Monday, November 30, 2020

Amazon Prime - November Purchases

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This month I bought a lot because Christmas. I wanted to get a head start on my shopping, so I bought a ton up front. And then I bought a bunch during Black Friday/Cyber Monday. How much did you buy this month?
Prime Purchases
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So what did I buy?

Monopology Junior

I thought this would be a fun game to play with the girls. I have always enjoyed the normal version.

Olivia Helps With Christmas

A Charlie Brown Christmas

I got the girls these two books from their elf on a shelf this year. We always get them Christmas books each year.

Kinetic Sand Bake Shoppe

My girls love playing with Kinetic Sand. We just have bags of it, but after visiting their cousins, they wanted a kit. This one seems really cute and they love helping me bake recently.

Fort Builder Kit

My kids love to build forts, but we often don't have enough chairs or things to build with. So this kit solves the problem. They only have to add blankets over it. I got the kit with 120 pieces.

Affresh Washing Machine Tabs

I went through these quickly this time because I did the three in one cleaning a month or two ago, so it was time for a repurchase.

Affresh Laundry Wipes

I get these wipes to wipe out the washing machine in between the big Affresh cleaning sessions.

Butterfly Ceramic Tea Set

I bought this tea set for the girls, but upon arrival, it was broken. So I sent it back and got the Pottery Barn one that I put in the Kids Gift Guide.

Turtleneck Ribbed Midi Dress

I bought this for an event that I had which ended up being cancelled due to COVID. After trying it on, I felt like it showed every lump, bump and imperfection. It was sent back.

Ornament Storage Box - 64 Ornaments

I figured it was time to put all of my ornaments in one box. Ok, I will have to buy another one of these, but I will do that next month before I take everything down. I searched Amazon and this one had good reviews and wasn't pricey.

Spa Headbands

Andrea influenced me on this one. We are always telling the girls to tuck their hair behind their ears at dinnertime, so their hair doesn't get in their food. It never stays behind their ears, so I got them these to wear at dinnertime and any other time.

Crayola Markers - 40 Pack

The girls brought to my attention that they don't have markers in the house. I had no idea and could have sworn we did, but they were right. So this will be another Christmas gift.

Magic Light Up Wand

The girls also told me that they wanted magic wands for Christmas. I had no idea what that really meant, but I searched on Amazon and found a ton of them. This is the one I got them each.

VTech Busy Activity Cube

Rory's work has an angel tree and we picked a couple tags off of it. One requested a VTech toy for a newborn to 1 year old girl, so I thought this was a cute gift.

Disney Lego Aurora Set

Disney Lego Frozen Set

The girls had fun playing with their cousins legos last time we were over there, so I got them each a lego set for Christmas.

Holiky 2 Pack Set

I got two sets of these. One for my nephew and one for the girls. That way they can play together or seperately.

Holiday Placemats

I needed new placemats for Christmas and I couldn't find any locally. Everywhere was sold out of them even before Thanksgiving, so I ordered these on Amazon.

Lingerie Bags

It was time to replace our lingerie bags and these had great reviews. We wash bathing suits, face masks, bras, etc. in these and they save your clothes from stretching out.

What did you buy this month? I went a bit crazy, but got a bunch of Christmas gifts out of the way.
Friday, November 27, 2020

Friday Favorites and Happenings

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Happy day after Thanksgiving and Black Friday to you all! This year looked really different for our Thanksgiving. We were supposed to have a big family get together on Rory's side of the family, but due to a family member testing positive for covid, we all opted to get together some other time. The hosting family came into contact with the positive person, so they wanted to keep everyone safe. We ended up having a quiet dinner with Rory's parents.

Onto Friday Favorites and Happenings.

ONE. And today we are doing one of my most favorite holiday traditions...cutting down our Christmas tree. Every year, the day after Thanksgiving, we head out with my family and friends to cut down a tree. This way we get a super fresh tree, they last forever and we get to make those memories with family. In years past when we were in Las Vegas for Thanksgiving, we went the weekend after, but most years we go the day after Thanksgiving.

Here is a look at years past tree cutting adventures.


Christmas tree cutting

Christmas tree cutting

Christmas tree cutting


TWO. Here are some Black Friday sales that I have been enjoying:

American Eagle: 40% off everything, plus free shipping (through 11/28), then 40% off sitewide, 50% off sweatshirts (11/29 - 11/30)

Disney: Up to 40% off (through 11/29)

Old Navy: 50% off everything (through 11/27)

Carter's: Up to 60% off plus free shipping (through 12/1)

LL Bean: 15% off with code:THANKS15 (through 12/1)

Kate Spade: 50% off entire purchase with code TGIBDF (from 11/25 - 11/29)

Our Place: $95 Always Pan with code SUPERSALE (through 11/30)

Bombas: 20% off with code CHEER20

Hanna Andersson: Up to 50% off

Pottery Barn Kids: Up to 60% off, free shipping with code COZY

THREE. So I am less than a week out from my (hopefully final) surgery. If you didn't know, I am having another umbilical hernia repair. My last one was about 5 years ago. 

I noticed that I had a small bump on top of my belly button and partially inside of it around February of this year. But then COVID hit the US and I ignored it. Fast forward to a check-up that I had and my doctor noticed the hernia before anything else. She asked me how long I have had it for and I said about since February. She asked if I remember feeling a pop which I did not. I just remember seeing it.

After having 3 different doctor's opinions (yes I want to make sure this is absolutely necessary before having ANOTHER surgery), I knew that I needed to get it repaired. And about 2 weeks ago, it got worse. I used to only feel pain and discomfort when I ate too much or worked out really hard. Now I feel it any time I eat a meal. A snack is usually ok, but a full meal gives me pain. Sometimes lasting many hours until my stomach digests the food.

So if you could think of me next Thursday and say a little prayer for me, that would be appreciated. 

FOUR. Weekly funnies.

Have a great weekend. I am linking up with A Little Bit of Everything.
Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Women's Christmas Gift Guide

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When I created this gift guide, I looked to things that I would like. Things that could be used now and not when our world goes back to normal. If that ever happens. Plus a few things that I will wear or use no matter what.

Enjoy!Women's Christmas Gift Guide


Free People Leggings

I have wanted these leggings ever since I saw them in a local store.


Zella Cozy Jacket

I bought a similar jacket at Nordstrom Rack and had to return it as it had a hole in it. I don't know how I didn't notice it when I purchased it, but it did. And now I want this one. Same brand, but slightly different.


Lululemon Beyond the Studio Jogger

I have these pants in the straight leg version. I have had them for 7 years and they are still amazing. BUT now I want the jogger version of them.


Bala Bangles

Biana posted about these in her gift guide and I had to check them out. They are amazing. These would be perfect for when I do the stair stepper or walks at the gym!


North Face Women's Etip Gloves

Last year, I bought Rory these but in the men's version. He wears them to walk Walter at night and says they worked great and are very warm.


Ugg PomPom Cozy Slipper Socks

I got these for my sister last year (I believe) and I wanted a pair then, but never bought them. So this year they are on my Christmas list because they are the definition of cozy!


Ugg Olive Sneakers

I have been wanting these sneakers for over a year now. They are harder to find and never go on sale. So I am asking for them for Christmas. How cozy do these look?


Slip Pure Silk Skinny Hair Ties

Now that I have extensions, I have to put my hair in a bun or in a low ponytail when I sleep. I use the girls silk scrunchie and I should probably get my own. These get good reviews and won't pull on your hair.


Tory Burch Miller Stud Earrings

I wanted these during the Nordstrom sale (or similar ones) and I still want them. 


Nespresso Vertuo Next

I have a confession to make...ever since Rory started his new job, I buy coffee every morning (weekdays). And this is getting to be an expensive habit. So I want a Nespresso with the frother, so I can make my own lattes every morning. Sure it is an investment up front, but then I will save so much money!

Monday, November 23, 2020

Men's Christmas Gift Guide

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Why are men so hard to shop for? Especially this year. I seriously racked my brain for this. And I even asked Rory for some help and he was stumped too. He gave me like two things that he wants for Christmas and they are clothes. Ugh. But hopefully this helps. Some are tried and true and some are new.


Men's Christmas Gift Guide

Men's Ugg Baldvin Boot

If you know my husband, than you know he loves shoes. He is always buying new shoes. But these boots would be perfect for winter, for the work place and an evening out.

Huckberry Beanie

This isn't an affiliate link. These beanies just get really good reviews and seem really cozy. Plus I like the minimal design on them.

Ugg Ascot Leather Slipper

This is a tried and true purchase. My dad loves them, Rory loves them and pretty much every man I know loves them. They last for years and are so comfy.

Lush Lords of Misrule Body Wash

Rory loves this body wash/shower gel. It smells amazing and doesn't have a bunch of junk in it.

CocoKind MyMatcha

Rory got me this a year ago and I use it daily. It can be used by anyone. You can use it on your lips, face, hands, or where ever. 
LL Bean Men's Waterproof Shoe

Rory bought himself these a month or two ago and he loves them. You can wear them outside to go on walks, take out the trash or bring in some firewood. They are waterproof, so you can wear them in the rain or snow too. He says they are super comfy.

Bombas Men's Athletic Socks

Rory has large feet, so it is very difficult for him to find socks. Especially athletic socks. When Biana talked about these, I went to see if they made xl socks and they do! The reviews seem to back up how great they are.

Callaway Golf Chipping Net

Who doesn't need chipping practice? Well I guess you don't if you don't golf. But it is one of the hardest things to get good at. This promises to help. I could even use this.

Yeti Coffee Mug

This is another item that all the guys in my life have and love. 

Blackstone 28 inch Grill Griddle

Rory is always complaining that we don't have a griddle in our life. He wants one for making smash burgers, pancakes, grilled veggies, etc. I found this one and it gets amazing reviews!

What's on your guy's Christmas list?