Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Fall Favorites: Fashion

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It's time for another link up with Emily for Fall Favorites and this one is all about Fashion. I pretty much post a lot of what I have been wearing or wanting on Friday, but I do have staples that I wear and love for Fall and Winter.

I also posted about some Fall Sweatshirts that I really want and you can find that here.

Fall Favorites: Fashion

First up, a long cardigan. I live in cardigans during the Fall and Winter since I get cold all the time. I have this Leith Cardigan in black and green. I got both of them during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, but they are worth the price even when they are full price.

Leith Cozy Cardigan

I also bought the notorious Barefoot Dreams Cardigan that everyone raves about. And they are right! It is sooo comfy, cozy and perfect for people like me who get cold all the time. I will be wearing this daily especially while working from home.
Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Lite Circle Cardigan

I will also be living in my 90 Degrees by Reflex Leggings. I am all about these leggings. Not only are they priced amazing at $28, but they suck you in, don't stretch out, are not see through and are comfy. The only drawback is they attract dog hair. But I just use a lint roller if I am leaving the house.
Reflex 90 Degree Leggings

My other favorite leggings are the Lululemon Align 28 inch Legging. These are probably the best and my most favorite legging. They are comfy, buttery, suck you in, are long enough, are not see through, and they hold up for wash after wash. The only drawback...price. But if you invest in one or two pairs, you won't regret it.
Lululemon Align 28 inch Legging

Fall Cozy Dresses are also on my list. I try to buy a dress or two each Fall that I can wear to work or on the weekends and last year I got this dress. It isn't available, but it fits my MO for what I like. Long sleeves, comfy, midi length and can be layered with a cardigan (ie the Leith black cardigan above). Sweater dresses are a Fall favorite of mine...even in quarantine.

Next you need a Fall bootie that you can wear everyday and I am still trying to find mine. I have some that I wear out (a pair of Sam Edelman booties that have a 3 inch heel with pointy toes), but I want a pair that are one inch or shorter heel, ankle length and comfy for long walks or travel (if I ever get to travel again).

Comfy tees is my final Fall staple. I wear soft tees under all of my cardigans and all Summer. I am always searching for the best one. So far, my favorite is Rag and Bone, but I only buy them on mega sale at the outlet stores. I refuse to pay $90 plus for a tee. But I bought a few Abercrombie soft AF tees when I went into a store and they are pretty amazing. They are on sale for $15 right now and possibly another 15% off.
I now want to add this top to my collection.

What are your Fall Favorites for Fashion and your go-tos?
Monday, September 21, 2020

The Time I Got Hair Extensions

 So last week I got hair extensions. This was something that I thought about for months. I asked my hair stylist about it on three different occasions and then finally decided to do it. The only thing holding me back was the fact that I am still working from home, so there is less of a desire to do my hair daily. But I don't have to do my hair daily and that is what finally sold me.

In this post, I am going to show pictures of my hair before, during and after. And explain what process I had done. In my next extension post, I will answer some questions that I asked and ones that my hair stylist just answered that are common.

So this was my hair before.

I have an A-line hair cut that has grown out. When I went my previous appointment, I had my hair cut into an a-line (again) and by the time I go back in for my next appointment, I don't have much of an a-line cut anymore as the back of your hair grows faster than the front.

The grown out a-line is why my hair is uneven here.

First, she colored my hair (I get a blonde partial or full weave each time) to my usual liking and brightened up spots in the front of my hair that hadn't had color in awhile. When you get a weave, you are mostly just touching up the roots, but we wanted to make sure my hair blended well.

Then after processing, she took my foils out and put toner on my hair. After that set, then she shampooed and conditioned my hair. After blow drying my hair, we were able to start the extension process.

Here is a photo of my extensions. This matches my hair almost exactly and it even has roots for a more real look since my natural hair is darker than my dyed hair (I have a dirty blonde to dark blonde natural hair color).
Human Hair Extensions

This is a long "piece" of hair. First, she sectioned off my hair right around my ears. Then she pinned my hair up and used these "combs" to keep any stray hairs up. Then she took the hair extensions and had me hold one side in place and wrapped the hair around my head. Then she made a fold in the hair, took the hair off my head and cut it.

Next, she took string and tied it to the first chunk of hair. She did this all along the sectioned hair and added beads along the way. Once she completed the whole first row, she took the hair and sewed it in. Below is what it looks like partially sewn in.

Those black comb things are the things I was describing that hold any stray hair up. As you can see, this piece starts above my ears, but it is at my ear length in the back.

After she had sewn in the first section, she repeated the process about an inch and a half to two inches above.

She did tell me that if at any time I felt pulling, pain or discomfort to let her know right away, so she can adjust any beads or string. You should only feel pulling, but not pain.

After she had both sets of hair in, she cut the extensions to match my hair more. This meant adding in layers to the extensions and my hair for the natural blend. As my natural hair grows out, I will have to add more layering in natural hair.

After a cut, she made sure everything felt fine and I was in no pain. Then she curled my hair and I was done. This is the finished product.

Overall, it was a great process and I am very happy that I did it. Next week, I should have the questions up. In the meantime, if you have any questions, comment below with them and I will include them in the post.
Friday, September 18, 2020

Friday Favorites and Happenings

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Happy Friday All! Can you believe we are half way through September already? It is time to start thinking about Halloween and the holidays. I need to get my butt in gear and start Christmas shopping now. I always tell myself this, but I feel like this year it really needs to happen. I have more free time on my hands being at home all the time and definitely could spread the cost out over several months right now.

Onto Friday Favorites and Happenings.

ONE. Last weekend we went to the mall and waited about 30 minutes to get into many stores. It was a long day, but we did get some great items. I went into Lululemon and bought myself a pair of Align Leggings and the cutest sweatshirt. For the record, I looked for the sweater that I posted on Monday and they did not have it in stock. Nor did they have the joggers I went in for. 

But I got some cash for Christmas that I have been saving for Lululemon and I finally got to go in one of the stores. And yes, I could have ordered online, but I wanted to try everything on to make sure I got the right size since I have been working out more lately.

Lululemon Scuba Crew Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt has space for your thumbs in the sleeves and in the inner pockets, it has a hidden pocket for your phone to stay in it.

Lululemon Align 28 inch Legging

And yes, these leggings are worth every single penny. They are buttery soft, don't show your booty when you bend over, are not see through, hold up after washing and are high waisted so they suck everything in. I would rather get a pair or two of these then pay for cheaper leggings and buy them over and over again. But again, I only treat myself to these about once or twice a year. Especially if I get a gift card for Lululemon.

TWO. These joggers are on my wish list, but they said they wouldn't get them in stores for another week or so. I want to try them on, but I know once I do, I will want them. I have a similar pair of the Dance Studio Pant that I got 6 or 7 years ago and they still look brand new. I wore them basically everyday for a month after having the girls and they are so comfy. 

So for right now, the Beyond the Studio Jogger will remain a wish list item. And it will definitely be on my Christmas list. How cute are these?

Lululemon Beyond the Studio Jogger

THREE. I also got the girls some 90 Degrees by Reflex leggings. I can't find them online anywhere, but I grabbed a pair of them each for the girls plus matching tops by 90 Degrees. I got everything for $22. Such a steal. But below are a similar pair by the same company. My girls LOVE them and said they are sooo comfy.

Girls Super Soft Full Length Legging by 90 Degrees Reflex

FOUR. Disney has a big sale going on right now. We went in there for their twice annual sale and the girls got a few things with their own money. The girls save money from the tooth fairy, from their grandparents, from selling peaches last year, etc. They have been asking if they could take some of their money to the store to buy something. Since we were going to a mall with a Disney Store, we thought it was a good opportunity. The girls each got a pair of princess high heels and another one for free. Then they went into another store and bought themselves a necklace each. They spent about $20 each and they are very proud of their purchases.

Princess Jasmine Shoes
Princess Jasmine Shoes (they each got a pair of these)

Minnie Mouse Shoes
Minnie Mouse Shoes (this pair was free and they have to share it)

FIVE. Weekly funnies.

Yes to this. My husband has to be coached to get the right photo.

That is true love. Does anyone else get annoyed by the loud crunching of food being eaten?

So so creepy.

Have a great weekend. I am linking up with A Little Bit of Everything and Becky. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Fall Favorites - Fall Decorating

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So I am a little behind when it comes to decorating for Fall. I need to hit up Hobby Lobby, Target and a few other places. I usually go to Pier 1 Imports as well, but ours is closing or it already closed. 

I have stuff packed away in the garage that will come out soon, but I love buying a few pumpkins and things to add to my collection each year.

And that is why I have linked up with Emily again for Fall Favorites - Fall Decorating.

I am all about the pumpkins. I buy lots of pumpkin pieces each year and use that as my main decor in our house. But I do put a few yard things up and something in the girls rooms.

Below are some of my favorite Fall decor.

Velvet Pumpkins

I got these last year and I want to add more to my collection. They are pretty, soft and the perfect touch to your Fall decor.

Fall Door Mat

Glass Pumpkin

I have this pumpkin and about 5 others in different sizes and colors. They are so cute and perfect for when you have dogs that like to grab things off tables.

Yard Scarecrow

This is not the exact scarecrow that I have in my yard, but it is similar. I got mine from Hobby Lobby about 4 years ago.

Mini Painted Pumpkins

I buy these basically every year and put them around the house in areas that don't need much decor or don't have much room.

Woven Pumpkins

I also have several of these in different sizes and colors.

Ceramic Pumpkin

I don't have this guy, but I ordered it for pick up from Target.

Jack O Lantern Lights

This one sort of falls between Fall decor and Halloween decor, but I still put them up in September when I put up my Fall decor.

How do you decorate your house for Fall?

Monday, September 14, 2020

Fall Sweatshirts and Sweaters

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Last week Jen over at The Lucky Lifestyle posted about some Fall sweaters/sweatshirts and I knew I had to do the same. So thank you Jen for the idea. I am all about sweaters/sweatshirts. Since I am still going to be working from home for the foreseeable future, I want comfy clothes to work in.

During the early days of quarantine, I wore sweatshirts and leggings daily. It was my go to. And it will be the same this Fall and Winter. So I thought I would share some sweaters/sweatshirts I had my eye on.

Fall Sweatshirts and Sweaters

Middle Left  |  Middle Center  |  Middle Right

Bottom Left  |  Bottom Center  |  Bottom Right

J Crew Terry Cloth Sweatshirt (Top Left) J Crew has some of the best sweaters. I have a few sweatshirts of theirs and I wear them for years. One of my favorites is similar but it is gray and it has gold hearts all over it.

Prana Cozy Up Sweatshirt (Top Right) I have been slowly adding Prana sweatshirts/sweaters to my collection. I LIVED in two of them during this quarantine and they are the best for travel.

Prana Milani Hoodie (Middle Left) This is a staple in anyone's closet up just a bit more upscale. I love that it has the classic hoodie look, with a half zip down but the material is super nice.

Prana Milani V-Neck (Middle Center) Same type of look at as the hoodie, but in a v-neck. 

Prana Carin Pullover (Middle Right) I love this sweatshirt because I love the floral abstract look to it. It is feminine, but cozy looking. This one is definitely being bought!

Prana Analia Cozy Sweater (Bottom Left) This looks like a lighter weight sweater, but the best part of it is it is made with cardiff fabric which has a spf 30 in it.

Lululemon Take It All In Sweater (Bottom Middle) Another favorite sweatshirt of mine is from Lululemon. It is pricey, but so worth it. I wear it on trips, everyday and it show little wear. And it is hard to tell in the picture above but it has thumb holes.

Zella Carey Crew High/Low Sweatshirt (Bottom Right) I don't own any Zella clothing, but I know everyone raves about it. This sweater looks so comfy and I think you could even pull it off with jeans for a less casual look.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Friday Favorites and Happenings

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Happy Friday all! When I wrote this post yesterday, I realized that today is September 11th. It has been 19 years since that tragic day. I remember where I was when that first plane had hit. And when the second one hit. I had just started college not long before and I made it to my first class of the day, Macro Economics and I didn't move from my desk for quite a long time. Our eyes were glued to the tv with live updates. There were a lot of tears, frantic phone calls to home (not me, but friends from NY) and breaking hearts everywhere.

I can't believe next year marks 20 years. How is that even possible? The gravity of the day weighed more on my heart when I visited the memorial several years ago. Such a tragic and awful day. So today I remember everyone who passed, who fought for us and how things have changed since then.

Onto Friday Favorites and Happenings.

ONE. This week, I bought books two and three of The Princess in Black series. We finished the first one Wednesday night and I am sure we will read it again. But I wanted to continue the books, and since they are about $5 a piece, I bought the next two. I am sure we will read through them all. The girls love them since they have pictures, but are longer and take time to read. We usually read about 3 chapters a night. We also started James and the Giant Peach and the girls love it. But I forgot how harsh it can be for James. So much name calling (his aunts to him).

The Princess in Black Book 2

The Princess in Black Book 3

TWO. So we are supposed to go Mexico in a few weeks. I have been keeping up on everything Mexico, specifically Puerto Vallarta related. I want to make sure it is safe, precautions are taken and that we can go. I hate that we are in a time in our lives, ie COVID that I have to research this to this extent. 

Basically, I live on Trip Advisor right now and in the forums of what it is like there. What is open, what we can do, mask protocols, sanitary concerns, social distancing, etc. So far things seem good, but they could change at any minute. 

How many of you have traveled since Covid? Where to? Did you feel safe? How were the airports? Would you travel again?

I am not here to judge anyone and please don't judge me if I want to travel with my family. 

THREE. Guess what I am doing next week? I am getting hair extensions. Yep. I have been wanting them for some time now, but didn't do them because I am lazy with my hair lately. My stylist told me that they look better when you curl your hair, but I can still wear them with straight hair. But the biggest selling point other than the length and volume is that I can finally go a day or two without washing my hair.

I have super fine hair which means I can get away with maybe a day of not washing my hair. I have tried to train my hair and it just doesn't work for me. I go to the gym too much and I am a sweaty sleeper that it just doesn't look good on me.

I am pretty excited and since I have saved money by not commuting for the last 6 months and probably won't commute until the new year, I am getting extensions.

So what do you want to know about them? If I get enough response, I will do a blog post. And no, they are not sponsored. I am fully full price for these babies.

Here is my inspiration minus the color.

FOUR. Weekly funnies.

But seriously?!

I laughed way too hard at this.
I feel like this should be ok in 2020.

For the record, I am #2.

Have a great weekend. I am linking up with A Little Bit of Everything and Becky.