Monday, September 12, 2022

Girls Fall Clothes

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I have been Fall shopping for the girls because I am willing the weather to cool down. We have been in the 100s or very high 90s for the last two weeks or so. It is hot and I am over it. I am hoping that the Fall Gods will give us some cooler temperatures soon.

I went through the girls dresses last weekend and did a major overhaul. I have so many dresses to list on Poshmark, but the time it takes to do it, is holding me back. BUT I need to get on that.

Anyways, it made me realize that that girls outgrew so many clothes this last year and it was time for a bit of a refresh. Some of these we have purchased and others are on my lookout list for a sale. I LOVE a good sale.

Girls Fall Clothes

We have items TWOSEVENNINE, TEN and ELEVEN. My girls are obsessed with skirts right now and I really love FIVE. It is giving me Cher vibes from Clueless. 

But the item that I keep buying on repeat is ELEVEN. These boots are warm-lined and hold up all Fall and Winter...even Spring. The only reason I get a new pair each year is my girls grow out of them. They tie in the front, but once you tie once, you can just zip them up each time that your child puts them on. They keep my girls feet warm and dry each Fall and Winter. And they basically wear them daily.

Now to find as cute of Fall clothing for me.