Monday, May 19, 2014

Cake for Breakfast

Happy Monday all!  I know it is rare for me to be happy on a Monday, but I had a great weekend and I am looking forward to this week and upcoming weekend.  So let's get down to the weekend recap.
After work, I went to a bunch of stores in search for a dress for my sister-in-laws upcoming wedding since I couldn't afford these two dresses.  I didn't find anything.  In fact, some of the contenders I found online that were in local stores looked AWFUL on me.  Can the lights in dressing rooms at department stores make me look anymore horrible?  So I searched Rent the Runway for designer inspiration, headed over to the designers websites, looked under the sale section and found myself a pretty dress.  I even found a coupon to go along with the sale.  So now let's hope it fits, looks good and can pair easily with some wedges.  I am keeping the dress under wraps for now, just in case it doesn't fit or looks awful on me.
Friday night we had date night.  We went to Sodo for dinner and I had the best scallops dish.  So good and spicy.  Then we went to a local wine bar for some music and wine.  Such a great evening.

I spent the morning searching for an outfit to wear.  The weather didn't want to cooperate.  It was sunny, very windy and then cloudy.  I started off in a dress, changed to shorts and was in pants by mid-afternoon.  Girl problems.

We drove to Gardnerville for my sister's boyfriends college graduation party.  Funny little has been around 13 years since I went to his parents house.  I was good friends with his older brother in high school and early college, but drifted apart after the brother moved away.  So I found it funny and odd when my sister started dating my friend's younger brother years later (they never had met when I was friends with his older brother).  But it was a great party.  Lots of food, drinks, a band, some volleyball and a great view.
  The roses are starting to bloom at my house and this little guy is just one of the perfect roses in our garden.

I had the best breakfast EVER.  Cake!  My mother-in-law and I went to see Stacey for a cake tasting.  My sister-in-law is getting married next month in Graeagle, but she lives in New York, so we get the task pleasure of cake tasting for her.  Best job ever.
Gorgeous set up and amazing cake to be had.

We had red velvet, very vanilla, vanilla and almond cake paired with cream cheese, raspberry, traditional and chocolate buttercream.  Heaven.  But we narrowed it down and got approval from the bride for two small cakes in almond and red velvet.
Almond cake

After my cake for breakfast, I had lunch with my husband followed by golf with some friends.  Let me just say, my golf game is improving and I had one of the best holes of my life.  That is the best feeling and will carry me for rounds to come.  Now if I can only mimic it every hole.
Lakeridge Golf Course
Our friends and golf buddies
Most beautiful hole in Reno
 A fat marmot.  Biggest guy of the day.
Hunter Falls Fire

Sadly, a wildfire started in the Hunter Creek trail area Saturday night and it is burning our beloved hiking trail.  158 acres has burned and it is only at 5% containment.  We hike this trail several times a year, and sadly, this area is now engulfed in flames.  Let's hope it gets extinguished quickly.
And to end my weekend, I had the best cupcake from Stacey.  She sent me home with cupcakes to try and they are my new favorite.
Vanilla cupcake with dark chocolate ganache.  Almost better than sex.

How was your weekend?
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  1. I love Rent the Runway and use it a lot for weddings and other big events- glad you found something you liked!

    1. Thanks. I always forget about it and then saw it after searching for fit n flare wedding guest dresses. It came up and I knew it was meant to be.

  2. Thank you so much for loving my cakes!! You are my favorite kind of person!! Hehe! Love you xo