Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I want to talk about the importance of hair trials, wedding hair and hair in general.  I have a friend who was really disappointed with her wedding hair, so she stressed to myself and my friend who got married this weekend that make sure you love your hair.

I had a hair trial for my wedding. BUT it wasn't with my normal hairstylist. GASP!  My hairstylist was pregnant and due around the time of my wedding.  Total bummer since I have been going to her for almost 9 years.  She promised me that I would love her back-up and wouldn't be disappointed.  Especially since we had been using a technique this girl made for my wedding hair color leading up to the wedding.

I asked my bridesmaids to have their hair done in an updo (I said I would pay, but they declined), any updo of their choice that would compliment their face shapes.  I am happy to say my girls did an amazing job.  I set up appointments with the best girls in the salon, recommended by my normal hairstylist.

Make sure you do a trial to get an idea of what you want and make sure you give feedback to the hairstylist.  If you don't like the trendals, ask they be put up in the hair.  If you don't like the amount of volume, ask for it to be less.  Key is, make sure you love your hair.  And make sure you love the color.  We worked on the color for 2 months prior with me going in every 4 weeks for color touch-ups.
This is my maid of honors hair.  I loved her style.  She added in her own extensions and it looked romantic, just the look I was going for.

This is my sisters hair.  Very classic with a braided twist.  Goregous.

Here is another bridesmaid's hair.  She got her hair done by the same girl who did mine and I love it.

Bridesmaid Kristina's hair.  She loved the back, but wasn't happy with her bangs, but we fixed them and she looked beautiful.

Last but not least, is my hair.  I absolutely loved my hair.  It was romantic, fun, stayed in all night and the flower just made it stunning.  Kyra rocked it.

Lesson: Make sure you do a trial, love your hair, be a bit picky and pick something that suits your facial structure.  Look around on pinterest, bridal magazines, other friends pictures and pick something you love.

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