Monday, September 5, 2022

Amazon Prime Purchases - August

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My Amazon Prime purchases in August were more than normal again. We just needed a bunch of household items, some stuff for work travel, some birthday gifts and some restocks. So what did we buy?

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Teeth Whitening Strips

Remember how last month I bought some other teeth whitening strips? Well I used them and didn't see much of a change. So I went online and looked again. These had great reviews, were on sale and came in a pack of 28. I used them all over this month and my teeth are so much whiter. I would say these are a big win. I will be repurchasing them when I need to whiten my teeth again.

Water Balloons

This was a birthday gift for a friends son who loves water balloons. I thought the green ones were cute.

Garnier Micellar Water

This is a repurchase just not on Amazon before. I love this stuff. I use it every evening and in the mornings before I go to the gym. It doesn't hurt my eyes, it takes off any excess oil or makeup and is a great product.

Paw Patrol Toy Car

This was another part of the gift for our friends son. He loves Paw Patrol and this toy got great reviews.

Gillette Venus Razors

This is another repurchase. I love these razors and couldn't find any extras in my cabinets, so I ordered more.

Bluetooth Ear Buds

Since I have been traveling, I needed a new pair of earbuds. The ones that I use at the gym were shorting out, so I went searching. I put some more expensive ones on my birthday wish list, but in the end, I got these. They were on sale, they charge every time I put them back in the case, they fit in my ears, they cancel out most of the noise and stay in my ears when working out. So far I like them a lot.

Puff Sleeve Bodysuit

One of my coworkers had this bodysuit and it was so cute in person. I asked her for the link and immediately bought it. It is stretchy, has multiple closures on the bottom and holds up well in the wash. It can be dressed up or down. I wore it twice already and love it.

Champro Youth Softball Pants

I ordered these in gray last season and now the girls needed black or blue pants. Since the blue ones were delayed in arriving, I went with the black ones. They fit the girls well and are very durable. I got them a size small again.

Charging Laptop Backpack

I needed a new backpack for carrying my laptop around during travel. I bought a similar one to some of my coworkers. This one allows you to charge your phone and other items via usb. Though my charger is inside the backpack. It also expands large when open so it is easier to get things in and out. I used it on three work trips already and it has been great.

Hot Wheels Dragon Track

This was a gift for one of our friends twins. He loves Hot Wheels and this one got great reviews.

Barbie Pet Station

This was the gift for the girl twin. She loves Barbies and this one seemed like a cute set.

Mei's Wild Ride Book

I grabbed four new books for the girls. I am always wanting to keep up with their reading and invest in their future. They picked these four out and they are really cute.

Splat the Cat Book

My Weird School Book

Barbie Too Many Puppies Book

L'Oreal Mascara Primer

This a repurchase for me. I love this primer. I use it under either my Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara or my Chanel mascara. It gives me the extra volume and umph that my lashes need.

Portable Air Pump

I saw this pump or one similar at the beach and knew we needed one. It has a battery built in it, but then you charge it using a usb cord. It doesn't take long to charge it and it filled 4 floaties and deflated them and still had more to go. It is a great little pump.

Tide Laundry Powder

This is another repurchase for me. I only use powder in my washing machine now after cleaning it. I like Tide and this powder gets tough stains out. It smells nice too.

What did you purchase this month on Amazon Prime?


  1. I love the bodysuit. Regine

  2. I love those Venus razors. That's the only brand I've used for like 20 years!

    1. Me too. I have tried the kinds that everyone posts about on IG and they always cut my skin. These never do.

  3. Fun roundup! All of my recent Amazon purchases have been kids school supplies, lol! -

    1. I bought most of my stuff from Target, but I did get a few recent items.