reordered this one.

SHAPE TAPE ULTRA CREAMY - I love this concealer. I used to use the original one and it would crease under my eyes throughout the day. The ultra creamy one does not. I get it in 29N. I also repurchased this one.

CREAMY BLUSH AND BRONZER DUO - I recently purchased this one, so I didn't repurchase, but it is an instant favorite. It goes on so smoothly, is the prettiest color combo and it stays on all day. This replaced my powdered bronzer and Stilla creamy blush that I used to use.

SEX KITTEN EYELINER - I love this eyeliner. It goes on smoothly, has a fine point, stays all day and doesn't crease in my eyelid or smudge under my eyes. I also repurchased this.

LIGHTS, CAMERA, LASHES MASCARA - I love this mascara and my Chanel one. I go back and forth between the two. I basically buy them when they are on sale and use that one up. It gives the fullest and most volume of any mascaras that I have used.

And that's it. Do you use Tarte products?

Monday, September 12, 2022

Girls Fall Clothes

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I have been Fall shopping for the girls because I am willing the weather to cool down. We have been in the 100s or very high 90s for the last two weeks or so. It is hot and I am over it. I am hoping that the Fall Gods will give us some cooler temperatures soon.

I went through the girls dresses last weekend and did a major overhaul. I have so many dresses to list on Poshmark, but the time it takes to do it, is holding me back. BUT I need to get on that.

Anyways, it made me realize that that girls outgrew so many clothes this last year and it was time for a bit of a refresh. Some of these we have purchased and others are on my lookout list for a sale. I LOVE a good sale.

Girls Fall Clothes

We have items TWOSEVENNINE, TEN and ELEVEN. My girls are obsessed with skirts right now and I really love FIVE. It is giving me Cher vibes from Clueless. 

But the item that I keep buying on repeat is ELEVEN. These boots are warm-lined and hold up all Fall and Winter...even Spring. The only reason I get a new pair each year is my girls grow out of them. They tie in the front, but once you tie once, you can just zip them up each time that your child puts them on. They keep my girls feet warm and dry each Fall and Winter. And they basically wear them daily.

Now to find as cute of Fall clothing for me.

Friday, September 9, 2022

Friday Favorites and Happenings

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Happy Friday! It feels like September is just zipping along. BUT it doesn't feel like September here. It feels like it is July or August with these 100 degree temperatures. It is hot here and I am over it.

Anyways, onto Friday favorites and happenings.

ONE. Well it is official, college football season has started and we are very happy about that. And NFL kicked off its regular season yesterday. I just love Fall football. We went to a game last weekend and won. Undefeated!!! 2 and 0. We have another game tomorrow and I am hoping for another win. Fingers crossed. The only thing that is supposed to be the mid 90s. Ugh. Where is my Fall weather? I think you will hear me complain about it until it drops. Ha. Sorry.

Anyways, the girls got Nevada cheerleading outfits a few weeks ago and they wore them to the first game. I am pretty sure they will wear them again tomorrow. But how cute are they?

TWO. My in-laws got a new puppy about 2 weeks ago and he is cute. He is a corgi and his name is Duke. They had no idea or had any intentions on getting a puppy, but they saw a liter when they were camping and fell in love.

They brought him home and he is just the cutest. The only thing? They have commitments to travel and watch Walter. But we are working on introducing them slowly and seeing how it goes. We had a meet up on Wednesday night and Walter did so good with the puppy. He isn't a fan of puppies (what older pup is?), but he was licking the puppies ears and just so happy around him. Walter only barked at him once and that was it.

THREE. So I have been trying to catch up on doctor's appointments since I was so behind on a few of them. I wasn't behind on my dermatologist or my OBGYN, but my family doctor, I was. About 3 to 4 years behind. It isn't like I haven't had any contact with them, but I just hadn't been in.

I made an appointment about a month ago and went in after having my blood levels checked (again). And guess what? I am healthy, healing and things are looking good! The only thing I had to do was get on a steroid and antibiotic to kick the rest of a sinus infection I had over a month and a half ago. But that was it.

I also checked off the eye doctor. Again, it has been about 4 years since I went in. I have very good eye sight, but was starting to notice that I couldn't read text messages or documents that appeared on the tv. I always had to pause things to get closer. But really only out of one eye.

So I went in, and my eye sight is 20/15 still, but I could use a bit of help when I drive at night or when I am watching TV. Especially in the evenings when I am more tired.

So I picked out some new glasses with my husbands help (and yes I got him to go to the new eye doc too which he loved).

I got them in on Wednesday and wore them to watch TV that evening and they helped out so much.

So go get caught up on your doctor's appointments.

FOUR. We got a few more photos from the rehearsal dinner and wedding that we went to in Danville, and I wanted to share them.

The rehearsal dinner was Western themed. Left to right: sister-in-law, family friend and me

No fun was had at all, HA.

FIVE. Weekly funnies.

Have a great weekend. I am linking up with A Little Bit of Everything.     

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Wedding Weekend in Danville California

I can't believe I never posted about my cousin's (through marriage) wedding that Rory and I went to a few weeks ago. We left the girls with my parents for a long weekend away and it was so much fun. I thought I would recap it a bit. Just know that we had so much fun and I am still smiling from it.

We drove over to California on Friday morning. We did some shopping at the Livermore Outlets and then headed over to our hotel to get checked in and changed. The rehearsal dinner was at a bbq place and western themed. So I changed into my cowboy boots and added a flannel over my shorts and tank. There are photos, but they are on the photographers camera. Ugh.

But we ate bbq, caught up with family and then went back to the hotel. We then went out to the garden area to hang out with family for longer. And some boys drank way too much. Ha.

Saturday morning we got up, and I got ready while Rory walked over to a coffee shop for a bagel sandwich and coffee as he was one of the guys who drank too much.

Then we went to Danville and had brunch at Crumbs. I got the crab benedict with a large blood mary.


Seriously so big.

My brunch that I couldn't finish, but was so good.

We then went back to the hotel, changed and went down to the pool with the fam for a couple of hours. Then we all went back up to our rooms to get ready for the wedding. 

The wedding was about a 20 minute drive from the hotel and they provided buses for us!

Did I mention that it was in the high 80s? 

We got to the venue, went over to the beverage station and drank a ton of water. Then we took some photos on the front steps of the Chateau.

Then it was time to be seated. Since it was so hot, we grabbed seats on the left side which was the grooms side, but we were not getting up and sitting in the blazing sun in gowns, suits and tuxes.
The bride and my uncle (by marriage)

And soon enough they were married and took this photo.

While they took photos, we all went to cocktail hour. I sooo wish I captured pictures at that time as it was so beautiful and the food was amazing. So many good appetizers.

Then we sat down for dinner, speeches, and toasts. We were at the kids table which was basically all the kids of family that were over 25.

Then it was time to dance our booties off. We had the best time. They had a band who played and they were really good. Kept us all going until 10 pm. 

We then took the buses back to the hotel, changed and met downstairs again in the garden to hang out. Even the bride and groom came out. 

Sunday morning, we got up, got ready, checked out of our hotel and met up for brunch at Heavenly Bistro in Walnut Creek.

Then we made the trek home to meet up with our girls and prep for the new school year the very next day! It was such a good weekend and so much fun to be a part of their special day!
Monday, September 5, 2022

Amazon Prime Purchases - August

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My Amazon Prime purchases in August were more than normal again. We just needed a bunch of household items, some stuff for work travel, some birthday gifts and some restocks. So what did we buy?

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Teeth Whitening Strips

Remember how last month I bought some other teeth whitening strips? Well I used them and didn't see much of a change. So I went online and looked again. These had great reviews, were on sale and came in a pack of 28. I used them all over this month and my teeth are so much whiter. I would say these are a big win. I will be repurchasing them when I need to whiten my teeth again.

Water Balloons

This was a birthday gift for a friends son who loves water balloons. I thought the green ones were cute.

Garnier Micellar Water

This is a repurchase just not on Amazon before. I love this stuff. I use it every evening and in the mornings before I go to the gym. It doesn't hurt my eyes, it takes off any excess oil or makeup and is a great product.

Paw Patrol Toy Car

This was another part of the gift for our friends son. He loves Paw Patrol and this toy got great reviews.

Gillette Venus Razors

This is another repurchase. I love these razors and couldn't find any extras in my cabinets, so I ordered more.

Bluetooth Ear Buds

Since I have been traveling, I needed a new pair of earbuds. The ones that I use at the gym were shorting out, so I went searching. I put some more expensive ones on my birthday wish list, but in the end, I got these. They were on sale, they charge every time I put them back in the case, they fit in my ears, they cancel out most of the noise and stay in my ears when working out. So far I like them a lot.

Puff Sleeve Bodysuit

One of my coworkers had this bodysuit and it was so cute in person. I asked her for the link and immediately bought it. It is stretchy, has multiple closures on the bottom and holds up well in the wash. It can be dressed up or down. I wore it twice already and love it.

Champro Youth Softball Pants

I ordered these in gray last season and now the girls needed black or blue pants. Since the blue ones were delayed in arriving, I went with the black ones. They fit the girls well and are very durable. I got them a size small again.

Charging Laptop Backpack

I needed a new backpack for carrying my laptop around during travel. I bought a similar one to some of my coworkers. This one allows you to charge your phone and other items via usb. Though my charger is inside the backpack. It also expands large when open so it is easier to get things in and out. I used it on three work trips already and it has been great.

Hot Wheels Dragon Track

This was a gift for one of our friends twins. He loves Hot Wheels and this one got great reviews.

Barbie Pet Station

This was the gift for the girl twin. She loves Barbies and this one seemed like a cute set.

Mei's Wild Ride Book

I grabbed four new books for the girls. I am always wanting to keep up with their reading and invest in their future. They picked these four out and they are really cute.

Splat the Cat Book

My Weird School Book

Barbie Too Many Puppies Book

L'Oreal Mascara Primer

This a repurchase for me. I love this primer. I use it under either my Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara or my Chanel mascara. It gives me the extra volume and umph that my lashes need.

Portable Air Pump

I saw this pump or one similar at the beach and knew we needed one. It has a battery built in it, but then you charge it using a usb cord. It doesn't take long to charge it and it filled 4 floaties and deflated them and still had more to go. It is a great little pump.

Tide Laundry Powder

This is another repurchase for me. I only use powder in my washing machine now after cleaning it. I like Tide and this powder gets tough stains out. It smells nice too.

What did you purchase this month on Amazon Prime?