Friday, May 30, 2014

Another Friday in the Books

Hello Friday lovers.  Did it seem like this short week went by so slow to anyone else?  Maybe it is due to the fact that I have to work a full day today instead of my usual Friday half days.  Boo.

So let's get down to Friday's random thoughts, confessions, wants and whatever else comes to mind.

1.  I am very excited for my first guest post tomorrow over at September Farm.  So please be sure to check it out.  Saturday's Confessional.  You won't be disappointed.

2.  We have ANOTHER fertility appointment next week.  But I am hoping this one is different.  It is with a new doctor (who specializes in fertility and PCOS) with lots of tests and an awesome game plan for us.  Weird thing about it?  My husband has to sit in on everything.  Through the entire physical exam.  I know, he will have to get used to it when we do actually get pregnant, but it is already uncomfortable enough without him there.

3.  The Giants have the best record in all MLB!  35 - 19.  Savor it kids because it may not last.  I can not wait to watch my lovelies in August.
J.T. Snow.  My favorite baseball player (and Giant) via

4.  Only in Nevada would you see something like this.
Is it wrong that we (my friends, R and I) took a baby to his first bar at 5 months?  It was during the day, after lunch, the bar was empty, we only had one drink, they were visiting and our lunch spot didn't have a good cocktail menu.  #babysfirst

5.  I forgot to bring breakfast to work this morning, so I feel like this.
 6.  Good luck to all my friends running the Reno Tahoe Odyssey.

And that closes Friday's thoughts.  Have a good weekend all and come back tomorrow for my guest post.
Venus Trapped in Mars

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