Friday, June 13, 2014

A Night with Peyton Manning

This morning I received this email.

An exclusive invitation to meet Peyton Manning on July 20th in Denver.  Sign me up!  Oh wait, it is in Denver which requires either a 16 hour drive or a $500 plane ticket.  Then I would have to stay at the Ritz Carlton in Denver (where the event is located), but the hotel is included in the experience for ONE night (additional nights are $650 per night. OUCH).  This once in a lifetime event costs $799 per couple including dinner, drinks and a gift.  Is it too early to ask for this for my birthday in August?  Ya I don't think my husband will go for this.  He doesn't love Peyton Manning like I do.  I guess I will just settle with cuddling my signed football by Peyton Manning.

Speaking of sports, the Giants are still first in the entire league, but there three loses (as of Thursday am) to the Nationals are killing it for them.  Have they peaked?  I hope not.  Let's repeat the every other year World Series (2010, 2012 and hopefully 2014).

Another sports related thing.  There are 55 days until the first game (only preseason, but I will take it) for the 49ers.  Aww football is so close I can taste it.  Only 78 days until Nevada Wolf Pack football starts.

I am so thankful that it is Friday, we are finally having air conditioning installed after being at our house for five years (last year was harsh with 100 degree temperatures and massive fires) and my vacation starts in a few hours.

I will still post next week (sparsely), but I am co-hosting a giveaway with a few ladies and can't wait to share it with you all.  Stay tuned.  The giveaway goes live Monday June 16th.

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