Friday, May 16, 2014

No Money and Dress Problems

Happy Friday All!  First off, I want to say thank you to Sarah and Helene for putting on the first #TotalSocial yesterday.  The response was huge, the traffic on my page was huge and I found some new awesome blogs/friends.  So a big thank you!
Do you ever have those days where your brain can't seem to function and you don't have any ideas to write about?  Yep right here.  I think the only thing on my mind right now is getting off work (a little over two hours left) and finding a dress for my sister-in-laws wedding.
Did you know that Anthropologie charges $11 for shipping something that weighs next to nothing?  Yep.  Trying to find something else instead of this beautiful dress.  Ok it is second choice because the one I am dying to have, is sold out in my size.  Why isn't there an Anthropologie here?
 Or this gorgeous pretty.
Why must everything be so dang expensive?  The search continues....and I have less than a month.
All of this shopping makes me want a nice margarita that Sarah featured on her blog today.  Is it happy hour yet?

Venus Trapped in Mars
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  1. Try , but then shipping is $11-$15.

  2. i like that second dress a lot. so pretty. :]

    1. Me too. I just couldn't see spending $285 on it right now. Stupid spending freeze, hahaha. But I did buy a dress this weekend, on sale, and I am hoping it fits. If it does, reveal will be coming soon.